Quantico, episode twelve

Everyone is fighting about how to leave the crisis zone. Take their chances facing down the agencies or follow the tunnel out and then try to round up the rogue operatives that way. They choose the latter.

Owen and Alex are going over Lydia’s files trying to see who did get chosen. Leon is mentioned but she was hesitant to bring him in. Nimah and Leon meet. She wants hard evidence but there isn’t any yet. Dayana is in and claims she has no feelings for Leon. Owen doesn’t think its enough. They need to dig up more.

Alex tells Ryan what she and Owen are up to. He gets defensive. She doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want to bring down the AIC.

The recruits are learning about intelligence blending into its surroundings and misleading observers. They are breaking into the NSA.

Will is leading the group through the tunnel. Doyle points out that he probably won’t survive this and Will snarks that this is his atonement for sleeping with Doyle.

In class, Doyle is teaching the art of the misdirect. He’s a world class pickpocket and is showing them a few tricks of the trade. They head to the pub to test it out. Owen has reached out to Lydia. She’s back in the country and wants to meet up.

Alex asks Doyle to help her out with her side project. She’s desperate but he’s not. Owen starts the briefing and Lydia turns up. She’s assisting the class. She’s also running an AIC op. She is setting up a way to tap all the tech for the AIC. Doyle sees that Alex knew what was up and agrees to help her.

In the tunnels two people go missing. One turns up dead. They were so busy trying to smoke out the AIC that they are being hunted now.

The class is on the move. Alex sets up a diversion while Ryan swipes in. Doyle and Sebastian argue outside. Leon and Dayana are working together. Doyle tells Alex that Ryan is in the secured files. Alex gets the class assignment done. Doyle keeps an eye on Ryan. He heads up to the mainframe. He sets up a tap and Alex goes and taps the tap.

Trouble in the tunnels. Lights go out and people go in different directions. The masses are restless.

Lydia and Owen are running the op from the outside. They are also talking about themselves.

Leon gets busted but everyone else gets out clear. Alex held up her end of the bargain for Doyle. It was personal, not MI6. He tells her to mind her own business. Owen tells the class they crossed the line and are closer to being ghosts.

Doyle tells Sebastian about his lover. About what their relationship was like and what they faced. He also describes the suicide he witnessed. He wants Sebastian to be true to himself.

In the tunnels, Sebastian’s wife is holding Doyle hostage. She’s AIC and she’s not backing down. She gets away and Sebastian gets shot.

Leon is out of the program. Alex and Ryan argue about the FBI playing the long game and who is really benefitting from what they are both doing.

Lydia is on her way out again. They argue about why he is doing what he’s doing.
Sebastian is bleeding out and Will is missing. The wife was the misdirection.

Doyle is sifting through the information Alex stole for him. He wants to find something about his dead lover’s father. Alex and Owen are following the tracer to where Lydia is routing the NSA information.

Ryan meets with Lydia to show him the evidence of what he did. He saved people at a refugee camp. It’s best their work isn’t common knowledge though.

Shelby fell for Leon, her mark. She’s ready to go home.

Sebastian and Doyle fight and Sebastian tries to strangle him but Dayana breaks it up.
Alex and Owen get to the site and find that it was not run by a high level operative. They also smell gas and hurry outside to call the police. Ryan calls to tell Alex there is no AIC but she sees someone trying to go back into the gas filled building. She tries to stop the man but the building explodes.

Outside the tunnel, everyone is taken into FBI custody. Lydia is in charge. There is one terrorist left and Alex needs to go back in to end it. Lydia says it is Dayana.

I just want Alex, Owen and Doyle to do awesome espionage pick pocket montages. This show is good when it doesn’t jump back and forth all the time. That distracts me from the plot. I’m not sure who the bad guy team is anymore because I just don’t know if Lydia can be trusted.

Quantico is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


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