This is Us, episode sixteen

Jack is driving. And drinking. He gets to the club Rebecca’s show is at and looks at the club.

Mechanic Jack is fixing and an elderly lady’s car. She gives him $5. It’s all she can offer. She wishes she had a granddaughter to set him up with. Wait! Her friends’s granddaughter is single. She’s going to set them up.

Rebecca is out eating with friends. They are planning one of their weddings and start hounding Rebecca about settling down. She wants to focus on her career and they want her to “diversify.”

Jack goes into the club and orders drinks. Rebecca is backstage freaking out about going onstage. Ben tries to calm her down and then makes a move on her. She rejects him and then storms out. She walks right by Jack at the bar. They don’t see each other.

So young Jack lives with his parents. His dad is a drinker and mocks him for not having a job or a place of his own. He goes up to the attic and fiddles with the money he has stashed away.

Rebecca calls the house. Obviously no one is home. She leaves a message.

Jack and his friend are admiring the site that they want to buy for an auto body shop. He asks his friend about a high stakes poker game. It’s dangerous but he wants in.
Older Jack is drunk and stumbles backstage looking for Rebecca. He finds Ben who basically admits to making a move on his wife. They have a scuffle. Rebecca walks in and Jack stops.

Rebecca quits the band. She has to drive Jack home. Her younger counterpart calls the elderly woman to set her up.

Jack pockets all his cash and goes to head out. The phone rings. It’s the elderly woman arranging the date. He writes down the info. They go to the backroom poker game. Jack lingers in the game. Goes all in and wins the pot. Then he leaves without playing abother hand. Needless to say he gets jumped and robbed in the parking lot. He walks away with nothing.

Rebecca is driving them home. Jack tries to talk but Rebecca tells him not while he’s drunk.

Jack gets home and tells his friend that his dad always made the wrong choices. He tried to go the other way and its gotten him nowhere. He wants his break but there is “no such thing.” He says he’s going back to the poker game the following week.

They get home. Jack apologizes. He doesn’t know what to say. They talk about his drinking. He basically blames her. They argue. She is not the sympathetic ear he expected. She tells him that she has no life. She’s a ghost and he tells her that this “career” she has is a joke. She wants him to tell her what he loves about her not to just say the words out of habit.

Rebecca and Jack are both getting ready to go out.

The morning after the fight, Jack and Rebecca talk. She says that though they feel bad, they meant what they said. She tells him to go stay with Miguel.

Rebecca gets to the restaurant for her blind date. She gets seated. Jack and his friend are plotting to rob a bar. He goes in and sits down. He finds the info for his blind date. Rebecca’s date joins her. It’s not Jack.

Jack gets the all clear from Miguel to stay with him. Rebecca is worried about screwing up the kids. Jack tells her that they will be able to handle it.

Kate tells Toby she knows what she wants to do. She wants to sing.

Kevin is taking the meeting with the director. He tells Sophie he loves her and gets in a car.

Randall looks at a photo of William and then an album of photos of himself growing up. He tells Beth he wants to adopt a baby.

Jack is still alone at the bar. Rebecca ducks out on her crappy date. Jack’s friend puts their plan in motion but as Jack makes his way to the register he sees Rebecca singing at the open mic. It’s love at first site.

Older Jack tells Rebecca about the date he stood up the night they met and what he loves about her. He tells her she was his big break and it might not feel like it now but they are just getting started. He leaves.

I don’t like Jack and I didn’t like that the kids weren’t in this episode at all. It was obvious that they weren’t being set up with each other. Can Kate sing? What does this meeting with a director mean for the play Kevin is in? They are going to drag out this Jack’s death thing for too long.


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