The Good Place, episode twelve and thirteen

Eleanor is in the grocery store. She’s stocking up on…essentials. She fights with a guy outside collecting money for charity and ends up getting hit by runaway carts and dying. She wakes up on the train. She’s anxious and wants to get to the medium place. Janet tells her there is nothing to worry about.

In Michael’s office, the judge is weighing facts about Eleanor’s status in the good place. Bad Janet shows up to explain the bad place’s side of things. Michael tries to plead the for the good place but it is not all facts so the judge won’t listen.

Janet, Jason and Eleanor get to the medium place and talk to Mindy. She was mostly bad but did one really good thing for the world so she got a decent amount of points, thus the medium place. But she’s been trapped there alone for 30 years. She talks to Eleanor and tells her to look out for herself.

The judge asks Michael and the others about Eleanor’s time in the neighborhood. They talk it about as emotionless as possible to make their point.

Eleanor talks to Mindy about the good place and how she misses Chidi.

The judge displays more evidence for Eleanor to go to the bad place. Chidi and Tahani give testimonials but its too late. The judge rules. Bad place for them. They are missing though so he engages the Janet walkie talkie function and tells them that if they don’t come back to the good place Tahani and Chidi will be sent to the bad place.

Jason wants to stay in the medium place but Eleanor isn’t having it. She is going to save her friends. They argue about it for a while but she is able to convince him. It’s ride or die.

When they get back though, it’s too late. The judge will have to make another ruling.

He gives them thirty minutes to pick who amongst them will go to the bad place. Two must be sent. Eleanor decides it should be she and Jason but he doesn’t want to. The Real Eleanor decides that she is going because Chidi doesn’t love her.

Eleanor tells everyone that she will go with Real Eleanor but Chidi says that he should go instead of her. Tahani thinks that she should go with Chidi and as they all argue Eleanor figures something out. She calls the judge and Michael in and says that she and Chidi will be going. He’s confused but she persists. She’s realized they can’t take a train to the bad place because they are in the bad place.

Everyone has been torturing one another since the moment they arrived. It’s all been a big game of Michael’s. They are all bad people that belong in the bad place and they’ve been played all along. Michael is going to erase their memories. Eleanor has to come up with a plan to save them again. She writes a note and puts it in Janet’s mouth.


Eleanor wakes up in the good place and Michael shows her around. She gets a new soulmate, a guy from Teaneck, NJ, and a happy life. When she has a moment alone Janet pops up and gives her the note. It reads “Eleanor find Chidi.” She has her work cut out for her.

They got me so good with the twist. I never saw it coming and I loved it. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.


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