Chicago Justice, episode six

A man and woman are in bed together. She’s talking and he’s saying things are complicated. She gets out of bed and goes into the bathroom to get dressed. Something drips from the ceiling. She looks up just as it gives way and water pours through.

Antonio and Nagel are the scene. They talk to the local PD and get access to the room upstairs. There’s a body submerged in a tub with slit wrists. Obvious suicide. Except there’s no knife. The victim is Chicago PD.

The ME explains the injuries to Antonio and Nagel. He died, day before around noon. He also had pancreatic cancer. Maybe six weeks to live. He had chemo and alcohol in his system when he died.

They go talk to the wife. She says he wanted to die alone and moved out when he was diagnosed, eight months earlier. He was sending money for their Ivy League-bound son though. His house is a mess of medical bills. Oh, and money to cover his expenses that he obviously wasn’t doing.

Next stop is the former partner. He didn’t exactly keep in touch and knows nothing about the cash. They meet up with Anna. Antonio rules out the wife because she physically couldn’t do it. Nagel’s phone rings. Turns out the dead guy talked to his partner the day he died.

The former partner is in for questioning and says they talked about meat. The victim had a standing order with a local butcher and the partner was picking up the cartons for him. The butcher is a guy named John Beckett. Antonio is familiar.

Antonio brings the information to Peter and Anna. Peter knows the story but Anna does not. Antonio arrested the guy years ago in relation to a man’s death but he was acquitted. Peter tells him to go talk to Beckett.

Nagel and Antonio head to the farm to talk to Beckett. He’s snarky and tells them that he doesn’t know the cop. They don’t buy it and head to a local bar to ask about the victim and Beckett. The bartender says that there were there together.

They bring him in and he says that he was friends with the victim and that he called and was in a bad way. They met up, had a few drinks and talked. Beckett says that he thought he calmed him down and they went their separate ways. He wasn’t honest to start because he figured they’d come after him.

Peter comes in and tells him things don’t add up and he wants to know what’s what. Beckett lawyers up. Peter heads to another farm to talk to the widow in the case Beckett was acquitted of. There is no connect between the two victims.

Anna and Peter get food and talk about the first Beckett case. He talks about his father and lessons he learned from him. Nagel interrupts. They found a murder weapon, a knife, with a four point print match to Beckett. Time to arrest him. Antonio with great pleasure does just that.

Mark and Peter are walking through the office, feeling good. Anna bursts their bubble. The defense is filing for the dismissal of the knife. The local cop that found the knife is on the stand. He lied about the chain of evidence and filled out false paperwork. Peter has no recourse. Motion granted.

Beckett is having a drink before dinner at a fancy restaurant. Peter walks in and they talk about how cases weigh on Peter. The next day Mark tells Peter that maybe he lost the first time because Beckett told a better story. He needs to find more. Anna is on it. She is looking into the hotel that the victim was found in. He booked online but never got a confirmation email.

Turns out it was sent to an email that was an ode to The Jungle. Peter says that Beckett must not have finished the book. The main character ends up in prison. A messenger brings in a package for Peter. It’s steak from Beckett. Lightbulb. The victim was getting paid off for helping with the other case. Beckett was done and killed him for getting greedy. They have a narrative.
Peter subpoenas Beckett’s financials, and gives the steaks to his neighbor’s dog. Nagel and Antonio go through them and there haven’t been any big changes except when he sold his yacht five years early, Antonio speculates that he needed the money to pay his lawyer.

Anna and Peter go to talk to the woman that bought the boat. She plays dumb but Peter keeps staring at her until he figures it out. She was a jury member on the first case. The boat was a payoff. She’s going to jail but just they don’t know for how long. They bring the information to Mark who likes what they’ve got. Then Peter gets tricky.

He is going to try him for arson and murder. The same charges from the first time because with the payoff it isn’t double jeopardy. At court, the judge agrees. The trial will proceed. A firefighter is on the stand. He talks about the fire at the farm and how odd it was that no one called for half an hour.

Antonio is up next. He talks about the arrest and Beckett’s debt. Then comes the widow. She describes the night her husband died. They had a fight and he went to sleep elsewhere. In the morning, the police were there to tell her that her husband was dead.

Beckett takes the stand. He talks about how tough it is to run a business and how much money he owed the government for silly things. Peter cross-examines and brings up the other jury and the payoff and Beckett mentions wrangling pigs.

Peter and Anna have Beckett in to talk about a deal. They present the offer but he says no. Then they mention the cop in the bathtub. They have a narrative. Cop blackmailing Beckett got wrangled like a pig. Beckett takes 35 years.

Anna and Peter are at Molly’s. Antonio joins them with a gift for Peter from the widow. It’s why he does what he does. They take a drink

I liked this episode because I find double jeopardy fascinating. There are so many loopholes and technicalities with it. Anna and Antonio are still the best and Peter is just too straight-laced. He is clever in court though. I’ll give him that.

Chicago Justice is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


Quantico, episode fifteen

A town is Virginia is evacuated because of groundwater contamination. It could be terrorism. Owen and Clay are talking about the team. Alex is reckless and emotional. Her and Ryan have a deep connection. He’s by the book unless Alex is involved. Dayana never really shed her child soldier upbringing when she moved to this country. Clay says that Nimah is more of a mascot. Owen brings up Shelby. She worries way too much about what other people think. Owen says that he is smart and can cover his weak points. He says Clay lacks experience.

Clay tells them about what happened in Virginia. Nimah is supposed to track social media. The rest need to get the information without media bias. They reach out to government officials but nothing comes of it. Owen says that it’s a fake. They cleared the town for a reason though. There must be something there they want.

They start searching for whomever set it up and Shelby finds a lead. She also lies about a boyfriend, Leon. They find a troll farm and MI6 has a report on it. Written by Doyle. Alex brings him in. Clay agrees to Doyle’s terms and hands out assignments. Nimah doesn’t have one.

Ryan is at the bar when the reporter from last week’s fancy party shows up. She calls him on his lies, and on being a CIA operative. He denies it and she dares him to call her bluff.

Alex and Doyle go undercover with the Russian troll cell. They are offering a job but first they want to know that they are investing in the right place. They start asking questions and the troll gets a little jumpy. He pulls a gun but they play it cool. It pays off and they get the info. They know the who, a private contractor. Now they need the what.

They head to the town and split up. Doyle and Dayana try and find out where is being searched. Alex, Ryan and Shelby are boots on the ground. Shelby gets waylaid by local law enforcement but Ryan and Alex might have found a contractor they can follow.

Nimah busts in on the command center to talk to Clay and Owen. She yells at Clay and tells Owen that they aren’t looking for something. They are looking for someone. Alex and Ryan search a house and find a woman hiding in the basement with a gun.

She talks to Alex about the contractors wanting to kill her. Alex convinces the woman to trust her. Nimah saves Shelby from the sheriff while the woman talks to Alex. She worked for a senator and created fake news that got people killed. Now they are looking to clean house.
They start to leave but the contractors are upstairs. Doyle and Dayana create a diversion while they escape. A shootout ensues but everyone gets away. On the way out of town, Ryan is riding shotgun and he makes eye contact with the reporter through the window.

Back at the bunker they are debriefing. Some are pleased that there is another face on the board without terrorism. Nimah talks about the senator and Clay is dismissive. She storms out. Ryan makes a point though. The girl is fake news and she should be held accountable. Clay looks uncomfortable and Owen dismisses the team.

The next morning, Shelby talks to Nimah about earning a spot on the team. Nimah feels stuck and out of place. Shelby tells her it should be about what she did and what she does.

Clay confronts Owen about letting him do his job. He wants to know how to tell the team that there will be no justice and Owen tells him that they have to learn to play the long game.

Doyle digs out a bottle of alcohol. He’s still out in the cold with MI6 and doesn’t get anything from this. He still has no job. Alex tells him to stick around but she can’t offer that. She tells him that he needs to embrace what is still here for him. She will not leave him. He walks away.
Ryan heads to the bar and finds the reporter. He wants her to drop the story and she says she needs something to take its place. He gives her something.

Owen and Clay meet with the woman. They give her a few things and tell her to run. The contractors won’t stop. She says that Owen used her to get what he wanted.

Clay updates the team on what happened. The new face on the board is the Speaker of the House. They count it as a win, with Doyle’s help. They head to the bar. Alex and Ryan have a chat and nothing is accomplished. Clay stops by and talks to Shelby, calls her out on making up the boyfriend. He welcomes Nimah to the team. Owen and Doyle join them. He’s on the team. The reporter calls Ryan. He makes plans with her. Shelby calls Leon. No answer. Because he just got murdered.

I just want a buddy cop show with Alex and Doyle bantering and catching bad guys. I really don’t care about the rest of this show all that much. I like Shelby sometimes and Nimah is interesting but on the whole Alex and Doyle are the best part by a lot. Poor Leon though. I guess they will be investigating that next. And if Shelby sleeps with Clay that will squick me on all the levels.

Quantico is new Mondays at 10 p.m.

Supergirl, episode seventeen

Plywood is trying to make Kara breakfast in bed. They banter about food and then she talks about how she can spend more time with him on account of being unemployed. She asks about his parents and then they see an alien on the news. Kara heads out to help.

She fights a laser-eyed alien on the streets but she handles it. J’onn has video conference with the president. She asks about the Daxam ship and tells him not to engage. Her office will look for more information.

Alex and Maggie went to yoga together. It was as bad as Alex expected. They run into Emily (Hayley Sales), one of Maggie’s exes. There is an awkward exchange and then part ways with a vague let’s catch up sometime parting. Alex suggests that night. Maggie is hesitant but Alex pushes. They talk to Emily and plan to meet up later.

At the DEO, J’onn talks to Kara about the alien she fought that morning. He was an intergalactic bounty hunter. He was going after Supergirl. Someone wants her dead. And the bounty is huge so tons of aliens are going to come after her. She figures she can fight them. Alex and J’onn tell her to hide so that they can protect the public. Mon-El chimes in. Winn is going to search databases. Alex has other plans. J’onn tells Mon-El to keep an eye on Kara.

Mon-El meets with his parents at the alien bar. He thinks that they put the bounty on Kara to get him to go back with them. They deny it. They are sticking around to try and convince him themselves. They want him to trust that they just want him with them.

Maggie and Alex are waiting for Emily. She’s a no show. Apparently she and Maggie were together for five years and she told Maggie she didn’t deserve to be happy. Alex feels guilty for trying to force the situation and angry because Emily had no right to say those things.

Winn, James and Kara are playing board games. She is getting stir crazy because she wants to go out and Supergirl. They tell her no. Mon-El shows up and tells them that he thinks it was his parents. He goes to explain but suddenly there is trouble. An alien on the street takes control of his movements and he tackles Kara. They fly out the window.

They land on a parking garage nearby and they fight. She tells him to control it but he can’t. Guardian intervenes and WINN GETS THE ALIEN! They take him to the DEO and he says that he won’t talk and that humans are too moral to do what’s necessary. Alex is all “get me a wrench” but J’onn intervenes. The alien admits it was the Daxamites. They can’t attack though. They can only protext Supergirl.

Alex goes to Emily’s hotel. She confronts her about missing dinner and about what she said all those years ago. Emily says that it brought up too many bad memories and Alex is all “what about Maggie’s memories” because Emily abandoned Maggie but that’s not the whole story. After five years, Maggie cheated and that’s why Emily did what she did. Alex apologizes and takes off.

Kara and Mon-El are cleaning up. She wants to confront his parents. He wants to run away. He thinks they are like Romeo and Juliet. He thinks that they are like that and should go be happy. Kara is all umm no I have to protect either.

They summon the queen to the Fortress of Solitude and ask her to call off the bounty because he is happy. She tells him that she is the mother and he doesn’t dictate things. Kara says that they need to work together to make peace through kindness and the queen slashes her with a kryptonite weapon.

They fight and Mon-El jumps in the way. He gives his word he will do whatever his mother wants to keep her from attacking Kara. She grabs him and takes him to their ship. They are going to Daxam. She calls off the bounty.

Alex is at her apartment. Maggie gets there and Alex tells her about what happened with Emily. Maggie gets upset that Alex didn’t trust her but that’s not the case. Alex sits Maggie down and says that she thinks that Maggie doesn’t talk about herself to protect herself and that she doesn’t have to do that with Alex. She can be vulnerable. They hug but before more can be said, Alex’s phone rings. It’s Kara. She needs Alex.

At the DEO, Alex gets there just as Kara does. J’onn says they can’t engage because of the president’s orders. Kara doesn’t care. She has to do this to save Mon-El.

Mon-El is on the ship. His father is telling him that he will get over it. He says that it is for the people. Mon-El wants to be a better king. He wants to give voice to the people. His father tells him that won’t work. His mother hears him and smacks him. The journey to Daxam will take four years and she is sending him to a cell for that trip.

Winn starts talking about the transporter they made. He can get Kara on the ship with a one way gate. They are starting the engines though so she has to step it up. Kara zaps on and fights the queen. Winn zaps in to save Mon-El. The queen stabs Supergirl with Kryptonite but it’s not Kara! It’s shapeshifting J’onn. Kara and Alex are watching from earth. Kara jumps through the portal to help J’onn. The battle rages on.

Finally, the king puts a stop to it. He sees that Mon-El has made his choice. This is the last time they will see each other. They portal back to earth.

Alex is waiting near the car while Maggie talks to Emily. Alex made them talk and now they have closure and Alex is awesome and they all know that.

J’onn has another chat with the president. He gets in trouble and will await the consequences. The president confirms that the ship left. The video ends and she turns into an alien.

Kara is at home eating popcorn and being crap telling Mon-El that he was right. Mon-El says that his dad changed. Then he talks about her sacrifice and that doing the right thing is hard.

The king and queen are flying away, talking about Mon-El being gone but really happy. She is pissed that he didn’t have her back. He says they will move on. She says they won’t and stabs him.

So there was a ton of Mon-El and I have no use for it. They had the right idea breaking him and Kara up. Now this is just going to drag on and on. Kara can do better. He has no respect for her. Winn was great in this one. I love him so much and Maggie got more of a backstory and Alex is there for her and they are magic and I love every second of it.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.

Big Little Lies, episode six

Jane is being pulled over. Ed and Madeline are playing with the kids. She gets a ticket and then goes to pick Ziggy up. She tells Madeline what happened and Madeline tells her to let dead dogs lie.

Perry tells Celeste that he has to go out of town for a few days. He will miss opening night of the play. He doesn’t want her to go without him. He wants her to come away with him. She puts her foot down. Then one of the twins calls her.

Bonnie and Nathan talk about him being friends with Madeline. He can’t be friends with her. Abigail comes out and they talk about passion projects and college applications. She thanks them for having dinner with Abigail.

Madeline and Celeste talk about Jane. Celeste offers to talk to her but Madeline thinks that she will not be able to relate.

Jane gets called in to talk to the teacher. There is a petition for Ziggy to be suspended. Jane storms out and confronts Renata. She curses and gets physical. Renata threatens to sue. Jane tells Madeline who has her back.

Celeste goes to therapy and talks about Perry being loving and affectionate. She has the power, for now. When he stops feeling guilty, he will get the power back and start to hurt her again. The therapist wants to know where she will draw the line. When he hits the kids? She tells Celeste to get an apartment ready and start documenting the abuse.

She asks if Celeste has told anyone else about the abuse. The answer is no. She’s a lawyer. She knows how important having a witness is. The therapist tells her to step it up.

It’s apology time. Jane goes to talk to Renata. She has an eyepatch and they talk about the kids. Jane tells her about the child psychologist and that there is no way that Ziggy is the bully. They part on possibly amicable terms.

One of the twins lost a tooth and is stoked about the tooth fairy. The other calls him stupid and says that the tooth fairy is fake. Perry comes in. He came back for opening night. Ed and Madeline are also getting ready to go. Jane is ready and Ziggy wants to see the play. Then they have a sex talk. Perry wants to have sex but Celeste tells him to get ready. He grabs her hair and she hits him with a tennis racket.

Madeline is watching the play. Jane asks about Celeste, who isn’t there. No word. She probably lost her sitter. Afterward she makes small talk with Nathan and Bonnie. Jane tells her that she will reach out to Celeste. Joe’s wife confronts her about possibly being his mistress.

On the ride home, Ed asks why she is so quiet. She mentions the dinner with Nathan and Bonnie. She finds out that Perry was injured and her and Ed goof about it. Then Ed gets indignant about their sex life and gets nasty about their marriage. He storms off.
Parents talk to the police about trivia night. Lots of people were going to fight.

Nathan is practicing for trivia night when Bonnie interrupts. They have bigger issues. Abigail’s passion project is that she is selling her virginity online. For charity. Nathan flips.

Ed and Madeline talk. He calls her his dream girl.

Perry and Celeste get home. Things are awkward.

The next morning, Nathan tries to talk to Abigail but it’s no use. He blames Bonnie.
Ziggy and Chloe play at the house. Jane talks to Renata about a play date. Renata wants to schedule one with every kid in the class so that she can eliminate suspects so to speak. Renata’s crony Harper tries to get involved but gets shut down.
Celeste is looking at apartments.

Madeline and Ed are headed to dinner with Nathan and Bonnie. They get there and make small talk for a bit before the secret project comes up. Nathan explains it and seems to be a fan. Bonnie talks about how to parent and Madeline vomits. They exchange words and then Madeline leaves the table.

Perry is watching tv with the twins. Celeste comes downstairs and says goodbye. She says that she is going to dinner with Jane and doesn’t hesitate. She just walks out.

Madeline confronts Abigail. They argue about being perfect and good causes and Madeline admits that she cheated on Ed.

The twins are playing video games. Perry is walking around the house and Celeste is at the rental place alone.

Jane is home with Ziggy, who is goofing around dancing.

I’m glad Celeste is making moves but I want her to tell Madeline. I also kind of want to punch Bonnie. What universe does she live in? I mean really. I really don’t understand how Ed and Madeline fit together. And Jane just sort of also existed here. But I’m glad she went after Renata.

Big Little Lies airs at 9 p.m. on Sundays.

Shots Fired, episode one

So of course I need another show to watch, so here we go.

Ashe (Sanaa Latham) is playing a game with Kai (Laila Lockhart) when Paula (Alicia Sanz) walks in and says it’s bedtime. The two adults argue but Ashe relents. She follows Paula out of the room and throws a vase at her head. They exchange words and Javier (Angel Bonnani) intervenes. He kicks Ashe out and they go back in forth about Paula. Apparently, Kai is Ashe’s daughter and the new wife is playing house.

The next morning Ashe meets Preston Terry (Stephan James) at the airport. He’s her new boss. Interim. She’s an investigator and her other boss is tying up some loose ends. Sarah Ellis (Conor Leslie) meets them and brings them to see the Governor Patricia Eamons (Helen Hunt).

She tells them that they will have complete cooperation and that she hopes things run smoothly. She doesn’t like surprises. Ellis tells them that Eamons is busy so she will be available to them and gives them her card.

Terry and Ashe head to the police station where they meet Sheriff Daniel Platt (Will Patton). Terry is the attorney and Ashe is the invesigator and they are in town to talk to Officer Beck (Mack Wilds). He isn’t talking though. Ashe relates to him about police work and then Beck tells his side of the story. Routine stop in a sketch neighborhood. The guy is belligerent and reaches for Beck’s gun. It was self defense. He shot him four times. Terry asks about the reason for the stop and Beck clams up.

Outside, Ashe tells Terry to let her handle the interviews. He plays the boss card. She mocks and then threatens his job. They head to the place where the shooting happened. They ask a few people what’s what but no one will talk. They won’t talk to police. Ashe tells them that they are investigating police but it doesn’t change anything. A few patrol cars roll up.

Ashe and Terry talk to the victim’s mother, Alicia Carr (Jill Hennessy). They ask about drugs and why he was in that neighborhood. She’s just angry. Her son isn’t lost. He was murdered.

Beck talks to the Pastor Janae James (Aisha Hinds) about being a good cop. She wants him to talk at church to make a statement and spin perception. He is not interested and she leaves.

Eamons holds a press conference and tells the media that there is an independent investigation. The pastor speaks out and then Terry takes the mic. Reporters start asking questions but he isn’t saying anything. The pastor brings up race but Terry knocks it down. He wants transparency. He is sickened by recent (real world) events but won’t let that sway things.

Afterward, the pastor talks to Terry about stopping by the church. Ashe tries to call Kai. No answer. She heads to the bar and Terry is there. They talk about women and family. She asks if he believes half of what he said in his speech and he says half.

Terry heads back to the scene and talks to one of the kids riding around over there. He tries to bribe him with a football signed by his NFL player brother and gets at least a lead out of it. He gets brought to a different neighborhood where he is promptly jumped.

The next morning, Ashe finds Terry banged up. He tells her what happened and she says that she will follow the lead. They talk to a woman named Campbell (DeWanda Wise) but she denies knowing anything. She thought they were there to find out about her son that was killed. She was intimidated by police and kept her mouth shut. Word is the police were involved.

Ashe says its a sign the department is corrupt and she wants to look into it. Terry gets that but its not why they are there. He tells her to be patient. She goes to the station and picks up a few officers. They head to a bar and have some drinks. When one, Breeland (Stephen Moyer) tries to leave, Ashe asks him for a statement.

He sits back down and asks about her own police history. He wants to know why she’s investigating police. She says that she investigates bad guys. Then some man comes in looking for her. He serves her papers.

Javier doesn’t trust her. She’s dangerous. She calls him and he tells her that she needs help and from now on she will have to talk to his lawyer. He hangs up and she cries.

Terry and Ashe are hanging out with Maceo Terry (Shamier Anderson), the football brother. He and Ashe have a bit of a back and forth. She mentions his prep school background but he says that wasn’t him. Just his brother. They have words about what side they are on. Terry is ready to head out but Ashe doesn’t want to.

He goes to see Sarah Ellis. He brings her wine. She lets him in her room. Maceo and Ashe are in a limo. They banter about him liking her and then she kisses him and then starts undoing his pants.

In the hotel room, Terry is in bed and Ellis is on the phone. A video just broke. It’s Beck on the day he graduated from the academy. He uses some hate speech about his “license to shoot.” Things are not looking up.

Platt visits Beck at home. He understands what’s what but Beck will be on administrative duty until the investigation is over.

Ashe is waiting for Terry when he gets back to his room. They need to find who leaked the video. She asks him a lawyer question “about another case” regarding a parent petitioning for sole custody. They’d have to prove the other parent was unfit. He then comments on her rendezvous with his brother.

The pastor is giving a sermon. It’s about people being lost and forgotten and neglected and she brings up Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Carr. They need to be united. The children deserve justice. Ashe walks in and sees them hugging. There is a lot of press on hand. Ashe makes her way to Terry and tells him that her boss is sitting out. He’s no longer interim.

There is a kid at the batting cages. Beck is his room looking at a mass card. Ashe is setting up a board to work the case.

The kid that gave Terry the lead is on his bike. He’s being chased by a car. He cuts through lawns and eventually ditches the bike to hop a few fences but the pursuit continues. He gets cover under a house. It seems to be enough.

I liked this show. I have a feeling that the whole Kai storyline is just to make Ashe seem more sympathetic but maybe I’m wrong. I’m not that interest in that. I really like Ashe and Terry though and I feel so bad for the two moms. I don’t trust the cops at all.

Shots Fired is new Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

Chicago PD, episode seventeen

Erin gets to the unit early and finds Jay already there. He left early to go to the gym. He had to clear his head. Platt brings a visitor in. Will. He stopped by to talk to about a girl named Abby that’s been calling. Jay says that she called him too but is surprised to find out that she is in town. They have a history. They also have a case so he’s gotta go, but he does mention Erin not knowing about Abby.
The case is a girl lost in the woods. A man saw her the day before but isn’t in great shape himself. Halstead thinks it’s a halluncination but they start searching anyway. They find a cabin. It’s empty but there is a trailer in the yard and a girl locked inside. She can’t leave or she will be killed. Erin brings her out.

They take her to Med. She refuses a rape kit, saying that he didn’t touch her. Reese is treating her. She tells them that she found an ad on Craigslist for someone that needed a caretaker for a cabin. She was taken then. She escaped once but has to be back by noon because that’s when the kidnapper comes and if she’s not there he will go after her little sister.

Reese tells them that she has been lucid but shouldn’t be pushed. Erin doesn’t trust her. They are going to run a pregnancy test and go from there. She could be covering for someone.

Olinsky comes back to work. Voight tells him there’s no rush but Olinsky says he has nothing else. The unit goes over the case but so far it’s a lot of nothing. The girl is from Indiana and was reported missing there. Her folks are rich but there was never a ransom note. Voight tells them to step it up.

On his way inside, Halstead sees Abby. He tells Erin he will catch up with her and goes to talk to Abby. He brings her inside to talk. Turns out she’s his ex-wife only not so ex because the papers were never filed. She’s in town to get new papers signed and wants to meet up for a drink.

Burgess is going through the cabin records. They find the last owners and Olinsky and Ruzek head out to see them. It was a husband and wife though the husband has since passed away. The wife doesn’t know any particulars but tells them that they can look through her late husband’s files.

At the cabin, Atwater is rushed over to see something. Skeletons. Plural. The whole area is a crime scene now. There are a lot of bodies and apparently the girl told Reese that her captor, Austin, had bragged about doing this before. Halstead and Atwater head out first chance they can.

Ruzek gives Olinsky a hug. They are going over paperwork and find the buyer. A man named Austin owns the cabin. Atwater goes to see the ME. The bodies all starved to death. That doesn’t match up with the hostage, who was taken care of. There’s a BOLO out for Austin but no word yet. The media department sends them a video. It’s a “hostage recovery specialist” looking for the hostage’s best friend who is apparently still missing.
Voight and Olinsky go to pay the man a visit. He doesn’t know much and they put him in his place. The hostage still isn’t talking and Erin starts yelling at her. Her friend will die if she doesn’t talk to them. She relents and tells them some things. They head out.

They go to find Austin and he gets away out the back. The chase is on and Erin drives crazy to keep up. They corner him after he gets hit by a truck. As they move in he pulls a gun and shoots himself in the head. It’s the hostage’s car and Austin is dead.

Back at the district, his brother doesn’t know what Austin was up to. He calls him “touched” and said he had no one else. They look into the Craigslist history and find one person that stands out. They reach out and he says that Austin and Co. were ruining his life. He calls the partner the mastermind and the devil. He’d recognize the partner and is willing to help.

Ruzek and Atwater report back to Voight about that as Erin tries to figure out how the shipping container comes into play. It was reported missing by shipping company and the person driving it was the former cabin owner. Erin, and Atwater, think that he could be involved but Voight is reluctant. He wants someone to talk to the widow again.

Atwater and Ruzek head over and she doesn’t answer. They hear yelling inside and run in. They find the other missing girl trapped in the basement and end up locked inside themselves as well, with no phone signal.

Erin is getting coffee when Jay walks in. They talk about the sketch and then Erin asks about Abby. She’s been blowing up his phone and Erin is tired of waiting for him to tell her. Jay tells her the story. It was a 24 hour marriage that meant nothing. They knew each other from the service and hooked up in Vegas while there for a funeral. Erin is more concerned with the fact that he didn’t, and wasn’t going to tell her.

Burgess interrupts. She has the sketch. It’s the former cabin owner. Maybe there was a third conspirator. Jay asks about Ruzek. No word from him. They rush to the widow’s house. She’s there now and has no idea what’s happening. Jay finds the secret door behind the fridge but it needs a code which the widow claims to not know. Voight takes her to a tool shed out back and pulls a knife. She tells him he has no proof.

Jay and Erin are having no luck. They hear a scream and then Voight radios them the code. They open the door and get Ruzek, Atwater and the other hostage girl.

The widow is in interrogation. She’s playing like she doesn’t know anything but they trap her and she starts to explain the whole thing. She blames Austin. Voight tells her Austin killed himself and she doesn’t believe it’s real, even with the photos.

Erin reunites the hostage friends and then admits that she was wrong.

Jay and Abby are out having a drink. She lied. She isn’t actually engaged and she doesn’t have divorce papers. She loves him. He tells her she deserves good but he’s not the guy that’s going to give it to her.

Erin gets home and finds Jay packing. He’s going to stay at Will’s for a bit. He loves her but he has things he has to go figure out. He is sorry though.

So they’ve been together for a while so it’s time to break Erin and Jay up? That’s what I got out of that. I feel bad for Olinsky. I’m glad Ruzek is back with the unit. There should’ve been more Platt. I didn’t trust the hostage girl either so I can’t fault Erin on that one. Also, I didn’t understand why Voight was so against the idea of the former cabin owner being involved historically. There were all those cold cases too.

Chicago PD is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.

Chicago Justice, episode five

A group of young guys are at a bar before night on the town. One of their father’s is the bartender. They goof around a bit before toasting and taking a shot. The next morning they are going hunting. The father is driving and is picking up his son. He knocks a few times. No answer. Goes inside and find’s his son bloody and dead.

Antonio and Nagel are at the scene talking to the two other young guys. Turns out they are in town for their buddy’s bachelor party. They tell Antonio that the father found him. Inside, PD gives them a rundown of what they’ve found.

Peter talks to the parents. The victim was a Navy man with an honorable discharge. Antonio and Nagel talk to the fiance. There were panties found in the victim’s house that did not belong to the fiance. They talk to his buddies too who give a rundown of what they did the night before.

The investigation leads to a bikini bar. They talk to a waitress who spent some time with him the night before. She says that he wanted to go to a fight club so she went with him and he kicked some dude’s ass. Then they took an Uber back to his place but he got cold feet so she never got out of the car. Driver confirms the story.

Autopsy shows that a knife would killed him. Things are obviously more interesting than that though. He has a computer thumb drive in his stomach. The team takes it to tech. It’s a video but it’s encrypted like whoa.

They head to his house and look into his life. His financials don’t match up so they head to the fiance’s place. They ask her about the money and at first she isn’t saying much but they do get her to talk. The quarter million in his bank account was an advance on the memoir he was writing about Navy life.

Mark goes to the victim’s service. He was a military man as well. Nagel checks with the publisher. Turns out the book is worth $400K and now Antonio is thinking about writing one. The phone rings. The video is decrypted.

Anna, Antonio, Nagel and Peter watch a SEAL team in action. The only thing is, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The mission was one to save a member of Doctors Without Borders. The doctor and two SEALs were killed by rebels is the official story. The video shows an American killing them.

Peter and Anna meet with the victim’s father about it. He doesn’t know anything but does say that his son paid the doctor’s family a condolence visit. The family comes in to talk. They talk about the visit. The victim was so emotional he had to go wait in the car. They also randomly received a $100K check in the mail recently. They didn’t cash it.

Antonio and Nagel head to the AirBnB that the buddies stayed in. The landlord there is chatty. They were big fans of the fireplace. Turns out they were burning their clothes. They are now headed to Midway but Antonio and Nagel catch them at the L station before they can get away.

Peter takes the case to a judge, seeking no bail. The judge puts bail at a million each. Afterward, he talks to Anna about the case but they are interrupted by a Department of Justice National Security agent. He’s being brought to court because he has classified information. They are coming for the video.

Mark is mad the government knows but he’s more upset at the way Peter is playing it. In court, Peter argues for transparency. The judge tells them he will decide the next day. At the office, Nagel tells Peter that fiance left one of the suspects for the victim. There is a backup plan.

The judge rules in Peter’s favor. Mark tells him he can’t use it though. He feels that military secrets should be kept secret. Peter says that he will lose the case and Mark doesn’t care. It’s ultimatium time. Ditch the video or find a new job.

Peter talks to the victim’s father. He’s a military man himself and is willing to let the secret rest. His son served because other things were more important than his own life. He figures out a way to play the suspects. One will testify against the other for a plea deal. The suspect explains what happened and why they did it. The defense attorney tries to make it about jealousy in regard to the marriage. Peter goes back for the cross though.

That’s where trouble happens. The suspect brought up the mission so Peter gets him to explain it. The victim killed the doctor. They were pissed that he was going to get rich and break the code. Verdict comes back guilty.

Mark is still upset with Peter but he doesn’t need to resign. He leaves his office and goes to the victim’s father’s bar. They toast to better days and talk about the atrocities of war.

I’m glad that Peter went against Mark on this. I like the episodes better when there isn’t a lot of Mark. Anna and Antonio are the best parts of this show. Nagel still doesn’t have much of a personality. The case itself was pretty interesting. Once it came up that the friend dated the fiance, I thought it was going to go that way so I was glad it didn’t.
Chicago Justice airs Sundays at 9 p.m.