Chicago Med, episode sixteen

Maggie announces an incoming trauma and Choi says he will handle it. She notices April is at work and asks to make sure she’s okay.

The patient is a little girl that collapsed mid-flight from Ecuador. She has an undiagnosed heart condition that was coming to the States for treatment.

Next patient in goes to Manning. Car crash victim in a vegitative state. Caretaker called it in because there was blood in the urine. Manning will run some tests. The patient has been in that condition for five years. And she’s pregnant. The police need to be brought in.

There is vaginal trauma which explains the blood in the urine.

Erin Lindsay turns up to give Manning and Maggie a rundown of what the police are doing. They are investigating at the facility she stays at and unfortunately there is a chance that she was being attacked regularly. Goodwin comes in to get them to update the woman’s parents.

Reese is visiting a different hospital with psych patients. She witnesses two patients arguing and after they are separated chats with one of them. The patient says that the head doctor is “the worst.”

Rhodes is going over the patients upstairs and before the assembled doctors head out Latham tells a joke. They all laugh and disperse. Rhodes and Latham talk about his Aspergers treatment.

Noah brings April some pastries that were her favorite when she was younger. He wants to cheer her up. When he walks away Maggie says that he is trying but no one knows what to say. April tells her there is nothing to say.

Charles and Reese talk about her time at the youth hospital. It’s hard to see young patients suffering. She asks how to get better at it and he tells her practice.

Manning and Goodwin talk to the rape patient’s parents. She mentions termination but they want her to keep the baby. This is a part of their daughter that they can keep and even though it is high risk, they feel that her dying giving birth would be “merciful.”

Rhodes talks to the girl from Ecuador and her mother. She needs eremgency surgery and they wheel her away. The mother almost collapses and Choi tries to help but she tells him she’s fine. She just hasn’t eaten. On the way to the OR, Jeff tells April he’s sorry to hear about the baby. She tells him she’s fine and talks to the girl in Spanish.

Halstead gets a patient. Suicide attempt from the youth hospital. It’s the girl that talked to Reese and she’s asking for Reese. She explains the situation and Reese tries to stay professional. Charles pulls her out to talk about the patient. He tells her to be careful.

Choi goes to get consent from the mother for the surgery and she looks worse than before. He asks again to examine her and she says no. She asks about a bathroom and April takes her.

Manning and Maggie check on the rape patient and talk about the decision to keep the baby. The patient’s eyes open and close which can be just a reflex but Manning is convinced she is waking up. She orders brain scans.

Wheeler talks to Reese about therapy. She blows him off to get an update from Halstead. He tells her that psych is “too spongey” but suggests looking into her history.

The little girl is about to be put under but starts crying and asking for her mommy. Latham is able to calm her down by telling her that they all have one job and that’s to help her get better. They sedate her. The mother is still in the bathroom, vomiting and she won’t open the door. Maintenance unlocks it and April rushes in. She’s a drug mule and she’s overdosing. Choi and Jeff rush in. She has cocaine leaking into her intestines and it takes some effort but she agrees to let them take the packets.

Reese got the report from the police that resulted in the psych girl being committed. Her mother attacked her with a hammer and is also a psych patient. There is a very real chance that she was wrongfully committed.

Halstead consults on Manning’s case. He doesn’t see any brain activity. He doesn’t see how she can wake up and thinks Manning may be projecting. She still isn’t convinced and is going for a neuro consult.

Surgery starts on the little girl though Latham hesitates for a moment at the beginning. Meanwhile, they are removing the packets of cocaine from the mother. They run into a small complication and the mother has a heart attack but they are able to stabilze her. April wants to flush the evidence but Choi and Jeff agree that they can’t do that.

Manning is still running test on the rape victim but Goodwin tells her that it is time for discharge. Her parents found a new facility and she has been treated for what brought her in. That’s all they can do.

The little girl starts to crash and Latham is adamant that she will rebound. She doesn’t and he doesn’t react. Rhodes tells him to step away and takes over.

April walks by the waiting room and sees parents playing with babies. Noah tries again to cheer her up but she isn’t interest.

Charles talks to the psych patient. They get interrupted by the woman that runs the youth hospital. She’s ready to take the patient back. Charles talks to her in the hall and she gets nasty with him for second guessing her judgement.

Abrams from neuro talks to Manning about the rape patient. He looked through her history and wants to run the test one more time. She might be nocturnal now which would impact the test. Manning does it to no avail but Abrams knows one more test and when he does it, they find out she is awake just “locked in.” She was never in a coma. She’s awake but locked in her body. There are a few ways to treat this though she will never be fully functional again. Manning thanks Abrams.

Reese talks to the psych patient. The youth hospital doctor has conservatorship but they will keep fighting. She tells the patient to hold on and runs out to talk to Charles. He is filing an appeal because of the way she was committed. He wants another opinion. There is an alert. The patient cut her wrist.

Rhodes and Latham talk about the surgery and Rhodes invites him out for a drink. The mother is wheeled in to see her daughter and Rhodes tells her that the girl will make a full recovery.

April, Jeff and Choi are called in to talk to Goodwin about the cocaine trafficking. It is not distribution if it is only one packet. April says that it was only the one. Jeff backs her up and Choi is forced to as well. He tells them not to put him in that position again.

Reese talks to Charles about the psych patient as she is wheeled out. She feels guilty for giving the girl false hope and Charles tells her that he is still going to file the appeal.
Halstead and Manning talk about giving the rape patient a say in her future.

Rhodes is sitting at the bar at Molly’s when Latham joins him. He is stopping his treatment because it lead to his lose of detachment. He compliments Rhodes on being a good doctor and a good person and calls him a friend.

April sees the girl and her mother and then goes to talk to Noah. He just wants to help and they hug as she starts to cry.

Poor April. I feel so bad for her. I love the scenes with Rhodes and Latham hanging out as friends. They are probably my favorite right now for no reason. I feel bad for Reese too. She can’t win with these psych patients.

Chicago Med is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.


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