Supergirl, episode eleven

Kara goes to the bar and finds Mon-El tending bar. She tries to talk to him about them and their feelings but he isn’t interest.

Alex walks up and they talk about it being obvious that he liked her. Kara tries to focus on her earth birthday but Maggie surprised Alex with concert tickets! Kara tells her to go have fun.

A white martian turns up and J’onn fights him. Kara jumps in to save him. The martian gets away.

M’gann doesn’t want DEO protection but Kara and J’onn want to provide it. M’gann goes back to work and her white martian husband turns up and threatens her and her friends.
She decides to run but J’onn confronts her. He wants her to stay and let him protect her.

Maggie and Alex are getting ready to go to the concert but Alex is distracted. Maggie tells her to go make amends with Kara and meet at the show.

At the DEO, Alex talks to Kara and things seem to be worked out. They notice M’gann and talk to her about protection when another M’gann walks in. It’s a white martian imposter.

A fight ensues and the imposter gets away. J’onn orders lockdown, trapping everyone in with the martian. They all get jumpy and start trying to figure out how to tell who the martian is.

They do a test with fire and it turns out the imposter is Winn. He escapes again.
During the search for Winn, Alex and Kara talk. Really talk about how they need to communicate and consider one another.

J’onn and M’gann talk as well. He tells her she is filling a void in his heart. They find Winn, the real Winn, unconscious and trapped. He’s not alone though. Alex is there too. There’s a second white martian.

Fake Alex and Kara fight. J’onn and M’gann wake Winn up and tell him he needs to shut down the reactor before the whole building explodes. They go to do it manually and that’s where all the fighting is.

During the fight, Fake Alex taunts Kara about her feelings. M’gann’s husband fights J’onn and she jumps in to help. It’s chaos. The good guys win the fights and Winn stablizes the reactor.

Alex rushes out to meet Maggie and Winn heads out to meet James. Kara is still alone.

J’onn and M’gann talk. She is going back to Mars to find like-minded white martians.

Kara is home alone when there is a knock on her door. It’s Alex with her traditional earth birthday cupcake. She comes in and they talk about the earlier conversation since Alex remembers it. Then they talk about Mon-El.

M’gann and J’onn say there goodbyes. She leaves.

Kara goes to work and sees Mon-El as Mike taking Eve out for lunch, as a date. It’s a punch to the gut for her because she was going to take a risk with him.

The time during the lockdown was pretty cool. I was kind of worried about Alex ditching Kara for Maggie but I’m glad that that got resolved. Their sisterly bond is one of the best things about this show. I have zero use for Mon-El. Why is he there? Also, it needed more Maggie.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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