Saturday Night Live, episode fourteen

Was there any doubt this would be spectacular? He’s hosted 17 times already so politics aside he’s a pro.

Cold open: She’s back! Amazing. And McKinnon as Sessions. It’s hysterical. All of it. But it’s also sort of terrifying because it’s not that far fetched.

Monologue: This was pretty funny and it was nice to see Pete Davidson get some jokes.

Russell Stover: This was just sort of creepy.

Cheetos: Loved it.

Jake Tapper: McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway is so great. Also this season Beck Bennett has stepped up so much. I’m impressed.

Boot camp: Meh.

First song: He sounded pretty good.

Weekend Update: Che was on top of his game and McKinnon is literally everywhere at this point.

People’s Court: It was only a matter of time before the impression turned up. The way they went about it was pretty funny though. Cecily Strong was great too.

Beyoncé: Tracy Morgan. Throwing so much shade.

Second song: He sounded good. I like this song.

Gym class: I didn’t laugh.

I’m surprised they waited so long to do the Trump stuff but it was a funny episode. Melissa McCarthy was great and Baldwin is a champ.

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