How to Get Away With Murder, episode ten

Wes is playing soccer with Meggy. Annalise watches and has flashbacks to him playing as a kid. He approaches to tell her that he got the internship he wanted. She sees that Meggy wants an introduction but Wes thinks it’s weird.

It’s all a dream. Annalise is still in lockup and Wes is in the morgue. She’s being transferred to county until she can have a hearing. He’s having an autopsy.

Bonnie visits Laurel in the hospital. She had to say she was Laurel’s lawyer just to get in. She wants to know what happened to Wes. Laurel says Frank but Bonnie says he wouldn’t hurt them. Laurel scoffs. Bonnie wants her to think carefully before she talks to police. Laurel threatens to tell everything.

In the waiting room, Oliver, Michaela, Connor and Asher want to know how Laurel is. Bonnie tells them to go home. Connor questions her but its no use. She dismisses them and heads out to see Annalise.

She lied. Bonnie goes to see Franks and tells him what Laurel said. He denies it. He wouldn’t do that to Annalise. Bonnie talks to Annalise. They talk about the case. Annalise wants Bonnie to represent her.

Wes and Laurel are in the bathtub. They are talking about the fact that a condom broke while they were using it recently. She tries to rationalize it. She thinks that it will be fine. She won’t get pregnant.

Laurel is in the hospital. Meggy tells her that there are detectives to see her. She asks about the painkillers, makes sure they are okay for the baby. Then the detectives come in. She tells what she remembers. She was in the kitchen, couldn’t find anyone, saw the basement door was open and then heard a noise upstairs. That’s all she remembers. The detective asks about Annalise. Laurel blows them off.

Michaela, Connor and Asher get back to the apartment. Asher thinks it is Frank’s baby. They go inside and find a note. Michaela’s mom is gone. Connor is a jerk.

Annalise is in a cell. Her cellmate tells her to suck it up and use the toilet if she’s got to.
Nate is getting reprimanded for talking to Annalise. He’s getting demoted so he plays his sleeping with the DA card to avoid it.

Flashback to Asher on campus looking for Michaela. He stops a random black girl that he thinks looks like her. It’s not her. The girl yells at him for being racist. Asher sees Wes and gets him to vouch that he’s not being racist. When the girl walks away Wes tells Asher that he doesn’t think he’s racist, he’s just white.

Asher wakes up. He seems to want to talk. He tries to wake Michaela but she just rolls over. Connor goes to see Oliver, who admits to wiping Annalise’s phone clean. The night of the bonfire is mentioned but Oliver doesn’t really want to know. Connor tells him to go to the police now if he wants.

Bonnie and Nate meet. He offers her immunity to talk. He thinks Annalise did it. Bonnie won’t roll.

Annalise is depressed in jail. Laurel is still in the hospital. Michaela, Asher and Connor visit. She cries. Bonnie goes to see Annalise. She pushed the bail hearing a day. They need sources and the autopsy report. While they talk, Frank is out getting the call log from the station. He gives Bonnie a pep talk.

Michaela talks to Laurel about calling her parents. They talk about the Annalise being guilty and Oliver wiping her phone. They all start pointing fingers and Laurel admits that the baby is Wes’. Connor tells her to get an abortion. Asher punches him, repeatedly.

Connor runs into Wes on campus. He just left therapy. He hasn’t been there since he was working through his gay stuff when he was 17. They talk about being good people and setting Meggy and Oliver free.

Meggy is stitching Connor up after his fight with Asher. He asks her how she’s doing. She doesn’t know. Michaela yells at Asher for his behavior. He implies that she is unfeeling. She sends him home.

Bonnie and Frank are going through the call logs. They have a lead that might lead to the Mahoneys. She asks Annalise about it but it’s no good.

There is an event on campus. Michaela is there. So is Wes. They talk about his budding relationship with Laurel.

At the hospital, Michaela gets water for Laurel. She tells her that she kicked her mom out and that she’s a horrible person. She also tells Laurel that she’s for her no matter what she decides.

Annalise is having flashbacks. Her cellmate remembers her from a court appearance. Bonnie has a strategy. The state is looking to deny bail but Bonnie fights them.

Connor is at home when Oliver shows up. He wants Oliver to go to the police but Oliver won’t do it. He wants to protect Connor. He always will. Connor is adamant that he is a bad person and he wants Oliver to be a good person.

The state was putting together a case against Annalise for all sorts of things. Wes knew. He was signing an immunity deal but go cold feet and told her. She killed him. At least that’s what the prosecutor says. The judge thinks it is legit. Annalise is denied bail.

Annalise says that she’s done. At least Bonnie tried. Asher goes to apologize to Michaela. She wants him to make sure that it never happens again. She also wants him to apologize to someone else. Connor. He does.

Oliver is copying things on a laptop. The DA’s office holds a press conference. Wes died of smoke inhalation. Frank visits Laurel. She asks if he did it. He says no. She tells him it should’ve been him and this wouldn’t have happened if he stayed away. She blames him.

Back in her cell, Annalise cries. Bonnie calls Frank. She needs him. Frank is at the police station. He confesses to murdering Wes.

Wes leaves the police station. Frank stops him, tells him to get in the car. It’s time they talk.

I like that Wes is still really relevant. I think that maybe Bonnie did it. I think Laurel is too obvious and Frank is expected.

How to Get Away With Murder is new Thursdays at 10 p.m.


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