Saturday Night Live, episode thirteen

I’m probably in the minority here but I was super excited to see Kristen Stewart hosting. She’s kind of…. awkward most of the time but the comedy stuff she’s done, especially Adventureland, is great.

Cold open: It was only a matter of time. Baldwin is great and the Grim Reaper as Bannon is on point.

Monologue: Spectacular. Everything about it was great.

Customs video: This is probably what is actually happening.

Dry Friday: I laughed at this far more than I should’ve.

Totino: This took a turn I wasn’t expecting.

CSPAN: Melissa McCarthy is amazing. When is she hosting again? This had me laughing out loud.

First song: She sounded okay.

Weekend Update: Che kept getting tongue tied. It made me laugh a bit. They did some pretty funny stuff about politics. The highlight was Kenan though.

Feud: This was okay until Leslie Jones started cracking up. Then it was better.

Meet cute: Poor Steve.

Second song: She sounded much better.

Wonka: I never understood that about the movie. He can suddenly walk? What was that about?

I loved it. I mean maybe I’m totally biased but I loved this episode.


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