Supergirl, episode twelve

20 years ago – Lillian and Lex are playing chess when Lionel comes home with a little girl. It’s Lena meeting her new mother and brother for the first time.

Lillian Luthor is on trial and Kara is watching it at the bar. She and Mon-El have an awkward chat before he gets the table another round. Winn and James are curious to meet Alex’s new man so they are a bit surprised to meet Maggie in a new capacity. They are all very accepting, though James is concerned about her knowing about his Guardian tendencies.

Kara goes to visit Lena as a friend and talks to her about the trial and her testimony. Lillian wants Lena to visit but she’s reluctant. Kara tells her that she has spent a long time wishing she could talk to people that are no longer around.

Lena meets with Lillian in prison. She finds out that Lionel was her biological father and that he had cheated on Lillian with her mother. When they heard about her mother’s death, he wanted to adopt her instead of letting her go into the foster system. She really is a Luthor. They are the only Luthors left.

Corbin is in prison. He gets some mail. A glowing green object. He is then on the stand talking about how aliens need to be wiped from the earth. He becomes combative and then starts zapping people with the device in his chest. He clears the courtroom and Supergirl gives chase. There are civilians in jeopardy though so she saves them.

Back at the DEO she is upset and venting to Alex. Maggie gets a call. NCPD is looking into Lena and Kara goes to warn her so she’s in the office when Maggie comes to arrest Lena. Kara tries to get involved but its no use.

Snapper changes things the night before print. They are running a front page story about Lena. Kara is pissed. Corbin goes to break Lena out of prison and gets into a scuffle with Guardian in the process.

Although Kara doesn’t want to hear it, J’onn thinks its time to consider Lena a hostile. She freaks out and James confronts her but its no use. She goes to the training room and breaks stuff. Mon-El comes in and they briefly talk about feelings.

Lena is in a car with Lillian. She was “liberated” from prison against her will. Lillian tells her about how Luthors don’t get a second chance. She will be considered guilty and no one will care about her. Lillian wants to prove her love for Lena.

The Luthors are at a Luthor facility that monitors space for intelligent life. There are all sorts of tech but they need Luthor DNA to open the vault. Lillian was never helping Lena out of the goodness of her heart. She just needed her DNA. The real Hank Henshaw physically forces her to help.

Winn is trying to prove Lena innocent and he finds something that will! He also finds some very unstable kryptonite that is probably where the Luthors are. J’onn wants Kara to wear protective gear but there isn’t enough time. She has to save Lena. She takes off.

As the calculations keep going, the kryptonite is bound to explode at any moment. Kara doesn’t care. She has to save Lena. She gets there and fights Corbin and argues with Lillian. She actually gets pretty roughed up and Lena ends up unconscious but backup comes in the form of the Martian Manhunter.

Kara is back at the office and is gloating a bit to Snapper. She also has a heartfelt discussion with James about wanting to be friends again. Kara goes to talk to Lena at her office and they discuss how hard it is to see both sides of the story. Lena admits no one has ever stood up for her the way Kara does. Lena flashes back to being a kid and enjoying chess with the Luthors.

Mon-El visits Kara at home. She doesn’t like being vulnerable she tells him. She wants to have it all. Be Supergirl and have a relationship. She thinks they can try and as they are about to kiss… a patronus interrupts them? It’s the guy from next week’s episode.

I don’t like Mon-El and all of the stuff with him in this episode, except maybe at the bar in the beginning, seems ridiculously forced. Why do we need another love interest for Kara? Why can’t she just be happy and independent? I liked that Lena stood her ground and that Kara stood up for her even when no one agreed with her. It’ll probably come back to bite her though. Also, I’m pretty sure Kara trying to get Maggie to stop with the arrest was illegal. It has to be right? I’m glad Alex came out to the rest of the group.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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