Supergirl, episode ten

Supergirl and Mon-El are training at the DEO. He’s ready to go out and fight crime.
Maggie and some other cops roll in and find bodies in a pile of garbage. Guardian is mentioned.

Guardian and Winn are out fighting crime. James gets shot and Winn doesn’t want to have to repair his suit. He has a lot of work to do, making Mon-El a suit and constantly lying to Kara. It’s weighing on him. James agrees that he will talk to Kara in the morning.

M’gann is being attacked by something. She’s having hallucinations and grabbing her head. She breaks the glass of her cell and passes out. J’onn rushes her to med and Alex checks her over. Nothing registers.

Livewire is in prison. She’s having a therapy session and talking about hurting Supergirl when she gets out. She threatens her doctor and talks about having power. Her power makes her “a god” she says. The doc gets tazed and she is set free.

Maggie and Alex are on the scene talking about the Livewire escape. Kara is trying to get to the scene, as Kara, and they bet on how long it will take. Livewire is a touchy subject for her. She freaks and even Alex can’t calm her.

At the DEO, Winn and Mon-El are pumped to fight Livewire but Kara is still sensitive. Alex comes in and pulls J’onn away to talk about M’gann. He won’t save her. He holds a grudge.

James and Kara talk. Well she talks and he gets steamrolled. She hates having a nemesis but she isn’t the only hero now. Mon-El is there now. James has something against him but Kara doesn’t know what. She wants to know what he wanted to meet about but before he can answer she gets distracted. Livewire has made an appearance.

Supergirl and Mon-El are fighting Livewire and her sidekick. Mon-El is supposed to protect the cops but when Supergirl loses the upper hand he goes to save her and Guardian swoops in to help.

Livewire gets away and one cop and Guardian are knocked out. Mon-El goes to help the cop and Kara makes her way to Guardian and pulls off his mask. It’s James and he’s unconscious.

Back at the DEO, Alex is checking James over when Kara comes in. She realizes that Winn and Alex knew well before her and she’s upset. But she tells them to leave the room. She wants to hear what James has to say.

He feels the call to be a hero and tries to justify it but she isn’t having it. He’s human. He’s too vulnerable. He’s not like…. Mon-El. They argue about him for a minute. She tells him to stop hero-ing or she’ll stop him. He tells her to try.

Alex finds J’onn lurking near M’gann. She thinks that its time for him to forgive himself and move on. He thinks about it.

Kara confronts Mon-El about why he’s being a hero. He wants to work with her and he doesn’t know why. She asks him if he likes her. He dodges. She leaves to find Livewire, alone. Speaking of, Livewire is being tied down and tortured.

Mon-El and Kara are shown footage of Livewire being taken against her will. Winn tells them he can’t track her. They move on. He calls James. He’s letting Guardian catch her, Mon-El overhears.

J’onn is going to do the bond to help M’gann. He needs Alex and Kara to stay with him for support. They are in her head. She’s reliving memories. The white Martians are after her for disobeying. He tells her that she will survive. She tells him she wanted to be his friend. He tells her she is. It saves her.

Livewire is being shocked. The guy doing it explains his evil plan and they argue. Intruder alert goes off. It’s Guardian. Then Mon-El shows up and they get caught and taken hostage.

Winn calls Kara to save Mon-El and James. She heads over and saves the day. She frees Livewire too and they work together but she won’t let Livewire kill anyone. They barter a deal. The bad guy goes to jail and Livewire gets a headstart before chasing her.

J’onn yells at Winn, but compliments him as well. Alex and Maggie ask Kara about why she let Livewire go, and then banter about vegan ice cream. Kara talks to James and Winn. She doesn’t think they are being smart and she can’t support them.

M’gann and J’onn talk about her condition and her past. Her people are coming for her. Kara gets home and finds Mon-El waiting for her. He admits that he remembers kissing her. He knows all about why he did it and he cares about her. He knows she doesn’t feel the same way and he just wants to keep working with her. She agrees to it. They high five and he leaves. Kara watches him go longingly.

I thought this was a decent episode. It’s interesting to see villains come back. I got annoyed that Winn withheld the information to give Guardian first crack at it. He should be helping the DEO. He’s an agent. At least when James isn’t Guardian, he’s a civilian. Winn has been in the field and is day job is the same thing. It makes no sense. Alex and Maggie were also there so it was a good episode.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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