Chicago Justice, episode four

Anna is making a case in court but it’s going nowhere fast. The judge dismisses it and as she prepares to leave he calls her to the bench to… make plans? That evening they get drinks and as she walks to her car afterward gunshots ring out. She ducks behind a car and then runs over to see the judge. He’s been hit in the stomach.

Peter talks to Anna, asks if she remembers anything more. She knows that she heard four gunshots. That’s all she knows. Peter talks to Antonio and Nagel. The judge was on the bench for 15 years. That’s 500 motives. They will look into that while Peter takes Anna home.

At the office, Anna wants to help with the investigation but Peter is not having it. He asks her what she was doing at the bar and if she was with the judge. She denies it and he tells her to go work on other cases.

Mark talks to the mayor. This murder is a big deal. Mark and the judge went way back too. He has an issue with the judge and Anna having a relationship. Peter gets a call. PD found the gun.

Antonio and Nagel talk to the widow. She’s jumpy but it’s to be expected. She seems to be clear but their foster daughter is MIA. They find out about a coffee shop she likes and head there.

Peter is back at the bar talking to the bartender about Anna and the judge. They didn’t show up together but they did talk. It looks suspicious.

Nagel and Antonio find the foster daughter but she takes off so they have to chase her. Nagel lays her out so the kid bites her. Nagel cuffs her.

In Interrogation the kid goes back at them every step of the way. They get nasty but Anna interrupts and asks for a minute. She has some questions of her own and the kid figures out who she is. Peter pulls Anna out and sends her home. They have to start researching the foster files.

They are reading letters and find a threatening one that alludes to the judge protecting a rapist. They have a starting point.

Anna and Peter are out to dinner. She tells him to ask his question. He asks if she was sleeping with the judge and she tells him that she doesn’t have to answer that. He brings up ethics and she is disgusted. She is offended that he would think her unethical and storms out of the restaurant.

Antonio and Nagel talk to forensics and get a lead on the letter writer. They head to a rape survivor’s meeting to talk to the woman that wrote the letter saying the judge protected her rapist. They talk to her and she says that she was at a meeting as an alibi. Before they leave, a call comes in. The girl’s prints are on the bullets.

Zoe Butler is brought in for questioning. She is adamant that she didn’t do it but they can’t dispute the science or the fact that she hated the judge. Nagel tells Anna in Molly’s and they talk about the case. Anna shows her some press coverage and Nagel sees the handwriting from the letter.

They follow the lead to a rape advocate who has an alibi, and another suspect. Zoe’s ex-husband. They head to his place and he says Zoe couldn’t do it because she hates guns. Antonio notices the goggles and asks to see the motorcycle. They arrest the ex.

Peter and Dr. Charles talk about mental states. In the courtroom, Zoe is on the stand. She’s testifying against her ex. She gets badgered on the cross. Anna is up next. She plays by the rules with Peter but the defense implies that she was sleeping with the judge.

Afterward Zoe and Anna talk about moving forward. Zoe is engaged. Anna talks to Peter and mentions the engagement. He flashes back to his chat with Charles.

The next morning in court Zoe introduces Peter to her fiance and they talk loudly about their plans for the future. The ex hears and he snaps. He admits to the murder.

Peter is in Molly’s when Anna comes in. She wants to know what he did. He saw that Zoe had announced the engagement on Facebook shortly before the murder. It provoked the ex. Anna wants to know if Peter believes that she slept with Ray. She says she has the right to privacy.

I thought for sure it was going to come out that Anna was the judge’s foster kid too. I guess not but I really thought that that was how this would play out. I’m glad she didn’t answer the question though. She deserves some privacy. She’s my favorite. And Antonio. Peter is too straight and narrow.


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