Chicago Med, episode fourteen

There’s a bad accident. At least a dozen vehicles and the Fire Department is on hand but they need help. Jeff and Choi are on the scene to help as Boden and Casey work to free the victims. In addition to the pileup, it’s cold and snowing so it’s things are rough. As they work, a car explodes and Severide pulls that driver out but he needs oxygen.

Maggie is getting Med ready for the accident victims. She hands out assignments. Rhodes is in surgery and Latham comes in. They need to free up ORs so the surgery is over. Latham starts making calls as patients come into the ER.

Choi has a severely burnt patient that needs an IV, and other things. Latham says to make him comfortable but Choi begins treatment. Jeff brings in a pregnant woman. Latham says that she is priority.

A man’s wife, son and nephew are brought in and treatment begins on each of them. The son is in a lot of pain but seems to be okay for vitals. He’s got a bleed but they stabilize it for now. The nephew has a fractured leg. They set it but he’ll need surgery too.

The pregnant woman crashes. She has an amniotic embolism. They need to take the baby out right now. They get the baby and have to revive the mother but things are looking up.
Choi visits with the burnt man. He explains that he is dying and the man accepts it. He just wants to say goodbye to his wife.

Maggie and Charles start to talk to the patients in the waiting room. There is one that is particularly angry. He wants his Xanax prescription. Reese pulls Charles out of the conference to help in psych. Goodwin takes Reese off of Charles’ service to help in triage.
The two boys are still in rough shape and there is a depleted amount of blood because of the pregnant woman. Only one of the boys will get blood. Manning, Halstead, Rhodes and Latham discuss. The nephew with the bad legs has a better chance of survival. They consult the mother and she cries.

Charles goes looking for the angry man in the waiting room. He got fed up and left. Manning’s patient, the nephew, is already doing better. Choi talks to the burnt man. His wife is en route. Rhodes needs the ventilator though. Choi wants to give the man his dying wish. Rhodes can’t allow it. They take the ventilator but Choi bags him to help him breath manually. Rhodes updates Latham and asks him if he can feel anything.

Reese talks to another doctor. He asks how she’s doing with psych. He also wants a prescription and she says that she has to run in by Charles. He tells her to forget it.

Maggie gets a phone call. It’s about the man in the waiting room. She gives it to Charles. The man shot himself. He’s dead.

The father/uncle gets out of surgery. They tell him about the blood shortage and he blames his wife. She should have pushed for it to go to their son. Manning tracks down Goodwin to discuss blood. She has an idea.

Charles and Reese are still helping out. She checks in with him about the waiting room patient. He says that he’s fine.

Hospital staff is donating blood. That was her idea. They are trying to find a match for the little boy.

Choi needs to help with a new patient. He can’t pump the bag anymore. He tells April no but the man tells him its time and the burnt man dies.

The blood from the doctors needs to be screened and tested so there is still no blood for the little boy. Choi says that he is screened by the Navy and he is a match. They set up a transfusion.

Security gets Reese. A patient of Charles’ was found. It’s the guy from the waiting room. He faked the call to get attention. Chalres comes in and goes off on him. When the guy says he is going to leave, Charles puts him on a hold.

The blood is doing the trick. Choi is saving the day. Halstead thanks him and the mother starts crying. She feels that she should have fought for him.

The burnt man’s wife shows up. She’s too late. Rhodes talks to her.

Halstead apologizes to Manning for calling her emotional. He admits that he cares about her.

The snow is letting up. Choi points that out to Reese. She enjoyed her time in the ER. Psych is tough.

Blood is at the hospital and the pregnant woman is with her baby.

Latham and Rhodes talk. Rhodes was jealous that he was able to handle the situation clinically and not emotionally. He envied his autism.

I felt bad for Choi in this one. There were a lot of patients though so I kept forgetting about people. The man in the OR and then the pregnant lady. That doctor that wanted pills is the same on that was drunk a few weeks back right? Is he important now?

Chicago Med is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.


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