Big Little Lies, episode two

Jane is on the beach alone in a dress. Madeline is watching the ocean from her kitchen. Her daughter creeps up behind her and talks to her. Madeline explains that she’s watching the big unknown. Jane is trying to get Ziggy to go to school. Madeline is fighting with someone on the phone about the upcoming production of Avenue Q.

Celeste and Perry are taking the boys to school. He apologizes for the way he acted the night before. She suggests going to another counselor. He gets mad when they get to school and he finds out he won’t be able to meet the teacher.

At school, Madeline invites Jane to yoga but she can’t go. She has a job interview. The parents are still being interviewed by the police. Renata causes some trouble handing out party invitations. At yoga, Madeline is trying to get Celeste to come out of retirement to represent the theater. Bonnie and Nathan are also in yoga class. Unbelievable.

The teacher explains first grade projects and responsibilities to the class. Celeste talks to Perry about the first day of school. He smacks her and shoves her. She yelps in pain and he snaps out of it, apologizing. She tries to move away but he restrains her and then forces himself on her.

Madeline and Jane pick up the kids from school. They said they had a good day. They talk about Renata handing out invitations to her daughter’s birthday party, to everyone but Ziggy. Madeline complains about it to Ed at dinner. He tries to stay levelheaded but the argument turns to Nathan and Bonnie, a point of contention in their relationship. Ed gets angry. He tells her he is not anyone’s runner up.

Celeste talks to her kids and they want to hang out with Ziggy. She tells them they have to check with their father. Madeline calls to complain about her fight with Ed. Jane is at the cafe talking to Tom. He gives her business advice. The police are still looking for leads.

Madeline and Celeste are out for drinks so the former can vent about Ed. The subject turns to Nathan but Madeline shuts it down. She turns the tables and Celeste mentions that most of her fights with Perry lead to sex. They get interrupted by Renata trying to get them to come to a VA fundraiser. Madeline brings up the birthday party and words are exchanged. “The war is on.”

Ed tells Madeline that their daughter Chloe shouldn’t be used as a pawn in Madeline’s fight with Renata, or anyone else. Celeste gets home. Perry sent her flowers and a card. The twins are in her bed and want to stay there for the night. They miss their father.

The next morning Jane tells Madeline that she doesn’t want to stir up any trouble with the birthday party. Madeline cuts the conversation short though when she sees her older daughter fumbling with birth control pills. She got them at Planned Parenthood. Bonnie took her. Madeline confronts her and then mentions it at the cafe to Celeste and Jane. It’s also mentioned that Tom is gay.

Nathan and Ed meet and talk about Bonnie and Madeline. It turns into something of a macho contest. Madeline goes to work She wants to win. She’s not changing the play. Jane gets called to the school. There was a situation with Renata’s daughter, Ziggy, Bonnie’s daughter and Madeline’s daughter.

Jane breaks down crying. Madeline tries to explain that making little boys and girls kiss is inappropriate. Celeste is getting ready for bed when Perry video calls her. Renata doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t want to switch her daughter’s school. Jane talks to Ziggy. He overheard someone call him a monster. Jane tells him he’s not.

Madeline talks to her older daughter about sex. She then heads downstairs and finds out from Ed about his talk with Nathan. Celeste and Perry have videochat sex.

I don’t love this show. I like it and the episodes go quick but I mostly watch it for the interactions between Madeline, Jane and Celeste or any variation of that. I get that you need the other plots to flesh out the story but at this point they are still pretty boring. Ed isn’t bad either.

Big Little Lies is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


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