This is Us, episode fourteen

Jack and Rebecca get married. Miguel gives a toast about how in love with Rebecca Jack is.
Fast forward a few years, the kids are in high school and with busy schedules there is a bit of a strain on their marriage. They go out to eat with Miguel and Shelly, who tell them that they are getting divorced.

Randall comes home from work to find the house dark and empty. Well, maybe not empty. William is there at the piano but when he touches him, William is dead. It’s just a nightmare though. Randall and Beth have to get up in the middle of the night to take care of the kids. They find William teaching their eldest to play chess at 3 a.m. William isn’t going to be around forever.

Kevin is trying to make things perfect for Sophie. He gets to their restaurant and their booth with their food and when she comes in and yells he just takes it.

Kate is making progress at camp and Toby shows up to surprise her. He wants to hang out for the day but she doesn’t want to miss her classes. He is understanding and tells her to keep it up.

Randall and Beth meet with William’s doctor about getting ready for the inevitable. Randall can’t handle it and bails. He gets to work and has to partner up with the new guy on an account that he’s been working for a number of years.

Sophie and Kevin are eating and talking. He never stopped thinking about her but he says something wrong and she leaves. Turns out he cheated on her and that’s how their marriage fell apart. She doesn’t want to talk to him.

Toby is walking out of the camp and runs into the jerk that keeps hitting on Kate. The interaction is awkward.

Jack is at work. He accuses Miguel of having an affair. He wants to know why their marriage fell apart. Miguel says that they just stopped noticing each other.

Rebecca is singing with a band at a jazz club. The bandleader tells her about an awesome gig that they landed and she tells him she has to check with Jack. He makes a comment and she goes off on him about Jack being a “superhero.”

Beth is telling the girls about the memory box she has of things with her father. Randall interrupts. He doesn’t want to talk about grief. He has nothing to grieve. He tells her he can’t go to a school event because he has to take a client out but she calls marriage.

Kate is in class and guess who shows up! Toby. He’s joining the camp.

Kevin is on the subway with Sophie. He tells her that he knows her. She asks about the family and he reveals he made up a fake Facebook to keep up with her. She tells him that she dated a bunch of jerks and was married before but she’s happy now. She likes work and is dating a nice guy. He tells her that he is still in love with her. She’s the best thing that ever happened to him.

Randall is at the chess tournament. His daughter wins. He wants to know if he made a mistake bringing a dying man around the family. Beth tells him that he didn’t. He brought them joy.

Rebecca gets home to find Jack dressed up with a bag packed. He’s taking her somewhere.
Toby acted like an ass and Kate is mad at him. She takes class seriously. But he is upset that she didn’t think that he might need something nice. He’s not going to cramp her style but he gives her his grandmother’s ring before leaving.

At work, Randall finds out that his accounts are being split with the new guy. It’s not a punishment, his boss insists.

Jack and Rebecca are “somewhere.” He leads her in blindfolded and lo and behold it is there first apartment. He wants to take the time to remember the newlyweds that lived there.

The jerk, Duke, is giving Kate trouble at camp. He talks about how he used to be like her.

He’s not anymore though because he accepted who he is.

Rebecca and Jack read over the vows they read each other at their wedding to see if they still hold up.

Beth helps the girls make memory boxes.

Kevin waits in the restaurant for Sophie. She shows up.

Kate debates between calling Toby and going to see Duke in his cabin.

Beth is seriously the best part of this show. And Randall. The two of them both as a pair and on their own are amazing and I love everything about them. I felt really bad for Toby. Also, I want to hate Kevin because he seems like he’d be kind of a jerk but he tries so hard. I can’t bring myself to do it.

This is Us is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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