Designated Survivor, episode twelve

Hannah meets with Kirkman and tells him about MacLeish as well as what happened on her way to meet Hookstraten. Kirkman feels stupid. Mike tries to comfort him but its of no use.

MacLeish is holding a press conference. Seth tries to talk to him about the content but he gets blown off.

They continue speaking in the hospital about MacLeish and the bombing. Alex interrupts and Hannah stops talking until she leaves. Mike takes Hannah’s side.

At the White House, first Emily and then Aaron ask Seth about the press conference. Things are still tense between the two of them.

Hannah knows someone who can help, and it’s Forstell.

MacLeish holds a super political press conference. Kirkman watches and wants to head back to the White House but Alex says that he can’t. She tells him about Aaron’s phone call and he wants to confront him. Alex tells him not to play his hand so soon.

Forstell and Hannah meet and talk about the case against MacLeish. They are going to need more help. Atwood. Hannah goes to meet him and asks for help but Atwood isn’t interested. He only wants her to find his son.

Emily meets with Kirkman. They discuss Aaron and she offers to follow-up but he says no thanks. He also tells her that everything needs to stay quiet. Then she asks if he thinks Aaron did it and he says no but he has to check.

Hookstraten meets with Aaron. She wants to see Kirkman. Aaron tells her no unless she will tell him about what. She tells him that it’s a confidence between her and the president and if he wants Aaron to know, he will tell him.

Hannah wants to find Atwood’s son. Forstell tells her that is not an option. He has more qualified agents on it.

MacLeish meets with Kirkman. They talk about the responsibilities on being president and then MacLeish heads out. He tells his wife he will be filling in for Kirkman on his public schedule for a month.

Kirkman talks to Mike about how hard it was to be calm with MacLeish. He later talks to Aaron and plays off Emily’s investigation as standard.

Hannah and Forstell talk about finding another witness to MacLeish being terrible. Someone in the unit with an addiction problem.

At the hospital, Kirkman has a nightmare about the shooting. He wakes up and goes to the window and sees the Capitol bombing. He wakes with a start. The kids are in the room with him. When Alex comes in, they tell her he screamed.

Emily is playing the piano in the White House. Aaron approaches and they talk about her vetting him. He apologizes for being a jerk and tries to have a moment but she tells him she has to get back to work.

Hannah meets with one of the guys from the squad. She’s doing “routine follow-up” and asks questions about the mission overseas. He’s helpful enough at first but gets cagey about the mission soon enough. She leaves and knows he will check in with MacLeish soon.

Kirkman gets an update from the doctor. He needs to head back. Alex wants to know what has him so worked up but he can’t tell her.

MacLeish takes a phone call during a motorcade. On the ride, he sees chalk on a mailbox. He gets back to the office and pulls out a burner phone. He’s going to have to meet with the guy Hannah questioned.

Hookstraten talks to Aaron. She badgers him about the situation with the shooter and she tells him that she will go public. She wants to know who he is trying to protect and then he admits what happened with the shoot to kill order.

Mike updates Kirkman about Aaron and about MacLeish. Now it’s just time to wait and that’s the hardest part.

MacLeish tells his wife about his plan to meet with the soldier. She wants to have the guy killed instead. A casualty of war. She tells him that this is the last time. No victory without sacrifice.

Forstell goes to see Atwood. They found his son’s body.

It’s time for the meetup. MacLeish’s car is ready so he heads out.

Emily goes to see Seth. She needs a drink. He gives her fancy Scotch and she pounds it. Nothing matters. The system wins. She’s morose. He tells her about how he learned that DC sucked. Then he met Kirkman and it seemed like he could help create a better country. He tells her to go home and get a good night’s sleep.

The woman that’s been pulling Atwood’s strings turns up at the police station. She is playing the part of lawyer and wants to meet with her client, Hannah Wells.

MacLeish’s wife finds out things are going wonky. She tries to get ahold of Peter but he doesn’t answer. She grabs some keys and runs out. He gets to the meetup and his wife is still en route. They talk about what happened overseas. He admits to perjury and Hannah moves in to arrest him. The guy tackles her and MacLeish takes off. She catches him though after firing a warning shot. He’s confident that she won’t shoot him. She doesn’t. His wife does though. Before shooting herself. More agents move in and assess the situation.

Kirkman is being released. He thanks the hospital staff as he goes.

Emily is playing piano again.

Atwood is home crying with his wife.

Aaron tries to access secure files but gets denied the access.

Mike meets Kirkman and leads him away from his wife.

I did not see that coming. I figured MacLeish would be around for at least the season. Hookstraten is still the best part of this show and Alex is probably the worst. I get that she’s important to Kirkman but she thinks she has too many rights when it comes to running the country.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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