Chicago PD, episode fifteen

Ruzek heads into the district and goes to talk to Voight. He finds out that he’s going back to patrol.

Erin goes to meet with a guy she’s known for years. Turns out he knows someone that wants to hire a hitman. She calls Olinsky in. Her friend wants to trade murder for hire to get his kid brother out of the possession charges he faces. They agree.

Olinsky makes contact with the guy at a hotel. Turns out his daughter was murdered and the killer walked. He wants the killer dead. Voight and Halstead listen in from the street.
The unit meets. They need to find out more information on the daughter’s murder so they head out to do that. Atwater asks about Ruzek and Voight says that he is “back at 21.” Erin talks to Platt about getting the brother out of jail. It doesn’t seem possible. Olinsky meets with the father again. He’s going to string him along as long as he can.

Halstead and Atwater go to find out about the daughter’s case. They left the gang unit know they are going to take a crack at the case. Rixton and Burgess talk to the man that was acquitted. He gives them more info than he gave gangs.

The unit searches an El stop that came from that interview. Burgess and Rixton talk about Ruzel. Erin finds a gun. They find out that its the murder weapon and match up who probably sold it. They head to the smoke shop that the gun was sold out of.

Halstead arrests the guy that allegedly sold the gun and they confiscate a crate of guns too. Turns out they were stolen from the ATF. It doesn’t add up. Voight questions the guy until his handler turns up. He’s an undercover fed. They argue. Voight gets access to all the federal files.

Ruzek turns up at the district. Platt tells him that he’s not at 21 anymore. He has to go to 27. She tells him to keep his head down and work his way back. Olinsky meets with the father. He reminisces about his daughter. Seems a little hesitant now.

There’s another lead. The team is rolling out and Halstead actually gets to drive. Voight and Atwater question someone that turned up from the fed files. They get back to the district and the state’s attorney is there to talk to Voight about the case against the father.
He wants him arrested. They stage the hit so that they can bust him when he pays for it.

Rixton and Burgess update on the daughter’s murder. It might’ve been gang warfare. They bring in a guy that went on a date with her that night. He’s out of the life but he ain’t a snitch.

They track the gang angle and find out that it was a drive by and the girl was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They go to make the bust and end up involved in a shootout. The gang leader is killed.

Olinsky busts the dad. Erin talks to her friend. He’s a sore winner. Rixton talks to Ruzek. He worked with his father. He talks about what it was like to work with him and that he knows what its like to be booted from a unit that you like. He’ll clear out of Intelligence. Olinsky meets with his daughter. He just wants to see her.

The state’s attorney comes in to Molly’s. He talks to Olinsky about a racist case he had to deal with. He apologizes for the way he was in Voight’s office earlier.

I was just starting to like Rixton. It’s a shame to see him go. I kind of miss having someone working patrol cause we don’t get as much Platt now which is a bummer. I’m glad that they keep the whole Halstead wants to drive joke running. I feel bad for Olinsky.

Chicago PD is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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