Chicago Fire, episode fourteen

The former 51 firefighters report to their new posts, some together some not. Kidd is back to where she started but at least Sylvie is there now.

Gabby, Matt and Severide are getting ready to start shift at 51. Boden walks up and Casey tells him they have to fix this. The alarm goes off and they head out. Squad has a change of address and Severide talks to Cruz in the call center to confirm.

The call is at the Marina Towers. There’s a man dangling on the outside above the river. He was hit by a car. The rescue is made but its a rough call because no one is used to each other.

Kidd and Sylvie are talking about the way things are at their new house when they hear the candidate, a female, getting ripped apart. They go over to stop the rant but it breaks up before they get there. Otis is telling war stories at his new house.

Dawson is in the ambo with Chout. He tries to ask her out again but she tells him she’s married. All the 51 vehicles get to the refill station and run into Mouch and Herrmann who complain about their new station. Casey tells him they are working on it.

Boden is meeting with the commissioner but Anderson interrupts and tells him that this is how things have worked for 150 years and its not changing. Boden reports back to Severide, Dawson and Casey that this seems to be permanent so they better get used to their new teams.

They go outside and run drills. All the new house members are floaters. Otis is still talking about the good ole days and Boden is told to give it six months or a year and then try again.
The captain is getting nasty with the candidate again and Kidd steps in. He turns and yells at her instead. He’s glad she’s back and for as long as she’s there he is going to make her life hell. She has to do chores.

Sylvie, Dawson and Kidd are out at Molly’s talking about the new situation. Missy, the candidate, comes in. Kidd takes her under her wing. Herrmann makes a speech about sticking it out but it falls flat.

Next shift, Otis is still telling stories. Herrmann and Mouch go to 51 and complain to Boden but he yells at them and tells them to get used to it. Dawson hides in Casey’s office from Chout. She needs a few minutes of peace but alas, the alarm goes off and he finds her. They get to a restaurant and get in trouble for walking through the lunch rush to get to the kitchen. There was an accident. Dude’s hand is chopped off.

The manager tries to rush things and then tells them to go out the back. Dawson doesn’t play like that though. She walks through the restaurant with fingers on ice. Candidate Missy is going to put in her notice next shit. Brett and Kidd try to stop her but she isn’t listening.

Otis tells the new house about something that was squad as though it was him. They call him on it and then have little use for his stories. Casey and Severide go to Boden’s office. Severide has a call in to his father to dig up dirt on Anderson. A call comes in for a hotel fire. Multiple trucks report and Boden handles the assignments.

All of the former 51ers are turning up, whether assigned or not, to help. Otis goes in to help while the rest of his house waits outside. Missy save the captain. Boden goes in too and saves someone. Otis clears the way. All of 51 is waiting to help out when he gets outside.

Missy isn’t going to quit after all. She wants to chase the rush and even if the captain doesn’t commend her, the rest of the house does. The man Boden rescued comes to thank him. Turns out he’s deputy mayor and Boden asks a favor.

Boden goes to see Anderson who tells him it’s not over. 51 is restored with the normal crew. They start shift. Severide calls Anna. Chicago is home. He wants to be with her but he has to stay here.

I feel like they should have dragged this out a bit more. Having the whole new house issue resolved so quickly was kind of lame. And why can’t Missy come to 51. Aren’t they down someone on truck anyway?

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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