Timeless, episode sixteen

Flynn is quietly making his way through a house, while armed. He’s looking for… monsters. And the coast is clear he happily reports back to his wife and daughter. It’s all smiles until he startles awake, alone. Emma comes in with an update. Two more men walked out on the mission.

Wyatt and Lucy get back with a severely injured Rufus. They can’t take him to a hospital. They have to call someone. That someone ends up being Lucy’s maybe fiance Noah. He patches Rufus up and then they fight. When Lucy turns back Christopher and Jiya are there. Flynn just jumped to 1954 DC but with Rufus hurt they can’t give chase. They argue amongst themselves about what to do before they are left with no choice. Rittenhouse is at the warehouse. They all need to get into the ship and go.

Christopher creates a diversion while the rest take off. They try and figure out where Flynn could be going and come up with a guess. As they are about to leave, Jiya points out their complete lack of disguise.

Flynn is meeting with Senator Joe McCarthy (Spencer Garrett). He’s a card carrying Rittenhouse member and has the information Flynn wants. In exchange for the identity of two spies. For the address to the meeting, Flynn hands over photos of Lucy and Wyatt.

Outside, in more appropriate clothes, Wyatt comments on liking the 50s. Lucy is not a fan but that doesn’t matter as both are stopped and accused of being Commie spies.

Jiya and Rufus talk and kill time in the warehouse with the ship. He notices that her eye is really red. She says its just bloodshot but he’s worried it’s because they had too many people in the ship.

Lucy is waiting alone when Flynn walks in. He tells her he is going to take down Rittenhouse that night and that probably won’t reflect well on her. She thinks that he is telling her this so that she will talk him out of it. She tells him that she feels bad for him. She used to think he was a monster but now she just thinks he is sad. She says they will help him but not like this. He tells her there is no other way.

Wyatt is being questioned by McCarthy. They go back and forth and when McCarthy tells the guards to rough him up, Wyatt fights back. He escapes with Lucy which is good but now they don’t know how to track down the summit, which is bad. Lucy’s grandfather was a White House aide. That might be their best shot.

Christopher is in federal custody. Mason shows up to free her. He needs her help. They are going to kill Rufus. He knows he is terrible but wants to protect Rufus.

Lucy and Wyatt follow her grandfather but its not to the summit. They track him to a gay bar. Rufus is freaking out but Jiya tries to calm him down, right before she passes out.
They approach her grandfather. They basically blackmail him into taking them to the Rittenhouse summit.

Rufus talks to an unconscious Jiya. She starts to seize. He freaked out.

Wyatt, Lucy and her grandfather ride to where Rittenhouse is. They talk about his gay impulses (which the two modern day people assure him are natural) and about how terrible Rittenhouse is. They get there and find Flynn. Lucy starts to talk to him, despite Wyatt telling her to stay back.

Flynn tells her he prayed and this is what God told him to do. She talks him off the ledge and they head back to the ship. Rufus is ready to leave with Jiya and they tell her grandfather the truth. Lucy sends them back with Jiya. She will ride with Flynn. Wyatt is hesitant but Lucy asks him to trust her.

She tells her grandfather to protect her father from doing things in the name of Rittenhouse. He agrees. In the present day, she goes to visit her grandfather in a home. He kept a record of Rittenhouse like she asked. She and Wyatt look over the artifacts he saved. Christopher and Mason turn up to go through things as well.

Rufus visits with Jiya in the hospital. They exchange “I love you”s and then kiss. She starts to seize again but its not a normal seizure. Something glitches.

Christopher goes into Mason Industries and gets the Rittenhouse agents arrested. Lucy meets with Flynn. She gives him information about how to get his family back. He implies that they meet again in the future. Christopher thanks Lucy and Wyatt for what they’ve done. She is allowing one more trip to get Lucy’s sister back.

Wyatt and Lucy talk about what comes next and she thanks him. They hug it out. He tells her he isn’t rushing out though. He’s going to help get her sister back. She will be back in an hour. She goes to see her mother. She tells her about the missions and about how she wants to go save her sister but in doing so her mother might end up very sick.

Her mother tells her not to worry. Rittenhouse won’t let her end up sick because of some girl no one cares about. Her family is from a long line of Rittenhouse. Right now they are moving in on the mothership to take control of the past, present and future. There are dead agents everywhere and Emma is seen boarding the ship.

What the hell is up with Jiya? Is there another season of this show? There should be. And her mother knew all along? That’s mildly disappointing. Will they let her go back to talk to Wyatt or will he have to rescue her? So many unanswered questions.


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