Chicago Fire, episode twelve

Matt and Gabby talking about movies to watch during their night together. They stop at a supermarket and a man approaches Gabby asking medical questions. He’s got some pretty severe burn marks He taunts her about being from 51 and then takes off. She calls Matt over but the man is gone.

They stop to talk to Antonio and he tells them that he will reach out to PD and get some help tracking the man down so they can ID him. They leave and Sylvie comes out of his bedroom. He has to go to work soon and doesn’t know what to do with his son. Sylvie offers to pick him up and take him to the firehouse.

At the house, Matt is acting sketchy. Severide asks him if he’s seen an older guy that is doing a ride along this shift. He hasn’t. They talk about how Matt can give Gabby the ring and joke about Severide still being single.

Diego is hanging out with Dawson and Brett by the ambo. They get a call and Diego heads inside with Otis. The call came from the building where a man pulled a gun on Casey. It’s the landlord. He’s already dead.

Halstead turns up to help question witnesses about the dead landlord and one woman in particular seems to know something but won’t say. Halstead assures Dawson that he is on it.

Severide introduces the house to his father’s friend. He’s a chief in Springfield that will be retiring soon. Boden comes through and calls everyone in for a meeting. They talk about the man on the run and he tells them to stick together. Halstead shows up to talk to Boden.

Casey, Boden and Severide get a briefing from Halstead. Casey ID’s the man. Eddie Owen. He’s got a rap sheet and has been on the run for years. He knew the landlord from prison.

Halstead and the police are on it but no leads yet. He leaves and Casey points out that anything that the police would need for a lead would’ve been taken as fire evidence.

Kidd and Severide talk about Anna. Sylvie and Diego are playing chess when Antonio’s ex-wife storms in. She tells Diego to get his stuff and then has words with Sylvie about what exactly she’s doing.

Squad runs drills so the visiting chief can see. Sylvie hasn’t heard from Antonio and talks to Gabby about it being too soon for her to be involved with the kids. Gabby won’t comment.

Boden calls all hands on deck with the fire evidence to find anything to help track down Owens. The fire witness turns up at the house and talks to Gabby. She’s worried for the safety of herself and her daughter. Owens told her that he is going to make the house pay for rescuing them and not him. Gabby tells Boden.

He wants to take the house out of service because their latest call may be a trap but Herrmann says no. They roll out and find a vacant house with an odor of chemicals. They start to sweep. Herrmann finds a tool kit with a hammer and crowbar missing. They pull two teenagers out. They were trying to loot the place.

Back at the house, Antonio is waiting for Sylvie. He apologizes and then they fight because he thinks that she “knew what she was getting into” but she doesn’t see it that way. She breaks up with him because he’s not ready.

The visiting chief talks to Cruz about Severide. Wants to know how he is as a leader. Halstead shows up with an update. They have a sting setup to catch Owens. It’s not quick enough for Casey though. He walks away.

Casey and Severide talk about the call with Owens and then about the ring for Gabby. Severide takes it, saying that Casey isn’t in the right headspace for it. The visiting chief interrupts to talk to Severide. He thanks him and asks if Severide is up for a promotion soon.

Sylvie and Otis play chess but she is obviously upset. Boden updates the house. Cops got Owens and are taking him back to the district. A call comes in. They see a shadow and go in to search. Halstead calls Boden. They don’t have Owens. It’s a trap. Owens is on hand shooting at Casey and Kidd. He also set up bombs that could take out the whole neighborhood. The visiting chief helps disable the bombs while Casey tries to talk to Owens.

They flush the bombs out and Casey sets up a trap. He gets Owens and he is taking to Med, with cops in tow.

Gabby, Matt and Sylvie are having dinner. Severide shows up and tells them the pity party is over. They are going to Molly’s. Sylvie goes home to get ready and on her way out

Antonio is at the door. He apologizes and tells her she deserves more than he can give her. He has baggage and a job that won’t let him put her first. She says maybe they can check again when his stuff settles.

They get to Molly’s and its a surprise wedding reception. The ring is on the cake. Matt gives it to Gabby and they talk about being in love. The visiting chief offers Severide a job in Springfield. Battalion chief.

I feel like Severide is always about to leave. Make up your mind dude. He’ll go out there for an episode and then be back. I’m glad the story carried over a little bit from last week. It makes it more interesting when it’s not so one and done. Also, the Sylvie/Antonio stuff blew up so big so quick and I feel bad that Gabby was sort of getting caught in the middle of it.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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