Chicago Justice, episode two

Anna walks into District 21 and talks to Platt. There is someone being held and she goes to see him about a plea deal. He’s looking at murder. He tells her to stuff it. Back at the office she tells Peter and he tells her that she is first chair. Her phone rings. It’s the murder suspect’s lawyer only he’s calling about another client, one that died in police custody. His family wants the circumstances investigated.

Peter and Anna talk to Mark about the case. There is a reverend involved that is known for being involved with media cases. Mark tells them to look into it. Peter visits the morgue and Antonio and Nagel head to the hospital. The victim was triaged and left alone. They figured he was drunk. Next the talk to the ambo drivers that brought him from 21 to the hospital.

Turns out they set up saline and then took another call with him still in the bus. They find out the arresting officer was. One Kevin Atwater of Intelligence. Antonio approaches as a friend and asks a few questions. When it comes out that the victim died, Atwater feels blindsided. He gets professional real quick. He says he played it by the book.

Back at the office they tell Anna what happened with Atwater. She gets a call from the attorney. The murder suspect will talk about a cop killing the other guy. Peter passes.
Antonio goes through back channels to try and get some video footage of what happened with Atwater. Mark meets with the victim’s mother and the reverend. He has cell phone footage of Atwater’s take down. Antonio and Nagel go over the security footage he got and the cell phones. It doesn’t show him tossing drugs or Atwater buckling him in. Antonio talks to Atwater. He regrets the arrest to begin with.

Anna is going over the chain of events but it doesn’t look good for Atwater. Peter says he has to look into it. Antonio says that he doesn’t have to be a part of it and walks out. He meets up with Voight who tells him that if Atwater killed him it was worth it.

Peter and Anna talk to Mark. There isn’t enough to convict any one person. There is too much reasonable doubt and Mark wants them to fix that. They can’t go oh well. Peter says that this guy was a ward of the state and is now a murder victim. Peter and Anna talk about the case in Molly’s. They run into a friend of Peter’s father. Paul Robinette (Richard Brooks) is Atwater’s lawyer. He has a motion to stop the grand jury. They talk to a judge and she wants time to read the motion.

Paul and Peter talk about Atwater and Peter’s father’s influence on his life. The judge comes back. Motion denied. The grand jury indicts Atwater but not the other potential defendants. There is a ton of reasonable doubt now though. Antonio is sent to arrest Atwater.

Mark holds a press conference about the arrest of Atwater and what the victim’s family deserves. Antonio yells at Peter. Atwater is a good man and Antonio basically calls Peter a prick.

The case goes to court. Paul questions a few witnesses and Peter goes back at them. It’s heated and obvious there is some prejudice against the police.

Antonio tracks down Atwater on the basketball court and they talk about their history. Antonio tells him that he is doing all he can but its not enough. Atwater says that he is guilty in the eyes of his people either way and that he is losing something. It doesn’t matter if he killed him or not.

Peter and Anna are in his office. He’s having a bit of a crisis of consciousness. Mark comes in and tells him its time to consult the jailhouse snitch. The original murder suspect is on the stand. Peter gets to question him but Paul will have to wait until morning to cross.
Paul comes to Peter’s office. They argue about getting away from Peter’s father. Paul points out that it is some world where a murderer is more credible than a cop. They arrange for a plea deal. Involuntary manslaughter. He’ll serve a year. He enters the plea and explains it in his own words. Antonio leaves the room.

Nagel is talking to Antonio about something that happened to her when she was in school. It’s about picking a side and sticking to it. They talk about the case and realize that it was the snitch all along. There was no blood test. He punched the victim and it broke a rib.

Peter and Anna meet with the snitch and his lawyer. They are charging him with the murder in lockup. They take it to the judge and vacate the charges against Atwater. Peter apologizes on behalf of their office.

Antonio apologizes for taking his anger out on Peter. He leaves the office. Peter hesitates and then calls his father.

Antonio is not a cop anymore. It’s pretty obvious he forgets that. It’s also obvious this will remain an issue for some time. I feel bad for Atwater. I feel like he gets shafted an awful lot. They tried to play the race card here with the dirty cop thing and I get it but this could have just as easily been Halstead. Also, they go to a hospital besides Med?

Chicago Justice is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


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