Supergirl, episode thirteen

It picks up right where last week left off. This Mr. Mxyzptlk sets up a romantic evening for himself and Kara. He sings some Disney zaps Mon-El off to the DEO and tells Kara how wonderful she is. He thinks she’s playing hard to get and he will win her over. He tells her as much before zapping away.

Kara heads to the DEO and talks to J’onn about it. Both he and Mon-El are familiar with interdimensional hoppers. As J’onn gets more info, Kara pulls Mon-El aside. They were having a moment before Mxyzptlk showed up and when this is settled she wants to go back to that.

Alex and Maggie are eating breakfast while Alex goes through her mail. She finds the annual Valentine’s Day card from Eliza and plays it off as unimportant. Maggie wants to puke at the mere mention of the holiday.

Winn is at the bar. He gets into a bit of a scrap before a girl alien steps in to help him. They get to talking. He knows a few things about her planet, Star Haven and they set up a date for that night. To celebrate Valentine’s Day.

There’s a a jewelry robbery and Supergirl goes to save the day. The robbers try to shoot her but Mxyzptlk shows up and freeze them and steals there guns. He tries to shoot them with their own bullets and she saves them. She is not pleased.

Kara reports back to the DEO about the robbery. Mxyzptlk is dangerous. Mon-El wants to kill him but Kara is adamant that they do not kill people.

Alex and Kara are walking into Kara’s apartment talking about Mo Shn-El. The apartment is filled with flowers. Mxyzptlk is persistent. Alex brings up Maggie’s aversion. She was just so excited to finally celebrate. Kara tells her to maybe make a Maggie themed plan to try and avoid what she hates. They hear commotion outside.

Parasite is outside terrorizing the public. Kara fights him and Mon-El comes to help. They can’t quite manage it though. Someone else shows up as backup too. Is it a bird? A plane? Superman? No, it’s Mxyzptlk who started all this to begin with. Mon-El yells at him about saying his name backward to vanquish him. Kara sends Mon-El away and then asks Mxyzptlk how to get rid of him. He says they marry or he keeps wrecking havoc.

At the DEO, Kara and Mon-El fight about Mxyzptlk. She calls him jealous. He tells her that she has a double-standard and she says that she expects more of him. He walks away and talks to Winn about girls. Winn is sorting alien artifacts and Mon-El takes not of the ones that would impact Mxyzptlk.

Maggie gets home and finds the special Valentine’s Day set up but she is not interested. In fact she’s pissed. Her pet peeve is people not listening and that’s exactly what Alex did. Alex is listening now though. She tells Maggie that she can’t just run off and makes her explain why she’s reacting this way. Maggie tells her about being 14 and realizing she liked girls. She confessed her feelings to a friend on Valentine’s, who told her parents who told the Sawyers. They did not take it well and Maggie ended up living with her aunt for three years.

Alex wants to know why Maggie lied in the first place about her coming out experience and Maggie tells her it was to protect her. She didn’t want to scare her. That’s all she can say though. She leaves.

Mon-El goes to find Mxyzptlk and challenge him to a fight. Mxyzptlk zaps them to a stage and they do a bad riff on Hamilton for a while before Mon-El uses the alien tech to try and limit his powers. It works for a bit but Mxyzptlk gets the upper hand and is about to shoot Mon-El when Kara turns up. She agrees to marry Mxyzptlk the following day at the Fortress of Solitude.

Kara is home and Mon-El turns up. She is sick of not just his macho thing but his sexist thing too. She doesn’t love him but he has powers to make a great team. Mon-El thought they were going to do that but she tells him that they are too different and kicks him out.

At the DEO, Kara looks for Alex but can’t find her. She does run into Maggie who is there to apologize. Kara tells her that she should really reevaluate her stance on things because Alex deserves to celebrate with someone she cares about.

She pops off to the Fortress and puts Mxyzptlk in his place. He doesn’t take it well and starts to animate the statues to attack her. They continue to fight. She sets the Fortress to kill her so that they can’t marry. He wants the code to save her. He’ll do anything. As the countdown winds down she shows him what buttons to press and… it spells his name backward. She played by the rules and he gets zapped back to the fifth dimension.

Winn is at a fancy restaurant and his alien girlfriend meets him. She’s surprised he called. She figured it was a one time experience for him. He tells her he isn’t naive about these things. He is just scared of relationships. They agree to take things slow, all the way back to his place.

Alex gets home and finds a a gift and note from Maggie. She follows the instructions and puts on the dress and goes to the restaurant. Maggie is crazy about her and if there is anyone that she should celebrate this for it’s Alex. They dance.

Mon-El turns up at Kara’s. He tells her that he was being an ass and that his feelings for her are his Kryptonite. He didn’t know there were this many feelings. He goes to leave but she stops him. She lied to him to protect him. She thinks they are a match. They kiss.

Mxyzptlk was sort of funny and then he was just not. I really thought he was going to open Kara’s eyes to how horrible Mon-El is but… apparently that’s not the case. She legitimately spent the whole episode fighting with him about the same behavior he has displayed all along and annoyed up until about two weeks ago. Now suddenly she wants to make out with him on the couch? Yeah, no. You know who should have been making out on the couch? Alex and Maggie. They should have gotten so much more screen time because they are spectacular and far more interesting than Kara and that piece of plywood.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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