Saturday Night Live, episode twelve

I’ve seen Aziz Ansari in a few few things and have seen a lot of his standup so I was excited to see how he’d be as host.

Cold open: You had to assume this was going to be political. It was great. Beck Bennett is going to get a lot of screen time as Putin for the foreseeable future and I’m okay with that. And McKinnon, especially when she popped up in the background, was great.

Monologue: I loved every single things about this.

Beat the Bookworm: This was kind of boring.

Interrogation: No.

CNN: This was great. She’s awesome.

Broderick and Ganz: I laughed out loud at this. I love Bobby Mohnyhan.

First song: He sounded good.

Weekend Update: These two are amazing. And Leslie Jones was her usual extravagant self. Plus she has a point. Timeless is a great show.

Sunday night: Poor guy.

Uber: I actually laughed at this more than I thought I would.

Pizza band: Kenan loved the pizza band. I loved that he loved it.

Second song: It was pretty cool.

To Sir, With Love: Thanks Obama.

Aziz was really funny. His monologue was great and most of the sketches were funny. I was really impressed by this one.


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