Big Little Lies, episode three

Jane and Ziggy are by the water. He’s ready to go home. It’s time for dinner.

Renata is comforting her daughter, who is concerned that no one will come to her party because Chloe isn’t coming. Renata vents to her husband about Madeline, who set up an outing for a bunch of the kids that conflicts with the party.

Perry and Celeste are talking about the twins’ plans. He’s upset she is making decisions without him. He should be able to spend time with his family after being away all week. He grabs her by the throat. She threatens to leave him.

The police hold a press conference updating everyone on the case.

Madeline is helping Chloe with her family tree when the phone rings. It’s Renata. She is willing to do pretty much anything to get those kids to the birthday party. Madeline won’t do it.

The group heading to Disney on Ice are drinking in a party bus and singing along. They are “desperate to have more fun” than the party.

The hit of the party is Bonnie dancing, somewhat provocatively. The fathers can’t take their eyes off her.

Ed stays home. He’s working and as the older daughter, Abigail, talks to him about her mother constantly being agitated.

Renata cuts the cake and hands out Frozen party favors.

Jane and Madeline get back to Jane’s with the kids. They realize that she forgot the class toy at the arena. Madeline then goes to her job at the theater and finds out that the mayor wants to shut down the show. She says she will get a lawyer to help them. She gets called to Abigail’s school. Her grades are suffering. There is stress at home. She wants to live with he father.

Madeline talks to Ed about pushing too hard.

Celeste is in the shower when Perry approaches. He gives her a new diamond necklace and puts it on her before joining her in the shower.

Renata walks into her husband’s office. She thinks their daughter should be in therapy. Her husband thinks she is being ridiculous. Their daughter is six. He thinks that

Perry and Celeste go to therapy and talk about passion and rage. They fight and then make love and its all tied up together. He admits to being physical but still makes it sound like it is her doing the manipulating. She’s ashamed of the way they are.

Renata fucks her husband in his office.

There is a meeting at the school and afterward Nathan talks to Madeline about Abigail. He also thinks Ed wants to fight him.

Ziggy is at teeball. He doesn’t really want to do it but Jane is trying to get him more involved. She talks to Madeline on the phone about Abigail. Ziggy hits a home run.
Madeline helps Abigail pack up her room. They agree to have girlfriend time and Abigail tells Chloe she will still be around all the time.

Jane and Ziggy get home from the game. They have to do the family tree project but don’t have supplies. Madeline to the rescue. They start the project but there is no information about Ziggy’s father. Ziggy freaks out when Jane says she doesn’t know. She sends him to his room. She tells the story of the night Ziggy was conceived to Madeline.

They met in a hotel bar and he gave her a fake name. She was drunk and swept up in the romance of it until they got upstairs. The guy got aggressive and forced her. She stopped resisting because she feared for her life. She’s got Ziggy now though. She knows she will never be over it but things will be better for Ziggy.

Madeline stops on her drive home to cry. Renata gets home and tells her husband about the upcoming school party. Jane imagines a break-in where she shoots the intruder.
Parents comment to the police about Jane and Madeline and Renata and Bonnie and Celeste. Nobody knows the real them though.

Celeste is in the kitchen when Perry approaches. She is trying to decide if she is happy or sad. She’s sad he doubts her love but happy because she is hopeful for them. They dance in the kitchen.

Madeline goes home and sits in Abigail’s room. Jane stares at the family tree project.

This hour goes by so quickly every week. Like I didn’t really think I would be so invested in this show but Reese Witherspoon is on point. It is a great show. And when Shailene Woodley was talking about the night she got pregnant with Ziggy. She was spectacular. I’m so here for this show even though I didn’t expect to be at all.

Big Little Lies is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


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