Chicago Med,episode seventeen

April and her fiance talk as she walks into work. Wheeler walks in behind her and doesn’t stop. He greets a few people as he goes but heads upstairs and all the way to the roof. He looks out over the city and then climbs up jumps off the building.

Goodwin holds a meeting to tell the staff what to expect for the day. Therapy is available and anyone that can’t work is free to leave. Choi believes that the best thing for morale will be structure so he starts giving out assignment.

Choi has a teenager that fell down some stairs. He has a broken rib but his parents point out that he has been clumsy lately. Choi says they will run a blood test to be safe.

Next patient in is a little boy pulled from the river. Manning and Noah are on it and Noah starts compressions. They need a bypass but there won’t be one available for 90 minutes so they have to keep going until then.

The Good Samaritan that saved the kid is the next patient. Reese is handling it. The man has a heart condition but is in good spirits. They are going to need Rhodes to consult on his heart. Reese talks to Maggie about the guts the man must have to jump like that and Maggie says that he probably didn’t even think about it, just saw the kid in trouble.

Jay Halstead is at Med. He tells Manning that it’s a tough day and to hang in there.

Will consults on Choi’s patient but it seems things are fine. He comments that Choi’s treatment is “pretty aggressive” but Choi tells him he is just being safe.

Goodwin and Maggie talk about Wheeler. A man approaches. It is Wheeler’s father.
The teen’s mother starts yelling. Her son can’t move. Halstead and Choi respond. It seems as though he is having a stroke. They start running tests and argue treatment. Abrams consults and when Choi walks out of the room, brings up Wheeler. Turns out he too contemplated suicide as a resident.

Rhodes consults on Reese’s patient. He wants to do bypass surgery. The patient is again surprisingly agreeable. Reese asks him what he was thinking and he says he doesn’t know.
The little boy’s father has been waiting. The mother shows up and tells him he is a terrible parent.

April is getting a snack from the machine when Tate shows up. They argue and he leaves.
Halstead asks Charles if he’s ever seen anything like Wheeler. Charles has. There are lots of doctor suicides every year. He says that he thinks it’s because doctors want to help and that the odds are against them. It’s because they want to assign fault.

Reese and Rhodes talk about Wheeler. She now sees that him approaching her for pills and therapy were cries for help. She couldn’t see that he was drowning. The patient crashes and Rhodes is going to do a balloon procedure bedside. Reese is hesitant but they don’t have a choice. They save him and send him upstairs.

Choi and Halstead talk to the parents of the teenager. They still don’t know what’s up. The MRI results are inconclusive. Halstead says to run another but Choi wants to take other action not. They argue but Halstead puts his foot down.

Rhodes’ patient won’t stabilze. He and Reese talk about it. Then he tells her that he too missed a sign with Wheeler. She appreciates the sentiment but it doesn’t help.

The bypass is open. They are about to take the boy upstairs but Goodwin tells them they can’t have the machine. It’s an emergency upstairs. They need it for Rhodes’ surgery. The mother gets upset and starts to yell. She gets in Manning’s face about not standing up for her patient.

Charles and Choi talk about the day. Choi says that his patient is in trouble because the attending is fixated on his mood. He doesn’t think said attending should be working because he lacks focus. Charles goes in and talks to the patient before the MRI. He is still detached.

Rhodes is in surgery. The plan changes. He asks them to page Reese.

Goodwin asks Manning about her patient and then about Wheeler. She knows nothing about him. Before Goodwin can walk away Manning has a question of her own. She wants to know if she’s a monster.

Charles is watching them scrub up the blood outside. He starts to head back into the hospital when a teenage boy stops him and asks if this is the visitor’s entrance. He talks about his friend, who turns out to be the teenager. He is not normal this dispassionate. Charles brings the teen inside.

Reese gets to the OR and Rhodes talks to her about what is happening. He found an incredibly rare condition so they don’t need to do bypass. He missed it once and learned from that mistake. There’s a lesson there.

Halstead goes looking for his patient. Choi already moved him. He runs upstairs and halts the procedure before it can start. They argue about treatment and “making hard choices” before Charles interrupts with the other teen. He goes in and talks to the patient. Turns out they are boyfriends and they have a moment.

Maggie heads into the break room and finds Wheeler’s dad. He wants to know why his son did it and she has no answer. She does know that he spent time doing magic tricks and keeping kids in oncology happy. He thanks her.

Turns out the paralysis was a physical manifestation of the teen not wanting to move to California. His body reacted to what seemed like an impossible situation and provided a serious medical condition because of things he couldn’t express. They are going to observe him overnight. Choi could have killed him with the treatment.

The father apologizes to the mother of the kid that almost drowned. Noah steps in to relieve April on compressions. He tells her to go grab some sleep but she has something she has to do. She brings Tate in and talks to him about the miscarriage and then breaks up with him.

Charles and Halstead talk about Wheeler and not helping. There is nothing either of them could have done. They just have to keep moving forward. Charles tells Halstead he is a good doctor and to keep it up.

The boy from the river wakes up. It’s a very good sign. The mother thanks Manning and she says that she is just happy he is doing well. She goes to the break room and cries. Charles sees but does not interrupt.

Goodwin and Charles talk about anyone visiting for therapy. No one went. She thought everyone had each other’s backs but no one knew Wheeler. She worries about all of the people at Med and wishes she could protect them.

Choi is alone. He goes to the morgue and sees Wheeler’s body. He apologizes and gives

him a stethoscope.

Reese goes to tell Charles that she is back with him in the morning. She asks if everyone comes to him with their pain and then asks how he is doing. He says it’s awful.

I don’t like Goodwin. I don’t know why. She just always seems to act like she’s better than everyone and that bothers me. I felt really bad for Reese and Halstead in this one in relation to the Wheeler incident and felt bad for Manning because of her patient. I loved the Good Samaritan guy and was surprised by how the storyline with the teenage boy played out.

Chicago Med is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.


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