Timeless, episode thirteen

Wyatt goes to tell Lucy that he and Rufus are stealing the time machine in order to save his wife. She wants to come. He tells her he needs her to stay in the present to handle it.

Flynn and his team are trying to stop Rittenhouse before it starts.

Rufus and Wyatt head back to 1983 to try and change history to save his wife’s life. They aren’t doing a very good job.

Jiya is working when the phone rings. It’s Anthony. He wants to speak to Rufus, which is not an option. He settles for Lucy. He wants to meet up. He has a plan to end all this, for good.

Wyatt and Rufus are hanging out at a bar trying to change history but things don’t go as planned. A tornado rolls in and throws a wrench in their plan.

Mason wants to go with Lucy to the meetup.

They are basically trying to keep Wyatt’s wife’s killer from being conceived so they have to occupy both of his parents all night. Wyatt takes the mother while Rufus focuses on the father.

Jiya sets up the tech to wire Lucy. She also rants about how upset she is that Rufus didn’t tell her. Lucy tries to comfort her. She heads out to meet Anthony and he grabs her and takes the wire right away. He will tell her his plan but first he needs some help.

He doesn’t know if he trusts her. He’s having a crisis of conscious. Rittenhouse wants to take the mothership back to mess with history even more, so that they can create the world they want. Flynn is the only one stopping them. He wants to blow up the ships. He tells her he is going to and expects her to do the same.

Wyatt chats with the mother some more. They seem to be getting along really well when the door opens. It’s a flight attendant from earlier. Wyatt had asked her about the mother and now she blows his cover. The mother is upset and flees right into the arms of the father.

Master plan is kidnap the father so they can’t sleep together. Rufus is not interested but Wyatt is adamant.

Lucy tells Agent Christopher about what Anthony said. Lucy agrees. The ships are too powerful. No one can be trusted with them. She wants them to blow up the ship and after a few moments Christopher agrees. She has evidence Mason is working with Rittenhouse and she shows Lucy the proof. It’s photos of his clandestine meeting, with her father.

Rufus lures the father away so that Wyatt can knock him out but the plan doesn’t work. Wyatt ends up in a scuffle with a drunk bar patron and a state trooper jumps in and stops them.

Flynn and Emma go to see how Anthony is doing with his work on the ship. He sends them away. He also happens to have a bag of C4.

Wyatt is handcuffed in an office. The trooper is waiting for the storm to move out before bringing him in. Rufus again creates a diversion and Wyatt knocks the trooper out and frees himself.

The parents are in her hotel room, about to sleep together. Wyatt barges in and waves a gun around. The father agrees to leave and Wyatt tells him they are going for a drive.

Outside the storm is bad and when Wyatt shoves the father he gets more than he bargained for. The guy trips and hits his head. He dies as Rufus comes and pulls Wyatt away to come back to the future.

They are back on the ship. Wyatt feels guilty and Rufus tries to console him. It’s no use.
Mason confronts Christopher. He wants to know what secrets she is keeping but she tells him to bug off. The guys return with the ship and Wyatt is promptly taken into custody. Before they can take him away, he asks Lucy about his wife. She’s still dead though. The guy he thought was the killer, wasn’t.

There’s word of an explosion. They go to inspect the wreckage but its not the ship. A body is found though. Anthony. Dead of gunshot wounds. Flynn is the culprit and he’s gone.

Lucy goes to see her father to confront him about Rittenhouse. He thinks it’s a relief that she knows. She calls it inhumane and he tells her that it is in her blood and that they have a lot to talk about.

It was weird that Lucy wasn’t back in time but I liked seeing her working on a mission with the agent. I’m glad Christopher told Mason to shove off. It would’ve been cool for Jiya to be involved more. I felt bad for Rufus and I really just don’t like Wyatt.

Timeless is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


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