Chicago Med, episode fifteen

Maggie and April are talking about the baby and its gender. Goodwin walks past. She stops Rhodes. He has a new case, a big one. Window washer fell 33 stories and is still alive. He should be ready for his closeup on this case.

April takes someone in from the waiting room. Another potential patient is passive aggressive comment about her wait with the flu. Rhodes’ case shows up. He wants all hands on deck. He starts calling out the necessary procedures and tests. He needs some serious work but he didn’t survive a 330 foot fall to die in the trauma bay.

The media outside is eating this case up. They’ve talked to scientists about the fall and now are waiting to see the man’s condition. In the ER there is an exception to every rule, Rhodes says.

In the waiting room, April takes another patient. It’s not the one from earlier but April goes over to talk to her. She’s a first year associate at a law firm and she’s in bad shape. April tells her to sit tight, she will be back soon.

Choi and Manning are out front getting coffee when a woman pulls up yelling she needs help. Her husband is in the car and he is in trouble. They rush to assist. The man’s legs don’t work so they wheel him in.

A man in a superhero costume comes in carrying a woman that “needs aid.” Maggie calls for Reese. The woman is a possible stroke victim. The superhero man passes out moments later.

Rhodes is dodging reporter calls. Goodwin introduces him to the hospital PR rep. She will be coordinating all media platforms.

The woman from the waiting room is in a trauma bay getting a consult from Halstead. It’s not the flu but it could be a heart problem. They start some tests because her heart is failing. She loses consciousness and then crashes. They are able to revive her but have their work cut out for them.

Choi is working on his patient. His leg issues are the result of an accident with a drunk driver. They are going to run some tests.

April has to go to a doctor’s appointment. Maggie promises to text updates on the heart patient.

Reese meets with the superhero. He passed out from excitement. He’s more worried about his costume. Reese tells him it was destroyed and he starts hyperventilating. She helps him with some breathing exercises.

The window washer is getting more tests. Rhodes wants him to have a brain surgery but the other doctor is hesitant. Reese talks to Charles about the superhero. She needs to find out his backstory.

Choi runs some tests but they aren’t showing much. He starts manually pushing on the patient’s abdomen and he seems to feel something.

Rhodes was lucky. The brain surgery seems to be a success. April gets an ultrasound but there is no heartbeat. She needs a DNC and the doctor offers to do it right away. She says no and hurries back to work. She’ll do it by the end of the day. She gets back and talks to Will. It’s a viral condition and is now hooked up to a machine that is doing most of the work for her heart. She has no family close but doesn’t want to be alone. She asks April to say and she agrees.

Reese talks to the superhero about his life. He talks about his wife that died from cancer. He couldn’t do anything but watch. He found the suit and felt like he could help. Reese tells him that they will come up with a plan.

Maggie asks April about the ultrasound and she lies. Will talks to April about the heart patient. There isn’t much they can do but wait for the meds to work. The only other option isn’t really proven. April points out that she already coded once.

Charles and Reese talk about the superhero using the suit as a substitute for his grief. It’s not enough for a psych hold though.

Rhodes is bombarded with questions outside. He answers them and Goodwin sees. She yells at him for it. Choi and Manning are going over the paraplegic’s test results. It might be a germ issue. A surgeon will have to do an incision.

The heart patient isn’t responding the way Halstead wanted. She asks about a transplant and he mentions the untested option. She agrees to it.

Manning and Choi tell the patient about the bacteria. They can treat it today but they did find another foreign mass of cells. The patient tells them that he is going to Mexico for stem cell treatments. He will walk again. Manning tells him that this is likely where the bacteria came from. He doesn’t care.

A patient is walking by the superhero’s room. He starts grabbing his chest and bends over. The superhero gets up and helps him. Maggie comes and helps the man. Reese talks to the superhero. He saved the day in his hospital gown. As he makes his way back to his bad, Reese and Maggie exchange a look.

The window washer crashes. Rhodes rushes is and is able to stabilize him. April sits with the heart patient as the new treatment starts. Charles tells Reese that she didn’t really help the superhero, just broke the trust. She needs more time.

Rhodes talks to the window washer’s parents. They want him to stop trying to save their son. It’s time to let him go. Choi talks to Manning about the stem cell treatment. It’s totally unverifiable. April calls Halstead into the heart patient’s room. Her heart seems to be getting better. They don’t know what it was but they got the win.

The washer crashes again and Rhodes runs to help but stops at the door. His parents are crying over his body.

Choi checks on his patient. He is doing much better. They talk about the stem cells. The treatment isn’t working and could get him killed. The man refuses to listen. Choi wishes him luck and he later tells Manning he understands it.

Reese talks to the superhero. She admits they staged the scenario earlier and talks to him about being a hospital volunteer instead. It’s something to think about.

The window washer is dead and his parents are crying in his room. Rhodes looks on from afar and Goodwin watches him.

April calls to set up the DNC. The nurse upstairs enters it in the computer with Maggie standing nearby. She reads the screen. She asks April about it who explains and starts to cry. Maggie hugs her.

The superhero is volunteering. Reese is proud of herself and Charles smiles at her.
Rhodes walks home and watches as the news vans pull away.

Maggie covers a resting April in her hospital bed as her fiance approaches. He comes in and they hold hands. No words are spoken.

Poor April. That was so sad. I’m glad she saved the heart patient but it was all very sad. I’m glad Reese was able to help the superhero too.

Chicago Med is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.


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