Chicago Med, episode twelve

They are shooting hospital promo video when a patient comes in. Maggie calls Halstead. The patient has a racing heart but something seems off. Halstead thinks he might have his heart on the wrong side. Stohl gets involved and turns the patient into part of the promo reel.

Halstead was right and they are going to run some more tests. Rhodes is going to assist and Stohl is going to annoy. Halstead complains to Goodwin but she’s not hearing it.

Jeff reports on a patient to Manning. They are really over. They can still work together well though. She steps in to see the workaholic patient. She got in a car accident and has an ulcer. Her daughter is in the room as well. She’s had pains for a while but her mother plays them off. Manning wants to run some tests on her too while they are there. The mother says okay.

Reese is in therapy. She’s not embracing it though. She’s just trying to learn. The therapist tells her she needs to feel uncomfortable.

Rhodes and Latham plan a surgery.

Choi and Jeff have a patient screaming in pain. Choi thinks he has something lodged in his rectum and its making him combative. He tells Jeff to get a scan.

Halstead has another patient and Stohl gets involved. Stohl tries to discharge but when he leaves Halstead orders more tests.

Stohl tries to muscle in on Choi’s patient but Jeff closes the doors. Choi was right. There’s a gun up his rectum.

Manning talks to Dr. Charles about the workaholic daughter. She can’t find a physical symptom.

Halstead was right. His patient has an elevated white count. Halstead gets the release signed and presents it to Stohl.

Charles talks to the daughter. She says that she sometimes thinks her feelings aren’t her own.

Latham and Rhodes are practicing for surgery on the backward patient. Latham freaks out and the nurses aren’t putting up with it anymore.

Reese wants to talk to the patient with gun up his butt. She pleads her case with Choi and he relents.

Halstead talks to his patient who thanks him for going the extra

The gun patient and Reese talk for a while about why people do the things they do before his father comes in and yells at him. He admits that he was smuggling the gun into Cook County for his cousin, therefore admitting to a crime. The gun is now evidence. They need a warrant.

Stohl wants to record Halstead telling his patient bad news. It’s a brain fungus with a high mortality rate.

Reese doesn’t believe the gun patient. She thinks it was a false confession and wants to talk to him before he’s swallowed by the system. Choi just wants the gun out of him.

The workaholic wants to be discharged and her daughter too. Charles can’t find any reason to keep her so they have to let it happen.

Latham wants another radical treatment so that he can do surgery. Charles says no.

The brain fungus patient has a seizure and the daughter sees and starts having what appears to be a seizure too. Charles says that she needs to be isolated.

Choi is trying to remove the gun but the patient won’t stay still. The gun fires through his stomach and hits Jeff. The patient is rushed to surgery.

Charles talks to the daughter in isolation. He thinks that she has a mirror pain syndrome and would like to run so neuro tests. The mother walks out to answer a call.

Rhodes is still trying to arrange the backward surgery and Latham overhears him talking. Latham tells Rhodes that he was recently diagnosed with Aspergers and is still trying to cope.

Halstead wants to throw out the fungus man footage. He thinks they are exploiting him. Stohl disagrees and walks out. When Goodwin questions him, Halstead admits he only pushed for the man to sign as leverage.

The surgery seems to go smoothly.

The brain fungus patient doesn’t care that Halstead is taking advantage. He wants his life to mean something.

Manning checks in with Charles and the daughter. She is practicing a shield. She gets sad but doesn’t know why. It’s Manning. She’s watching Jeff and getting upset.

Rhodes invites Latham to Molly’s. He declines.

Reese talks to the gun patient. He sticks with his story and tells her she doesn’t understand. He’d rather go to jail than admit he’s a freak.

The workaholic is upset that she has been neglecting her daughter. Manning tells her that if she sees happy people she will be happy too.

Reese goes back to therapy.

Latham meets the doctors at Molly’s.

Reese thinks she knows everything sometimes. Drives me nuts. I felt bad for Halstead and his patient and the whole idea of the promo video drove me nuts.


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