Chicago Med, episode thirteen

Rhodes gets a call about a rare surgery needed at a local hospital. They can’t do it and need Rhodes and Latham to chopper over and help. Latham is reluctant but agrees to go out of his comfort zone for this.

Will gets to work and notices Manning’s new stethoscope. Manning gets a new patient, a little boy with cancer, who starts seizing. Manning sends April to get his meds and wants to run a bunch of scans. Turns out the father hasn’t refilled his prescriptions in a while. It’s like he’s waiting for his son to die.

Manning confronts the father and he says that he let his son make the decision. She says that he is mentally incapable of doing that because he is so young.

Halstead gets a new patient. She fell down but doesn’t believe in doctors so she’s ready to leave. She’s diabetic and he wants to admit her. She’s not interested. Someone has to feed her cats.

Latham and Rhodes get to the other hospital. They meet the patient’s father.

Will and Natalie talk about her patient and Nina sees. She’s there for their coffee date but he’s swamped. She asks if he and Natalie ever dated and he says no. He then learns more about the cat lady. Charles says that he can have a chat with her.

Manning talks to her patient’s father again. He doesn’t want to go against his son’s wishes.

Choi gets a new patient. She was in a car accident and is asking for someone named Becca. Her husband shows up and tells them that that is the sentient being that lives in his wife’s body.

Reese, Charles and Choi talk to Grace, the car accident victim. Afterward, Reese wants to make sure there is a diagnosis and Charles says that it’s not that simple. Maggie interrupts to tell them that there were eyewitnesses saying the accident looked like a suicide attempt.

Rhodes and Latham are in surgery and Rhodes is getting frustrated with questions from the doctors at that hospital. Latham maintains his cool under pressure.

Charles tells Halstead that the cat lady is eccentric but not a psych patient. The patient asks if Charles is single and surprisingly, his daughter doesn’t know.

Manning talks to the cancer kid. She can’t convince him to take the new medication. He’s ready to die.

Reese and Charles talk to to Grace about ending her life and her alter ego. She gets flustered and doesn’t know. She has trouble connecting with people and that’s why she’s friends with Becca. Charles thinks it’s time to meet Becca.

The cat lady has another heart attack. Halstead wants to admit her but she says no. The younger Charles hears about the cats and might have a way to help. She might have a parasite. There’s no cure but she can make more informed choices now.

Halstead talks to Maggie about lying to Nina and admitting his feelings for Natalie. She tells him women don’t usually like to hear about their boyfriend’s feelings for other women.

Manning talks to the boy’s father again. He might needed to be intubated and then there is no guarantee it would ever come out. April interrupts. She is going to call DCFS if Manning doesn’t. Manning says she will talk to Goodwin.

Charles explains to the husband that they are going to meet Becca now. Grace says that it will take a minute and then she starts talking with a different voice. She fights with the husband. She says that she has been around since high school and has helped Grace for years. Charles doesn’t want to just put a label on her and move on but Reese can’t handle that. She quits.

Rhodes sees Latham at the bar with a woman. She wants to go to his room so that he can look at her irregular mole. Rhodes tries to get involved but Latham tells him not to block his flow.

Manning is getting ready to intubate. Goodwin tells her DCFS is en route. Manning needs a minute.

The cat lady leaves and the younger Charles thinks her father has the same parasite. She wants to run a blood test.

Grace starts to crash. Choi is doing diagnostics and Reese is talking to her when she decides she needs to talk to Becca. It works. Becca calms Grace down. Her stats normalize. It was a panic attack.

Latham calls Rhodes to meet him. The woman was a con arrests and she stole his money and his watch.

The cancer kid is getting better. His tumors are shrinking. They don’t need DCFS but it’s too late. The kid will live but his father is arrested.

Rhodes confronts the bartender. He was in on the scam. He gives him an hour to get all of Latham’s stuff back.

Manning is ecstatic. The kid is getting better.

Nina is waiting for Halstead to head out. She thanks him for his honesty in regard to Manning. Then she starts listing all the hospital employees that she dated.

Rhodes returns Latham’s stuff to him. All in all he had a good trip.

The husband is pissed still about Becca. He’s done. Charles compliments Reese on the way she handled the case.

The Charles’ go to Molly’s. They are getting to know each other.

That poor little boy. And the cat lady. I just wanted to shake her to try and get her to wake up. I’m happy that Rhodes helped Latham out. I want them to be best friends.


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