Big Little Lies, episode five

Madeline drives to a parking lot overlooking the ocean. It’s quiet, eerie. A puppet attacks her. She wakes up in bed. Flashes of Renata. Celeste. Jane. Everyone.

Somber music as the kids are dropped off at school. More flashes.

Nathan is at the shooting range. Jane sees him. She later reports back to Madeline and they talk about guns.

Renata is getting her daughter ready for a playdate. She finds out she’s been bitten.

Madeline gets to the theater. The show is a go. The mayor gave the all clear.

It’s stressful. Renata is yelling at her husband and her daughter. She wants to know what is going on but her daughter isn’t blaming anyone.

Celeste is home and Perry shows up. He decided not to play tennis. She says the boys are with their tutor. They have rough sex in the kitchen.

Madeline is putting away groceries and texting someone about sex. She starts eyeing Ed.
The fight is still on at Renata’s house. She is basically blaming her husband.

Ed and Madeline are trying to have sex in the kitchen. Chloe walks in and they stop. Chloe mentions Abigail and Madeline acts okay. Madeline talks to Nathan on the phone about parenting Abigail. She and Ed talk about Jane and tracking down her attacker. Ed thinks its a bad idea. He also doesn’t think Perry will let Celeste get involved.

Jane is running. The school calls. She yells. She visualizes shooting someone. She runs again. This time Celeste and Madeline are with her. They go to lunch and she vents about this town. Joe interrupts. He wants to talk to her. He wants to go for a dive.

Joe and Madeline go for a drive and argue about their affair. They get in accident. Everyone freaks out.

Jane is looking up information about the interior designer that might be her attacker. Ziggy sees and she plays it off.

Celeste and Perry eat with the boys.

Ed asks Madeline why she was in Joe’s car. She plays if off like they were discussing work on the way to the theater. Her daughters both check on her before bed.

Jane can’t sleep. She’s thinking about Ziggy and Renata and all of the stresses of her life.

Perry is passing through the living room and finds the twin’s toys all over. He gets nasty with Celeste about it and she snarks back. Later she’s at the cafe and Tom offers her more water. He startles her on the approach.

Jane has a meeting at the school about Ziggy and Renata’s daughter. She tells Madeline about it later. They drag Renata who turned up with her husband at the meeting and was terrible toward Jane. There will now be an aide in the classroom.

Madeline visits Joe in the hospital. She led him on. She wanted to feel those things from last year but it’s not right. His wife walks in and things get awkward and Madeline leaves.
Jane breaks down in her living room.

Celeste goes to therapy. She thinks it is a good sign that he wanted to go to therapy. She talks about their “volatile lovemaking” and the therapist tells her that she thinks that he is abusing her. Celeste gets uncomfortable. She tries to put the doctor in her place but it’s obvious the session got under her skin.

On the drive home Madeline thinks about her time with Joe. She gets home and her phone rings. It’s Jane, thanking her for being a great friend and asking her to pick up Ziggy. She says she needs to catch up on work but she’s actually driving, and lighting up a joint.

At therapy, Celeste is upset. The therapist asks her if she’s scared of Perry. She asks if Celeste ever considered leaving him. She asks what is actually good in the marriage.

Celeste talks about how they are bound together through their experiences. They both acknowledge that things will get violent again but the therapist keeps bringing up the boys and Celeste is adamant that they don’t know. She wants to set up another session.

Jane goes to see the designer. She’s acting wonky and leaning into him and smelling him and everything. She runs out and speeds away.

It’s time for school pickup. Madeline takes Ziggy. They head back to her house and eat dinner. Celeste brings the boys to the airport to pick up Perry. Jane is speeding home and gets pulled over.

Flashes of the talent show. Cops. Other parents. Jane.

I like the friendships the best on this show. All the romantic stuff is total shit. They are all cheating on each other or abusing each other or just being genuinely terrible, except maybe Ed. Madeline helping out Jane is great and she would totally have Celeste’s back. The school and Renata need to be taken down a notch. I can’t deal with them.

Big Little Lies is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


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