Quantico, episode thirteen

Doyle and Leon help Sebastian into the medic tent. Ryan is being vetted and he is fed up. Lydia and Alex confirm him and talk about what needs to be done. He’s not interested. Let the FBI and NYPD handle it is his plan but Lydia wants to avoid chaos so they have to do it.

Shelby is giving orders from the command center. Nimah and Miranda come in. They tell Shelby to arrest them.

Owen and Alex are at the site of the explosion. The explosion proved that there is a real threat. Regardless of Lydia’s involvement, they have to be ready for what comes next. No matter what. Back at the farm Ryan is trying to call Alex, Sebastian is trying to break into Doyle’s computer. Doyle is on the phone with someone back home. He talks about the NSA file.

Alex tells Ryan about the surveillance and he tells her that his op is over and his mission is being wrapped. It’s time for class. While they are receiving instruction, two FBI agents come in to talk to Owen. The man that died in the explosion is a former recruit.

Leon doesn’t trust Lydia so he doesn’t want to help search. Ryan trusts her and says as much. Alex just wants to make sure the drives don’t end up in the wrong hands. They break up into pairs to look around.

Miranda and Nimah are being questioned by Shelby. Nimah tries to defend their actions but Shelby isn’t having it.

The recruits are learning about emergency action plans. How to get out alive if they are exposed. How to cover themselves and contact their assets. They are pulled out to talk about Jeremy Miller, the recruit that died in the explosion. Owen tells Alex that he’s done. Lydia is sanctioned.

The agents question Alex and she does her best to deflect. Doyle gets a call from his handler. He wants to leave the farm but she tells him that she’s not pulling him out.
The recruits are cleared but the agents think Owen is involved. They ask about the NSA mission and Lydia’s involvement.

Ryan tells Alex that they are moving on in their search. She and Lydia are too. Lydia tells Alex that she was right all along and that she should feel vindicated. Alex is pissed though. They look up and see Will and Dayana. They follow.

Doyle talks to Owen about taking down his dead lover’s father and Owen talks about Lydia. Alex and Dayana talk about their farm homework. Ryan interrupts and Dayana walks away. He tells Alex that Miranda is letting him stay on to finish the program and she’s happy.

Doyle confronts Sebastian and they fight again. Then Doyle gathers all the recruits. They are going to drink and read their wills aloud.

Alex gets a call from Shelby. Owen is taking the fall for the bug at the NSA. Doyle is freaking out. He admits he is MI6 and is spying on them for that agency.

Owen and Lydia talk. She’s perfect and he had nothing to do with it. Doyle is all packed up and talks to Sebastian. He gave him the way out he needed. Doyle leaves.

Outside, Owen is headed into custody. Alex goes and apologizes but he tells her to stop talking. He gets cuffed and put into the car. Lydia turns to Alex and basically says that it is her fault and gives her an hour to pack and get lost.

Miranda finally starts talking. A month after he faked his death, Jeremy reached out and confirmed that the AIC existed. He was recruited after he left the farm. He went to the instructors at the farm who put him in touch with Miranda. The first lady was involved.
Alex tracks down Will and Dayana. They are going to destroy the drives. They ask about Lydia and Dayana admits that she’s her boss. Then Alex gets shot. It was Lydia. She tells Alex that she’s too late and can’t stop what’s coming. They fight.

Lydia already has a drive uploading and Will tries to stop it but he can’t. The hostage situation is being covered up.

Ryan and Alex meet to talk about what happened. He tells her she could have escaped and she tells him that she couldn’t. They agree to break up and “see” about someday. They awkwardly part ways.

Shelby and Alex are at the White House. Ryan, Dayana and Nimah walk in. They were summoned by President Claire Hoss. She comes in and talks about the drives. She’s putting together a task force to fight the people after the drives. They are the only ones that can stop them. Alex agrees and asks who they will report to. Her son. Cause he’s around again.

This was a pretty good episode. I’m glad Alex was right. I felt bad for Doyle though. Sebastian sucks. Caleb is back now? That’s pretty cool.

Quantico is on Mondays at 10 p.m.


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