This is Us, episode fifteen

It’s Valentine’s Day. Rebecca is leaving for tour the following week. She’s making a list of all the things Jack will need to know for the month that she is gone. They have holiday plans for that evening too.

Kate goes to Duke’s door. She tells him off. They are not alike. He snaps back at her. His parents run the camp. She’s done.

Kevin is interviewed by Katie Couric. It stars normal enough but quickly veers into really nasty territory. His phone rings. He wakes up. It’s Sophie. She can’t make opening night but he thinks that’s okay because it might not be the best venue to tell his family that he’s “cautiously dating” his ex-wife.

Randall runs. He thinks about all the things that have been bothering him lately. He’s getting overwhelmed. He stops for a moment and Kevin teases him. At home, his hand is shaking. The kids are fighting. William is in rough shape. The phone rings. Beth’s mother fell and broke her hip.

Jack and Miguel are working. Jack is talking about handling the “tour thing.” He doesn’t know why she’s going on tour. He doesn’t like Ben the bandleader. Miguel wants to be out and about. Jack invites him to Rebecca’s show.

Kate visits Toby and apologizes for her behavior. She also tells her that she was kicked out of camp. He thinks they should get to know each other better.

The trio as teenagers are just getting home from school. Rebecca eavesdrops and finds out that Kevin is having sex. She goes to ask the kids but they scattered.

Toby and Kate are shopping and “digging deep.” She asks about his suicidal thoughts. Randall gets to work and finds out the schedule has been changed. Kevin shows up and Randall is flustered. He gets a call from home. He has to go. He’s teetering.

Jack and Rebecca are having a sex talk with Kevin. Randall interrupts because he is having a panic attack. Jack calms him down and Rebecca starts talking about quitting the tour. Jack tells her no.

Kate and Toby talk about his depression. He hit rock bottom and contemplated suicide but he is working on it. He’s in therapy. He asks about Jack’s death but she can’t do it.

Randall gets home to find out William was fighting with his nurse about drinking Coke. He wants to do things for himself but Randall says he is a sick old man that needs a nurse. He says they can talk more later.

Miguel and Jack watch Rebecca perform. She is playing it up for the crowd.

Kevin goes to his mom’s house but she isn’t home. He talks to Miguel or rather listens to Miguel talk about how great Jack was and how much Kevin reminds him of his best friend. It calms Kevin down.

Randall goes back to work for his meeting but he’s melting down. He doesn’t have the number he needs and can’t focus.

Jack is at the bar and Ben the bandleader approaches. They talk about Rebecca and Jack is in a sour mood. He tells her they are skipping dinner.

Toby gets to the theater for Kevin’s opening night. He greets everyone and then asks Kate to hold up before heading in. He wants to have a long engagement.

Rebecca confronts Jack and he goes off. He’s “crazy and jealous” over something that means nothing.

Randall is having an episode at the office. He calls and has a very strange conversation with Kevin. The show is about to start. Kevin is thinking about Jack. Curtain up and Kevin is gone.

Young Kevin sees Randall freaking out and ignores him. Adult Kevin runs to his office. He sits with him.

Jack eats dinner alone.

Poor Randall. I’m so glad Kevin went. I mean he ruined the show and Sloane will suffer but on the whole he was finally not being a terrible brother and that was a great thing. Jack seems to be very popular but I don’t like him at all. He seems controlling and manipulative.

This is Us is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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