Timeless, episode fifteen

Flynn is in church. He looks haggard. The local priest tries to listen and offer guidance but Flynn just talked.

Jiya is looking around the facility. She mentions that it feels like North Korea. The new commander, Neville (Jim Beaver), wants to go back in time to kill Flynn’s mother. This issue wouldn’t exist without her. Lucy and Rufus say no but they don’t have a choice.

Lucy and her father have a spat about saving lives and Rittenhouse. On the mission, they tranq the new military man and then jump again to lose Mason’s tracker. He kicks Jiya out of the control room because she can’t be trusted.

They jump back to present day and meet up with Wyatt and Christopher. They can’t let Rittenhouse have the ship. First order of business is charge the ship and then they will get Lucy’s sister back. As Rufus sets up the charger an alert goes off. Flynn jumped.

Flynn meets with Al Capone (Cameron Gharee), who now owes him a debt of gratitude. Rufus, Wyatt, Lucy and Christopher fight about the next step. Rufus calls Jiya and asks her to run interference. She gets busted by Neville.

They jump to Chicago 1931 and watch Capone speak and walk away. He doesn’t get caught for his taxes the way he should have. They meet with Eliot Ness (Misha Collins) to talk about tracking Capone and Flynn. He takes them home with him and they get raided by Capone’s man. Ness gets killed and they go on the run.

Lucy thinks of a lead. Capone’s brother Richard Hart. They meet with him to try and get him to arrest Capone. He’s not interested.

Flynn uses Capone to set up a meeting with the mayor of the city. He happens to be a member of Rittenhouse. Flynn wants to know about a big members meeting. It was held two years prior in DC. They are held every 25 years.

They convince Hart to meet with his brother and go with him. In the present, Jiya rigs up a computer to keep messing with the signals. Mason gets the worm out and resets the tracking. Jiya kills the power.

The Brothers Capone meet and chat. Rufus and Wyatt ask about Rittenhouse and Flynn. Hart admits that he’s an agent and wants to take Al in. Capone made a deal to take out Rufus for Flynn. Shots are fired. Rufus is hit and Hart takes out Capone.

Mason is trying to restore power. He also tells the Rittenhouse guy that he wants access to NSA data to track the digital footprints of everyone everywhere all the time.

Rufus is in a bad way. He’s lost a lot of blood. They try and get him to navigate the ship but he passes out before takeoff.

They better not kill Rufus. He is the best part of this show. I’m curious as to how they picked the time jumps that they did. They’ve all been pretty interesting. Jiya was pretty badass. I was impressed.

Timeless airs Mondays at 10 p.m.


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