The Americans, episode two

Philip and Elizabeth meet with Gabriel. They tell him about Hans. He tells them that the Americans might be going after the grain being shipped to the Soviet Union. Philip is in disbelief that they would go after food. Gabriel gives them a mission and they head home.
They go in to check on Paige but there’s no sign of her. They panic. Is she at Matthew’s?

What if Stan tried to call them? This is bad. As they turn to head downstairs and look for a note, they hear a noise in the closet. They open the door and there is Paige. She was sleeping on the closet floor.

Oleg meets with his superior officer and they talk about food and Oleg gets some things to look over.

Stan is getting the mail. He gives a big wave to Philip who walks over. They chat about the lady he likes at the gym and head inside for a beer. Elizabeth is unpacking groceries and asks Paige where Henry is. Then she offers another self defense lesson.

Philip and Stan are talking about the kids. Stan expresses concern about Paige and her demeanor. Elizabeth asks Paige about her relationship and Paige tells her she likes Matthew and just wants to like him. Afterward Elizabeth and Philip talk about the conversation.

The CIA stops by the FBI to talk to Stan. They need advice on recruiting Oleg. Stan isn’t having it. He still wants answers about Gad’s death.

The Department of Agriculture, including the Soviet defector, head to the cornfields of Illinois to look at grain. Elizabeth follows.

Stan sets up a meeting with the Deputy AG about Oleg. His boss tells him to leave it alone.
Philip cleans the gutters on the other house and talks to their Vietnamese kid about his other adopted family.

Paige talks to Matthew about fighting with her mom and wanting to make her own decisions. Then they start making out.

Elizabeth is still watching the farmers. Stan meets with the deputy AG. He appreciates what Stan is saying but its out of his hands. It’s on foreign soil so it is CIA. Stan pleads his case but its no use. Elizabeth snoops around in a greenhouse. She finds plants. Tons of them. Infested with bugs.

Philip and Stan are at the gym waiting their turn to play raquetball. Stan’s a bit disgruntled about work but won’t say much more than that. He does say that he took out the woman he met. Who happens to be there at that time as well. Stan goes over to say hi and introduces Philip. He sets up another date.

Oleg walks home alone in the dark. An American makes contact. Says Stan sent him and passes a not. Oleg goes home and looks at it. It’s a map.

At the travel agency, Elizabeth and Philip talk about bugs and the Soviet desertor. Should they just end it? No. They need his help.

Elizabeth and Philip go out to eat with their Vietnamese kid and the Soviet family. They talk about family and food and the Soviets argue amongst themselves about being in the States. On the ride back the kid calls the Soviet kid weak. He doesn’t understand things. Elizabeth tells him good job.

Stan is on a stakeout. He tells Dennis about Oleg and they brainstorm his upcoming date.
Back at the house, they talk to Paige about being with Matthew and letting her emotions get the best of her. They teach her a trick to keep her grounded and remind her of what’s really important.

This episode wasn’t bad but a lot of it seemed like filler. I’m fascinated by the whole plot with the Vietnamese kid. He’s just being a spy on his own in that house most of the time? It’s kind of nuts. Poor Henry. So neglected. I don’t care about Paige and Matthew like at all and Stan’s girlfriend is a spy right? She’s totally a CIA operative watching him.


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