Lucifer, episode thirteen

Lucifer is panicking. Doesn’t know how to help Chloe. He’s rushing her to the hospital but that won’t work. She wants to go to the station. They get there and Ella talks about the antidote.

Amenadiel shows up at the station and Lucifer pulls him outside. They fight about their father’s grand plans. He really doesn’t know about the poisoning and thus can’t help her.

Chloe has a plan. They know the guy that was smuggling the poisons. They go to his house and do what they need to do for a new lead. He’s having a party. On the way out, Chloe passes out.

Lucifer takes her to the hospital and Dan is there too. They come up with a plan moving forward while they leave Trixie with her mother.

It’s an art dealership front. They talk to the guy running the show. He suggests someone else, but the guy he mentions is already dead. Lucifer has a plan. Die and talk to the professor in question and then head out.

Team Lucifer has a planning session. Charlotte is opposed but Lucifer doesn’t really care. They roll into the hospital and start to lay the groundwork for their plan. It’ll still be pretty tricky though.

They start the plan and kill Lucifer. He heads through hell while Amenadiel watches over Chloe and chats with Trixie. Lucifer confronts the professor and gets the formula to save Chloe. He’s stuck in hell though.

Dan and Ella are trying to get formula ingredients. Maze and Linda try and revive Lucifer. It’s not working. Chloe crashes.

Charlotte shows up. She’s willing to head to hell to save Lucifer. Maze kills her. She goes to hell. She helps him fight his guilt but almost gets caught herself. Everyone is saved. Chloe wants to talk to Lucifer. He isn’t interested. It wasn’t real. It was all his father.

He confronts his mother about trusting anyone. Chloe is discharged and hasn’t heard from Lucifer. She heads to his place. It’s all covered up. He’s gone.

So this is going to be a summer show now? I missed that memo. This was a good episode. I felt bad for Chloe but I love Ella. I thought she was hysterical. Lucifer needs to spend some serious time with Dr. Linda.

Lucifer returns in May, I guess.


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