Chicago PD, episode fourteen

Halstead and Lindsay are at the range getting requalified with their firearms. The instructor asks Lindsay about Kenny Rixton and tells her to watch her back. Halstead interrupts. They’ve gotta go.

Voight gets the update from Burgess at the scene. One body in what’s left of a house. Gas explosion. The LGBT center next door was evacuated. Mouch talks to Voight as well, tells him it looks intentional.

After looking around, Halstead tells Olinsky and Atwater what the instructor said at the range. Lindsay tells them not to jump to conclusions.

Rixton finds paint thinner, which may have acted as an accelerant. He also finds another victim. This one is still alive.

The unit goes over what they know. The deceased is not yet ID’ed and the injured person may be from the LGBT center but they are saying that all their people are accounted for. Voight tells them to head to Med and ask some questions.

Atwater, Lindsay and Halstead talk about Rixton. He was in a unit going under and he either jumped ship or Voight threw him a life vest. They don’t know. Lindsay is going to call Antonio.

The house was a rental so Olinsky and Voight talk to the owner. He fought with the tenant and recently took out insurance on the building. They want an alibi.

Platt has to go outside to deal with a homeless man. When she tries to lead him into the station, she gets stabbed by a needle. It draws blood. She yells at the patrolman that was supposed to check him and heads to Med.

Olinsky and Burgess talk to the tenant’s girlfriend. They are trying to track him down but she hasn’t heard from him. It seems like he is the victim.

Atwater asks Rixton about his old unit but he evades the question. The injured victim dies at Med. He was former resident at the center. He had been discharged a few weeks prior. Dan, the tenant was always helping out at the center and stood up for the kids there, especially to one guy.

Halstead asks Voight about Rixton’s potential indictment. Voight doesn’t tell him anything. Rixton gives them the name of the guy that fought with Dan and he’s brought in for questioning. When he hears what happened, he laughs and tells them that “karma is a bitch.”

Burgess interrupts. She brings them back to the bullpen where Dan and his girlfriend are waiting. He did not die in the fire. He was trying to break his lease and had beef with the landlord. Seems like he might’ve done it himself, especially since he doesn’t have an alibi.
Rixton tells Voight people want to know about his old unit. Voight tells him to keep his head down. Rixton says he wants to come clean but Voight says no.

Antonio stops by to talk to Lindsay. Seven of the eight people in Rixton’s unit were being indicted. He was either clean or rolled on everyone.

Platt gets checked out at Med. April tells her it might be Hep C and that they will check for HIV to as a precaution.

Atwater and Rixton talk to a friend of Dan’s. He was helping him sublet the place.

Olinsky and Burgess get the autopsy results. The victim was shot before the fire. He had on a specific fancy watch and a wedding ring. They track down who bought the watch and Halstead and Lindsay go to see the woman. She thinks her husband is on a business trip in New York and doesn’t understand why his watch and ring just turned up on a dead body on the south side.

They talk to the wife and she doesn’t know anything. She thought everything was good and doesn’t know who her husband could have been with.

The unit talks it out. They have an ID so now they want to find out how he got killed. He was using a false name and had run a ponzi scheme a few years back. They reach out to the feds. They also confront Rixton and Voight tells them to stand down or they are out.

Platt is back at the district. She talks to the patrolman that dealt with the homeless man and the man himself.

The Feds were still tracking the victim. They talk to Voight. He asks if they had heard of him using a fake name at all but they haven’t. Burgess gets ballistics on the bullet that killed him. They see the gun owner. She has an alibi but her gun is missing. Her brother with a history of violent crimes was at her house the night before but he has an alibi she says. He was with her fiance and the name she gives is the victim’s fake name.

They bring her to the district and question her but she didn’t do it. They pick up her brother and question him. They find the gun in the building. They move to book the brother.

Platt’s test come back clean. She’s relieved. She hears barking. It’s the homeless man’s missing dog. When she brings the dog into the man he starts to talk nonsense again, until she really listens. It might not be nonsense. It might help the case in Intelligence.

Voight talks to him. They discover the victim isn’t dead at all and track him down heading toward Canada. When they bust him, his distraught wife is with him. She was in on his scheming all along. She knew the feds were closing in so she tried to fake her husband’s death.

Halstead apologizes to Rixton for running with the rumors. Voight tells the story of what when down in his old unit. He wasn’t involved and didn’t talk.

The case is closed and Burgess is leaving the district when she sees a familiar face outside. Adam Ruzek is back. Oh, and they are kissing again.

This was a different episode. I hated that wife. I was hoping Erin would punch her. It was nice to see Antonio again in a work capacity and yay for the return of Ruzek.

Chicago PD is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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