Big Little Lies, episode four

Nathan and Madeline meet up to talk about Abigail. Bonnie wants to plan a dinner for all of them to discuss the “parenting paradigm” and since Nathan is willing to do fucked up things, he will do it for Bonnie.

On her drive home, Madeline calls Celeste and talks about Nathan and the dinner she agreed to. Celeste tells her to bottle the anger and save it for the town meeting about the play. She wants Madeline’s passion and Joe’s knowledge. They hang up and Perry walks in and asks what’s going on. She tells him that she is helping out and he asks why she didn’t talk to him about it. She says that as soon as the conversation shifts from the kids, he’s out. He asks her if she wants him to hit her.

Madeline gets home and Ed is doing Elvis karaoke. He’s practicing for the talent show and it wakes Chloe. She comes down and suggests a song no one else will do. As Chloe and Ed sing, Madeline questions if this is real.

Jane is asleep. She wakes with a start to find Ziggy lurking over her. She puts him back to bed.

Perry and Celeste are talking. He’s worried about her stress levels. He says that if she goes to pieces there will be no one to put her back together. Later he tells her he wants to have another baby. A daughter. She says its too late but he says its not. He starts kissing her but then leaves her high and dry and she jumps on top of him.

Madeline tells Jane about Ed liking to dress up in the bedroom. She apologizes for talking about sex and Jane asks if she feels bad because she now knows about Jane being raped. Jane tells her that she thinks it was good she told her. The words lost their power when she said them out loud and now she is reawakened. She is also considering moving back to near her folks. Celeste arrives and both she and Madeline tell Jane not to.

Parents tell the cops that there have been many orientations but this is the first with an incident. The new variable is Jane.

Bonnie is running a fitness class. She tells the class what to do and walks out. Ed is there and wants to talk. He says that Madeline and Nathan can be a bit volatile and that its up to them to keep the peace during dinner. He tells her that Madeline felt abandoned by Nathan and Bonnie tells him everyone has baggage.

At the school, the teacher notices Renata’s daughter seems upset. She talks to her about Ziggy and her other friends.

Madeline tells Celeste that she may have found Ziggy’s father as they walk to the meeting. Joe comes up tells them they should drop it because he doesn’t want to make an enemy of the mayor. In the meeting the mayor wants something more wholesome and Renata is there being snarky and passive aggressive. Celeste owns it though because America and free speech and progressive politics.

Afterward Madeline praises Celeste who turns morose right away. She’s been taking care of the kids for so long that this is the first time she’s felt alive in years. She thinks it makes her a bad mother but Madeline tells her not at all.

The teacher meets up with Jane to tell her that Renata’s daughter is still being bullied and that she has sensed tension between her and Ziggy. There is no actual evidence. Jane defends her son. The teacher asks if there is a history of violence and again Jane says no.
Joe and Madeline are at theater rehearsal talking about how awesome Celeste was. He kisses her. She kisses him back.

Madeline tells Celeste about what happened with Joe. It all happened so fast and then his hand was under her shirt or maybe hers was under his? She doesn’t know. Celeste just starts laughing and Perry comes outside. He asks about court but Celeste is quick to point out it wasn’t court. The boys run up and drag their father away. Madeline comments that Perry is a great dad.

Jane and Ziggy go to the aquarium and eat pizza on the beach. He knows something is up and asks her. She tells him that she is sending him to a child psychologist.

Bonnie tells Nathan she saw Ed and that they talked about the dinner. He asks if Ed was inappropriate so that he can pop him. Bonnie tells him that’s not the point. Abigail is on her way out and Nathan badgers her about where she’s going. He wants to move. Bonnie laughs at him.

Ed comes in to find Madeline staring off in the distance. She asks him about his visit to Bonnie’s studio and he’s not surprised that word travels fast in their small town. He tells her they talked about the dinner and she asks him how psychotic he thinks she is. She tells him she feels like she’s losing control.

Celeste is listening to music and watching the ocean. Later she and Perry have sex. The next morning he sits outside and eats breakfast with the twins. She is getting dressed and he asks what the occasion is. She tells him its to settle about the play and he tells her that he doesn’t want her doing it. He grabs at her neck but before he can get any more aggressive, one of the twins interrupts. They head their separate ways.

Jane meets with the child psychologist after her meeting with Ziggy. He’s not a bully. In fact, he’s probably the victim of bullying himself. She wants another appointment though. She does mention Ziggy’s father.

Madeline finds out that Joe was following her. He confronts her about what happened the other day. It turns it happened the year before too. They had an affair but it’s “been erased” because she’s happily married. He doesn’t believe her and tries to kiss her before she storms off.

Celeste goes to counseling and talks about Perry reacting to going back to work. He likes her at home with the twins and not a lot of friends.

Madeline shows Jane a picture of the guy that might be Ziggy’s father. Jane thinks it could be him. She wants to know where he’s from. Celeste is concerned that she will go there. Jane goes to a shooting range and for a run. She gets home and breaks down.

I really like Madeline and Jane, and their friendship as well as the bond between Celeste and Madeline even though Celeste is obviously keeping big secrets. I feel like Madeline would have her back with that. Celeste knows Perry is wrong but won’t ditch him. Poor Ziggy. He’s getting blamed for all this stuff.

Big Little Lies is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


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