Quantico, episode ten

Miranda tells Alex that she’s been tipped off and not by Ryan. She knows that this will be a threat to the world if it plays out.

Doyle is on the phone with his handler. He thinks he messed up backing Alex.

Sebastian is still talking to his mark from the wedding. Leon is still suspicious of Shelby. He tells her to take a shower and then goes through all her stuff. He sees its a setup.

Alex and Ryan meet up in the woods. They have an awkward talk about the mission and Doyle spies on them. He calls Alex on the secret rendevous afterward.

The farm recruits have a class learns about running assets. Alex confronts Doyle because he swiped her phone and she wants it back. He thinks she mocked it up herself.

Nimah tells Ryan he has a new goal from Miranda. Take Alex out.

Miranda and Alex talk about saving the hostages. Shelby doesn’t know where they are. The FBI gets kicked out of the office. The president is in the room. Claire Haas (Marcia Cross). She needs Shelby to call off the airstrike. She can’t because she made the AIC.

Owen explains the mark. They have to figure out how to turn a Venezuelan. Turn him against his country. While they go over the information, Doyle plays both Alex and Ryan. The recruits are being sent to the consulate. Doyle hits a sore spot with Alex.

Alex and Miranda are walking through the restricted zone. They are confronted by Nimah. She admits that she let Alex go and that Ryan is innocent but when Miranda tries to move through, she pulls a gun.

Haas talks about how she started the AIC while she was in Congress. She needs Shelby to get the Joint Chiefs off her back.

Ryan and Sebastian try the fake company approach. No luck.

Alex and Doyle play the husband. Dayana and Leon are in on it too.

Miranda tries to talk Nimah down. She’s not backing off and then Alex starts trying to push her priorities. Miranda takes Alex hostage. Nimah argues with her and Alex gets free and makes moves to save the hostages. Miranda tells her she’s making a mistake but she doesn’t stop.

Alex and Doyle are pressuring the husband and he starts asking questions. They flip the store and say that they have his daughter hostage. They do. Leon sends a video. The husband gives Doyle the files. Alex creates a diversion with a guard.

Dayana gets nervous and sets the daughter free. Alex calls Ryan for help and then sets him up. The guard is unconscious and she handcuffs Ryan to her. Doyle and the husband leave and Alex and Ryan fight. She tells him he’s out of the farm but he manages to snag her phone. He will trade her for the key. He wants them to get their relationship back on track before it is too far gone.

Doyle calls his handler back at MI6. He’s on his way out and talks to Sebastian’s new friend. He makes him sound good. Then he heads out to meet with Alex and Ryan is there too. She tells Doyle that they are done working together. He’s adamant Ryan will turn on her.

Leon and Dayana fight about how to handle missions and how to cope with what they have to do.

Ryan meets with Owen. They talk about what happened on the mission. Ryan admits he was trying to get Alex kicked out because she was working to destroy everything he’s built. She resents being out of the loop. Owen thanks him for the information.

Shelby can’t do it. She won’t betray her country or her oath. She and Haas fight about what this will mean moving forward in a bigoted nation.

Nimah is at the house that Shelby has Leon over to. Shelby walks out. Leon walks in and confronts Nimah. He wants to be an asset for them but he wants to talk to her directly, cut Shelby out. She tells him she’ll have to check on that and he says to do it quick as he gets another message on his burner phone.

Alex gets back to her room and finds Owen waiting for her. He mentions the AIC and she thinks that he is behind it. He says no and then threatens to have her arrested. He wants to know what’s up.

Ryan, Leon, Dayana and others meet in an abandoned farm house. It’s Lydia running the show. She calls it the real CIA.

Shelby is watching the air strike play out. Everyone is nervous. Haas calls it off at the last second. Alex calls in. She’s “exactly where she needs to be.”

I wanted Alex and Doyle to be a team. I like them working together and their banter. I don’t like it when he’s being all nefarious. Ryan is just kind of boring. I want to care about him a lot more than I actually do.

Quantico is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


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