Chicago PD, episode sixteen

Olinsky is reading to his daughter. Voight turns up and heads toward the room but Boden comes in and stops him. Tells him this wasn’t an accident, it was mass murder. Olinsky’s daughter crashes. Will and Natalie do what they can to stabilize her but it’s extreme.

The chief holds a press conference to update on the fire. Antonio and Peter come in to help out. Peter tells Voight he wants the case by the books.

The unit is working the case. Platt is helping out. Ruzek gets a lead and they head out. The man in question has prior fire related offenses and a warrant. They move on the house and he shoots them through the door. They have catch him only its not the guy they were looking for. It’s his former cellmate.

Voight questions him and gets a few leads. He sends Erin and Halstead to talk to the building owner’s girlfriend. She knows nothing of his business dealings but does have another lead for them. They chase it, literally. The man fires at them and his a bystander. Halstead shoots and kills him.

Ruzek and Burgess find some social media footage of the shooting and find the man responsible. The unit is still investigating. Atwater meets with one of his CIs and gets a bit of information.

Olinsky talks to Will. His daughter is experiencing multi organ failure. She isn’t going to make it. He and her mother go in and say goodbye.

Voight announces that Olinsky’s daughter died and that they will mourn when they catch the man responsible. Platt tells them about someone that lived near the fire and might’ve seen something. Erin and Halstead talk to her and ID a man that had been fighting with the owner. Ruzek and Atwater move in and arrest him at a fancy restaurant.

They bring him to interrogation and Voight questions him. He denies knowing anything about the fire. One of the victims wakes up and wants to talk so Burgess and Erin go over to Med and get her description. It doesn’t match the guy they have in custody.

The unit goes to the vigil at the fire site. They keep their eyes open for someone matching the new description and find someone that is acting suspicious. Voight says that they should bring him back to the cage. They get a warrant and search his place. They find wedges he used to jam the doors.

At the district, Voight shoves the suspect around a bit but steps out to talk Olinsky down. Antonio shows up to check in and Olinsky tells him the guy confessed to him. Antonio takes him into custody.

Poor Olinsky. I feel so bad for him. I like that these episodes all crossover but stand on their own at the same time. It features people from the other shows but not in an overwhelming way.

Chicago PD is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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