The Americans, episode one

High school cafeteria circa the 80s. A new kid from Michigan befriends a new kid from Moscow. After school, the Moscow kid goes to the other kids house. He meets his parents. It’s Philip and Elizabeth in disguise.

America is plentiful and thriving. The same can not be said for the Soviet Union where the harvest is harsh. Stan is called into a meeting. Oleg was sent home. They don’t know why.

Philip and Elizabeth get home to the Michigan kid. He’s in on it. He updates on the Moscow family. He’s got a feel for them but she tells him there is no rush.

Oleg is home talking to him mother. She tells him to be careful.

Paige gets him. She brought pizza with her for lunch the next day. Philip and Elizabeth invite her to watch the Olympics with them but she declines. They exchange a look.

A man is making his way through customs in the Soviet Union. He has his paperwork but is still nervous. He’s headed to Yugoslavia. They let him through.

The Michigan kid and his parents go to the Soviet house for dinner. They talk about life as a pilot and stewardess. The Soviet father is here to work for the Department of Agriculture. He talks about how much more food there is in the States.

The Jennings kids go to Stan’s house for dinner. He’s grateful that they made the transition easier for Matthew.

Elizabeth talks to the Soviet mother. The talk about the kids and adjusting to life in America. . She says that her son didn’t want to move to America. They pack up and leave the kid home alone. As they drive back to their Jennings house they talk about life before coming themselves. Philip tells her they will go back.

Philip and Elizabeth get home and find Paige sitting at the table. She tells them about her night and then continues to talk about how much the night she saw her mother murder someone has stuck with her. The doorbell chimes. It’s Stan. He talks to Philip about his crush at the gym. Later, Philip tells Elizabeth about how Stan is a fan of Matthew’s relationship with page.

The man from customs is on a bus. He has a letter from his mother. He’s fleeing. His father is Philip.

Oleg has meeting about what to expect now.

Grannie and Gabriel meet to talk about missions for Philip and Elizabeth who are equal parts never and always scared. Elizabeth starts some rudimentary spy/self defense training with Paige. Philip comes home and she tells him about it. Gabriel visits to explain what they will next be asked to do.

Elizabeth and Philip meet up with Hans and a few others to dig up a body to get a biological weapon in a security patrolled area. While wrapping up, Hans cuts his hand. Elizabeth assures him it’s alright and when he turns away she shoots him and buries him with the body.

Poor Hans. I was a big fan of him. This just goes to show how dedicated Elizabeth is. Her relationship with Hans was almost maternal. She spent far more time with him than we’ve ever seen her with Henry and yet, no hesitation. I just want to shake Stan. He was so much more with it in earlier seasons. It’s a shame to see the once competent agent being reduced to just chatting about the gym.

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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