Timeless, episode fourteen

Lucy, Rufus and Baumgardener are walking through the woods. They are looking for Lindbergh. As they walk, they hear about a plane crash. Charles Lindbergh only when they investigate it looks like he escaped before the plane caught fire. A reporter overhears them and asks for the scoop. His name? Hemingway (Brandon Barash).

Hemingway takes them into Paris to give them a lead on where to track down Lindbergh. He takes them to meet some famous folks that might have some information for them.

Back at the base, Jiya is just watching some men work and Agent Christopher asks why. They are in charge now. NSA and Mason are working together and Christopher is out. She has to turn in her badge and everything.

Flynn is working with Emma and another guy. They aren’t nearly as helpful as Anthony was.

Lucy is just observing the likes of Picasso and the Fitzgeralds when Baker approaches her. They talk about Hemingway and the “Lost Generation.”

Christopher goes to talk to Wyatt. He doesn’t think this is sudden. It’s a coup that has been planned for weeks.

Rufus and Lucy talk to Hemingway and end up getting a lead from Baker but before they can move on it they see Emma. They give chase and Baumgardener gets killed in the process.

Lucy and Rufus try to come up with a plan. They need a soldier and Hemingway volunteers. Lucy is not having it but apparently doesn’t have a choice. They begin the adventure.

Mason and the Rittenhouse man talk about the time machine. Mason wants to know about his interest in Lucy and the man admits that Lucy is his daughter.

Rufus and Hemingway can’t find Lucy. Turns out she was dragged away to talk to Flynn. Lindbergh is Rittenhouse and Flynn wants to kill him. Lucy wants to talk sense into him.

Flynn is willing to give her a chance. He brings her into the cell Lindbergh (Jesse Luken) is being kept in.

Lucy and Lindbergh talk about the legacy of Rittenhouse and family pressure. She talks about following in her mother’s footsteps because she had no other choice but she knows that no one can decide your future but you.

Rufus and Hemingway argue about life and loss. And they drink before Rufus figures it out. Lucy is in the catacombs.

Lindbergh talks about running away and living on a far. He’s already not living up to expectations by missing a call he was supposed to make. Flynn bugged the conversation and moves on the tip he overheard about the call.

Christopher and Wyatt talk about the Rittenhouse situation. They realize that it is now in charge of Mason industries. They have to fight but Wyatt isn’t all that interested.

Rufus and Hemingway are looking for Lucy in the catacombs. They run into Flynn’s man and fight. They find Lucy and Lindbergh and are about to escape when Emma comes in. Rufus gives her an ultimatum.

Wyatt knocks out the power. When are guard comes in to check out the problem, he escapes.

Baker is going to help Lindbergh into hiding and Lucy and Rufus are headed back to the future.

They get back to the present and find the place swarming with the men in black. They have to debrief. It’s all very different and they don’t know what to say.

Lucy goes home to read some history books. Lindbergh was still a terrible human. She talks to her mother who suggests writing down her thoughts. She gives her a journal, the one Flynn has.

Wyatt, Rufus, Lucy and Christopher meet in secret. They are infiltrating Rittenhouse.

This episode feels like it should be important because now the Rittenhouse stuff with Mason is out in the open but it took too long to set up. I like the secret posse that is going to fight back. I loved the Paris stuff especially Hemingway.

Timeless is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


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