Chicago Fire, episode thirteen

Herrmann is alone in Molly’s and a scruffy looking guy comes in off the street. He wants to borrow money for a suit for a job interview in the morning. Herrmann doesn’t want any trouble but does give him the money. He tells everyone at the house the next day but they don’t think he did a good thing. They figure he was scammed for drug money.

Kidd talks to Severide. She got a text from him the night before and wants to know whats up. He tells her about the Springfield job offer before Gabby interrupts. Brett is working out. They “gawk like bitches” and then the alarm sounds. Everyone reports to a scene that another house is the primary for. They have things under control until Boden notices an equipment problem. A cable is fraying. He tries to stop them but its too late. The cable snaps.

Boden’s team jumps into action and the crisis is averted but word gets around that Boden saved the other chief’s ass. Cruz and Otis also tease Herrmann about helping the guy at Molly’s. He takes it hard.

Severide and Kidd talk about Springfield. She thinks it is just for Anna but he says he might like it. He tells her that he is going to go visit and she asks why he’s even mentioning it. He wants her opinion and she lets him know that she figures he’ll be back in the city soon enough.

Mouch and Herrmann are called into Boden’s office. He asks them about a cocktail party because Donna needs wardrobe help. He also wants them to keep a lid on what happened at the alarm to protect the other chief.

Sylvie and Dawson are at Med after a call. Sylvie is talking about mixing things up with her makeup. Maggie stops by to ask if they are okay. Word is spreading that the other chief almost got 51 killed on a call. They head out to another call. It’s an office party in a restaurant. The victim is unconscious and may have taken coke. They give her Narcan and wake her up. It does but then she has other heart trouble. Turns out a dude gave her a speedball. They get her stable and take her out. One of the business tries to pay them “for their trouble.”

Casey and Severide talk about chief-type ambitions. Casey is an eventually. Severide is still mulling it over. Brett is trying to learn German. She needs a new hobby. She’s batting a zero with men and is jealous of Casey and Dawson. Gabby tells her that she went through a lot of bad breakups before she got with Casey. Her day will come.

Otis and Cruz are still mocking Herrmann. He suggests they read “The Giving Tree” to learn a thing or two. Boden gets a visitor. It’s the other chief. He’s upset about scuttlebutt. He accuses Boden of disregarding authority but Boden defends himself. Severide, Boden and Casey talk about the chief as they leave the house.

Severide gets to Springfield and meets up with the visiting chief from last week. He takes him on a tour of the station.

Gabby and Matt are at home. She’s asking about single aldermen and young waiters. She wants to set Brett up. She’s not taking the breakup well and Gabby wants to help.

Severide is given the official offer, including compensation. It’s impressive. He leaves to “check out the city” which means visit Anna at work. He wants someday to be today. She has a life here and he tells her about the job offer. She tells him not to move for her, not to give up Chicago for her. He kisses her. If he does it, it’ll be for the right reasons.

Boden, Herrmann and Mouch are at a party with their respective spouses. Boden is telling a story but he gets interrupted by the other chief. They argue and then Boden and Donna leave.

Herrmann is getting ready to head in. He forgot an event at his son’s school. He feels like crap. Kidd and Severide talk about his visit to Springfield. He’s really considering it. He doesn’t want to be his father and that’s what he’s been seeing in the mirror lately. Kidd tells him that if he goes, she’ll miss him.

Otis and Cruz ask about the fight at the party but Mouch and Herrmann keep their mouths shut. Herrmann asks Casey if they can take a ride. They go to his son’s school and teach the kids about firefighting. He tells them about helping people “whether they deserve it or not.”

The other chief is at the house when they get back. He’s trying to bust Boden on a technicality. The alarm sounds for squad and ambo so they head out. Boden goes too and the other chief follows. It’s a teenager injured. He tried to pull down a fire escape and got punctured by the ladder. It’s straight through his stomach. The other chief tries to interfere but Severide ignores him. He takes the saw from Cruz and does the cut himself. Ambo takes the victim away.

Severide, Casey and Boden talk about the call at Molly’s. He has to find a way to work with the other chief for the good of the department. Boden leaves and Severide asks Casey if he’s seen Kidd. She’s out with Dawson and Brett blowing off steam.

A man comes into the bar looking for Herrmann. It’s the scruffy guy all cleaned up. He got the job. He wants to pay Herrmann back. The gesture meant a lot to him. Herrmann is in a good mood the next morning at the house. As they get ready for morning briefing, the other chief shows up. He can’t get Boden so he goes after the house. He reassigns the firefighters.

It was obvious that the guy was going to come back at the end right? Everyone knew that Herrmann would get paid back. Just like everyone knows that Severide isn’t going to Springfield. It’s interesting that the big shakeup is separating the house. That’s clever. I’m interested to see how this will play out.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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