Quantico, episode eleven

Alex meets up with Shelby. They talk about Alex’s mission and Owen. He’s not buying that Lydia is the AIC. They decide to get evidence.

Owen talks about a former asset. He got her killed because he couldn’t get her out in time. Exfiltration is the lesson on the farm.

The hostage takers don’t trust Ryan. They want him to kill the next hostage. Turns out that hostage is Doyle. He’s being questioned. His movements for the last eight months have been tracked and look fishy.

Shelby calls Alex to tell her about a common thread amongst a list of suspicious deaths. Lydia.

The class is going over their case. They have 24 hours to get a German asset out of trouble before he gets caught and ends up in a prison for hacking.

Alex approaches Owen with her information about Lydia. He still doesn’t want to believe it.

Leon, Dayana and Ryan get info about a mission for Lydia in Berlin while the recruits are over there. Leon reports to Nimah about it.

The class is on the ground in Germany, and find out that the asset is Owen himself. He used an old passport and is now in need of an escape. It’s up to them to get him out.

Dayana and Leon are talking while still being held hostage. He wants her to tell him what she knows.

The recruits have to modify their plan to help Owen. They split up. Doyle and Sebastian go and talk in a beer hall. Alex and Ryan track down Owen and she goes in to make contact.

He calls Leon and Dayana for backup and they show up to take him for the Lydia assignment.

Alex and Owen talk about Lydia and her mission. She convinces him to leave and they try to sneak out the back. They get tased though.

Doyle is being questioned about a a mission in Laos. Ryan is ready to shoot him if he gets it wrong. Doyle sees him hesitating though. He knows that the masked man doesn’t want to shoot him. Ryan goes back and yells at the hostage takers. He wants more information and when its given, he’s still skeptical.

Ryan shows up and saves Owen and Alex from the men that tazed them. He tells them to get to the rendezvous point. He’ll meet them there.

Sebastian and Doyle are still drinking and talking. Sebastian wants to know why Doyle thinks he is unhappy. They talk about God and temptation.

Owen tells Alex they have to stop at his hotel room. He left some important evidence behind. It should be clean though.

Leon and Dayana are following the Lydia instructions. They are going to have to kill someone else. Leon is second guessing the orders and Dayana calls him weak. She says that she will go through with the mission alone.

Alex and Owen get to his room. It’s not clean. The asset he got killed? Her son is waiting there with a gun. He’s going to take Owen down.

Dayana and Leon are waiting for their target to show up. When she does, Dayana lines up the shot but Leon stops her.

The son is yelling at Owen. His mother trusted him and look where that got her. He thinks Owen should be punished. Owen wants him to do it but Alex intervenes.

The next hostage questioned is Leon. He’s giving the answers that match up to the evidence but its supposed to be a woman. He’s saving someone and Ryan fights the other hostage takers to save him.

Alex and Ryan are reunited. They known the military is coming in. They have to get everyone out of the building.

Leon and Dayana fight. He thinks he helped her but she doesn’t see it that way. She sees it as sabotage.

Owen and Alex talk about him having a death wish and possibly saving Lydia. He does have some evidence to help Alex and gives it to her. She tells him to save her, he has to take her down.

Ryan and Alex talk about saving Owen and about how he will always put her life first.

Doyle is leaving. He and Sebastian aren’t friends and he’s not hanging around to deal with it.

Dayana calls in to tattle on Leon.

Alex goes to the pub and meets Shelby to go over the evidence. Owen joins them.

Alex, Doyle and Ryan are leading the hostages out of the building but there are a lot more people. The terrorists are in escape mode. They are blending in.

This was a pretty good episode. I feel bad for Owen but I’m glad he is working with Alex and Shelby. I really want Doyle to help them out too but that obviously won’t be the case. I don’t really care about Ryan one way or the other.

Quantico airs Mondays at 10 p.m.


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