Supergirl, episode fifteen

There’s a family driving along singing Bruno Mars. They get pulled over. The car has a broken tail light and the officer is willing to help the man tape it. He gets out of the car to fix it but it’s a trap. The family is aliens and masked men grab them and toss them in a van.

The DEO is looking into it. It’s the 20th abduction since Cadmus got the list. Jeremiah is an enemy now and should be arrested on sight. They need to warn the aliens. Kara will write an article. She pitches it to Snapper. He says no.

Maggie and Alex are playing pool but Alex isn’t focused. She is worried about her father. She tells Maggie that she still believes in Jeremiah still. Maggie comforts her, tells her that she will be there for the bust and can do her best to protect her father then.

James is hanging out with Winn and his girlfriend, Lyra. They are talking movies and she gets up to get a drink. James teases Winn who tells James he is just talking it slow. He likes this girl. Then there is an attack on the bar. They all fight back but Lyra is kidnapped. Alex chases but Cadmus gets her and Maggie and Guardian have to protect Alex. Winn tries to run after the van driving away with Lyra but Maggie grabs him.

At the DEO Winn is freaking out. They are doing all the can. J’onn tries to calm him down. Winn threatens Jeremiah. Mon-El talks. No one listens. Alex goes and roughs up the prisoner. J’onn has to pull her off him. He can’t talk if he’s dead. J’onn tells her to take some deep breaths.

Supergirl meets with Snapper. She doesn’t give him enough though. The story is done.
Alex is in her apartment alone. She turns around and Jeremiah is there. He tells her that she needs to help her or everyone will be slaughtered. He needs her to decide right now. She turns away and as she turns back she agrees. It was a test though. J’onn shapeshifted. Alex failed and she is suspended.

Lillian Luthor and Jeremiah are working together on project Exodus. The aliens are being led to a ship and Jeremiah is the only superman they will need.

Kara comes to Alex’s apartment and talks to her about what J’onn did. She does’t agree with his methods but Alex should sit this out.

At CatCo, Kara forgot she was meeting with Lena. She explains that Snapper won’t run her Cadmus story. Lena tells her to be a citizen journalist and blog it. Then they talk tech and L-Corp.

An alien is waiting in his car. A cop approaches. Same situation as before only Alex stops the attack. Her and Maggie take out the Cadmus agents and free the alien. They run a trace and find out where Cadmus is. Alex has to go it alone.

Lena does some CEO stuff and figures out that there may be information to help the DEO. Her assistant calls Lillian who wants Lena stopped but not killed.

Alex moves in on Cadmus and Jeremiah finds her. He explains that the aliens are being deported instead of killed. Alex tells him that this isn’t helping the family. This isn’t what they would have wanted.

Kara blogs about the registry. Lena calls Kara to tell her what she found. Lena gets attacked and falls off the balcony. Supergirl saves her.

Lillian tries to rush the launch but Alex rigged the place to blow. She sets off some explosions and then they argue. She pleads with Jeremiah who finally picks family. Alex blows more stuff up and then gets on the spaceship to stop the launch. Jeremiah fights some more people.

Alex can’t stop the launch. She calls Winn. He starts to talk her through slowing down the ship but it doesn’t work. Kara shows up and is going to help. Jeremiah is fighting Cyborg Superman at the Cadmus base. The ship registers Supergirl as a threat and starts firing at her. She blocks the shots and tries to slow the ship. It’s not working. Alex is about to go to the other side of the universe. Kara digs deep and stops the ship. She savse Alex.

Winn is reunited with Lyra at the bar. He’s so happy. He thought he lost her. Kara gets to work and no one will make eye contact. Snapper is firing her. And the worst part is, he was rooting for her.

J’onn and Alex talk. She’s sorry she disobeyed orders but he was cruel. He was worried that she would be reckless but he was wrong and is sorry. He only wanted to protect her. They agree to stop doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. She is back to work but they still don’t have Jeremiah back. Maggie is there to be encouraging.

Kara is upset about losing her job. Mon-El says some stuff. She decides over the course of the conversation that being a reporter might be her calling but being Supergirl and dating a piece of plywood is enough.

I’m losing my fucking mind. There was hardly any Mon-El and Maggie and Alex are ride or die. This is hands down the best episode since the hiatus. They took jabs at Trump and Alex and Kara had some great scenes that weren’t directly related to their love lives.
It was spectacular. This was an amazing episode. What happened to Lillian Luthor and Jeremiah though?

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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