Designated Survivor, episode eleven

The gun fires and everyone on the platform ducks for cover. Kirkman tackles his wife and when he looks down he thinks she’s been hit. It’s not her blood. He’s been shot. They get to the hospital. The bullet went straight through.

Hannah is taken into custody. Seth fights with news outlets by phone and Emily paces. She is on the verge of breaking down and when Seth points out some blood on her coat she lets out a strangled sob. Aaron comes in and she pulls herself together. She doesn’t trust him. They talk about the plan moving forward before Alex comes in. She gives them an update and tells them Kirkman wants to see him but please don’t overwhelm him.

In an interrogation room, Hannah is cuffed to the table and her crimes are laid out for her. She’s “being offered a lifeline” but she already gave her statement. Forstell tells her that her options are about to get real small real fast.

They meet with Kirkman and he tells them to alert the press that it’s okay. Seth will make a statement.

Someone calls MacLeish. He plays the part on the phone and then can’t believe it when talking to his wife. He wants to wash their hands of this and she tells him the mission isn’t over.

Mike tells Kirkman Hannah is in custody and Kirkman asks him to go talk to her. He wants to know what she knows. Alex and Emily talk about the classified call. Alex tells her to keep Aaron away from Kirkman.

A doctor comes in. Kirkman has to have surgery after all. MacLeish will be president while he’s under but before the surgery he wants to talk Hookstraten. Seth tells the press and Kirkman tells Hookstraten to keep an eye on things because he knows her heart is in the right place.

Mike meets with Hannah but she says that she doesn’t know him. The only person she will talk to is the president himself. They take Kirkman in for surgery. MacLeish takes over.
His wife tells him to get the FBI to report to him about a potential shooter. He holds a briefing and announces markets will open as usual. Everyone advises against it but he ignores them and then announces that the search will run from the White House.

MacLeish gets to the Oval and Hookstraten turns up. She wants to know what he’s thinking opening the markets and he tells her to respect the office. She then threatens to go to the press if he steps out of line. Aaron interrupts. They found the shooter.

Hannah is freaking out that MacLeish is president so Mike pushes her. He shows her pictures of the potential shooter. He shows her a note that says “let me help you.” He starts to head out and she jumps on his back. The room is swarmed with agents.

The op is rolling. The standard order is to apprehend suspects but MacLeish tells them it is a shoot to kill situation. Aaron advises against it but MacLeish doesn’t care. He gives the shoot to kill order and the suspect is neutralized.

Wellwishers are holding vigil. Alex is in the waiting room. She flashes back to when Kirkman was first offered the HUD secretary seat. Seth brings her coffee and they talk about his life a bit before she starts to cry. She blames herself for this because she forced him to take the HUD job.

Mike pays a visit to Chuck to find out what they know about MacLeish. He says that Hannah sent him and mentions something only Hannah would know. Chuck lets him in.
Aaron is watching the news about the markets and his phone rings. He doesn’t like whatever he hears. Emily gives people in the communications department talking points for switchboard calls and a list of people to keep posted. Turns out the call was about Emily snooping in the archives and he confronts her. She’s not at liberty to discuss it and when he asks if she is investigating him she blows him off.

Kirkman is in surgery and he’s crashing. Something nicked an artery. They work to repair it. Mike questions Chuck and he tells him what he knows before saying “I hope you really do work for the president or we are wasting our time here.”

MacLeish is sitting outside because its quiet. His wife asks what’s up. He says Kirkman will pull through and that Hookstraten questioned him about the markets. She tells him that they can take out Hookstraten too if it comes to it. She tells him they are in the clear.

Alex calls Leo and gives him an update and asks about him and his sister. They chat for a minute before a doctor comes for Alex. She is led into Kirkman’s room. He is waking up.

Markets are plunging. Alex is eating Kirkman’s jello. He wakes up and asks for an update. She tells him that MacLeish opened the markets and they are plummeting.

Seth is updating the media and they want to see Kirkman. They need more. As Seth says that the doctors are making the calls, the assembled crowds cheer. Kirkman is at the window waving. People are ecstatic.

After seeing he is okay, markets rebound and faith is restored. Emily and Seth give him an update. Aaron is still at the office though. Mike steps in. Kirkman tells everyone he needs a minute with Mike. Turns out he is bringing Hannah in to tell him about MacLeish.

I like Hookstraten. She stands up for herself with the best of them. It’s amazing. I wish that Emily had been more affirmative with Aaron but she was okay. Seth was great. He’s always great.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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