This is Us, episode seventeen

William is straightening up the room he stayed in at Randall’s house. He’s packing up and making the bed and heading toward the door. Present day Randall is in the doorway. He’s going to clean up the room. Beth tells him he doesn’t need to do that. They sit in the room. Beth finds a note from William.

Kevin is trying to get the Times theater critic on the phone. No answer but Sophie tells him to fret not. He’ll figure it out. He wants the critic there for the opening night do-over. She will be there but will avoid the family. She heads to work.

Randall and Beth are reading the note from William to their kids. He wants them to plan the memorial. Make it fun.

Kate is trying to track down rainbow balloons. That is what the kids have tasked her with. Toby wants to talk about feelings. She ignores him.

Rebecca is getting ready to leave for tour. Jack is nowhere to be found. He is hiding out at work. He doesn’t want to go home. He does head there eventually and Rebecca has some words for him before her ride gets there. She says goodbye to the kids before he gives her a kiss on the cheek, talk about lackluster. Kate makes a face at Jack and he runs outside to give Rebecca a proper goodbye but the van is gone.

Randall is trying to write his eulogy. It’s not happening. His phone rings. It’s Jesse, William’s boyfriend. He just wants to pass along his condolences and those of the AA group. He tells Randall about William.

Kevin bursts into the critic’s office. He begs for another chance. The doorbell rings at Randall’s house. It’s the mailman. He has perishables. He hands them off and asks after William. Randall tells him what happened and the mailman talks about how he had gotten to know William. He leaves and Beth sees what the package is. It’s pears from Randall’s office. His father died and they sent him pears.

Jack is dropping the kids off at a party. Kevin and Sophie hop out. Kate does not. She grills Jack on his relationship with Rebecca before going to the party.

Rebecca and Miguel get to Randall’s for the memorial. She says that it’s awkward. Kate and Toby show up with the balloons as Kevin walks up too. Randall walks out and welcomes them to the “fun-eral.” They start with breakfast because that is what William liked.

Jack is sitting home alone. He doesn’t want to be. He heads to the bar to meet with his co-workers including a younger woman who is eyeing him and gets him a drink.

Randall finds Beth in the kitchen staring at William’s pills. She tells him that William knew he wasn’t coming back. Randall got the trip. The girls got the memorial. She didn’t even get to say goodbye.

The memorial is in full swing and Randall gets up to give his toast. He doesn’t have the words to say but he knows who does. He hands the mic off to Beth. She talks about him being her friend. He left a mark on their lives.

Kate needs to step outside. Toby tries to stop her but she doesn’t. Randall goes out and comforts her. She apologizes for not comforting him and he tells her about a dream he had with Jack and William. He tells her that she has to let her feelings out and that Toby could help.

Jack is at the bar. The woman hits on him after finding out Rebecca is out of town. He tells her she is embarrassing both of them.

The next part of the memorial is a walk around the neighborhood much like William did. Kevin ducks out to head to the show. Rebecca tries to talk to him about why she kept William away. He doesn’t want to hear it. She tells him that she was scared. She was worried she would lose him. It was no excuse. It was selfish and she’s sorry.

Kevin is getting ready for the show. Sophie turns up backstage and gives him a crutch. For when he breaks his leg. Get it? The family is proud but from the stage Kevin notices that the seat for the critic is empty. On the way out Beth tells Randall that they are late to get home. Randall says that he has to stop by the office.

He goes and talks to his boss about how much he has done for the company and how they haven’t appreciated him. He quits. He has no plan but he’s out.

Sophie catches up with Kevin outside the theater. They talk about the critic. He tells her he realized he came to New York for her. He’ll wait as long as it takes. She brings him home and they sleep together.

Beth gets home and the mail is there. There’s a postcard from William from Memphis. He’s saying goodbye.

Kevin’s phone rings waking him up. It’s Ron Howard. He thinks it is a joke but its not. Ron wants him to film a movie in LA in a few months.

Jack calls the kid’s friend’s house. He asks the parent if they can stay over and then tells Kate that she was right.

Kate tells Toby she can’t talk about her father’s death because it is her fault.

Ron Howard?!?!?! I love it. I think Kevin will take that job. Rebecca makes everything about her all the time and that’s obnoxious. I was fine until the postcard. Then I got choked up. Good for Randall. Sticking it to the man.

This is Us is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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