Chicago Fire, episode fifteen

There’s a fire and everyone at 51 has to report. It’s pretty bad. Like people trapped and windows exploding type bad. Boden calls in for reinforcements. Severide pries open a sealed door to help get people out. More and more first responders roll in and 51 does what they can to pull people out but according to Otis it is “made of kindling” and they will probably, unfortunately, pull a lot of bodies out.

The search is on inside but the layout is wonky and the smoke doesn’t help anything. Herrmann tries to pull some people on a platform to safety but it collapses. There are victims on top during the fall and Mouch gets caught underneath. They get outside and the fire gets more volatile. Boden says no one else is going in and calls for Severide to evacuate.

Olinsky comes running up. His daughter is inside. Boden asks around but there is no sign of her. Severide comes out to report. He says they can hear voices but Boden wants to put water on the fire and hope for the best. They go back in for one minute.

At Med, they are swamped. Maggie tries to get vitals on Mouch but he tells her to go help the ones that really need it. He hobbles toward the nurses station. She keeps working. Boden and Severide save Olinsky’s daughter and a few other people. They clear out and head to Med.

Dawson and Brett bring her in to Will and he pulls Natalie to help him. She’s got a lot of burns and serious swelling. They intubate.

Morning light and the fire is out. The scene is a mess and there are a lot of bodies. Boden and Casey talk about it. Mouch talks to a victim. She stepped on someone to get out a window. She was scared and stepped on someone to save herself.

Burgess gets to Med and talks to Olinsky. Will and Natalie come out to update him. His daughter is in a medically induced coma with burn shock and lung damage, He goes in to sit with her.

Voight and the commander turn up and talk to Boden and Casey. OFI is handling it. They go in to investigate while mourners set up a memorial. 51 gets back to the house but in a somber mood. The death toll is up to 33.

At the scene, Severide volunteers to assist OFI. The property owner shows up and promptly gets attacked by distraught family members. He then gets questioned. He was letting the kids stay there because they had no where to go.

Brett and Dawson visit one of the people that was pulled from the fire. He wanted to know more about a girl he was dancing with and they are helping track her down. The building owner asks for a break from the questions to go to the bathroom. While he’s gone, a gunshot rings out. He killed himself.

A press conference is held. The state’s attorney will investigate the fire. A victim’s family approaches Casey. They thank him for saving their daughter. She is the girl Dawson and Brett were looking for. They facilitate a reunion.

Casey asks Boden how they missed the suicide. Boden thinks they did all they could. Severide interrupts. This wasn’t an electrical fire. It was intentional. Severide is alone in the locker room. Kidd comes in to tell him he has visitor. It’s Anna. She took a job at Med. She’s moving to Chicago.

This was so sad. It was all young people. It was a great way to set up the crossover because it made sense for all the departments to be involved. I don’t understand why they kept showing the temp and the Anna moves to Chicago story line seemed a little out of place.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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