Saturday Night Live, episode sixteen

Yeah. I’m a big fan of Scarlett Johansson and think it’s great that she got to host for the fifth time. I have high hopes for this episode.

Cold open: I love Kenan. He’s so great. He hasn;t been used nearly enough lately and he plays of Baldwin so well.

Monologue: This was okay. It got better when Kenan and McKinnon came out but it wasn;t all that exciting.

Good Day Denver: This was funny. Probably a lot funnier than it should have been. I kept cracking up.

Logo: #truestory

InnoTech: This was amazing. This was absolutely great.

Olive Garden: “They’ve never seen a restaurant before.”

Complicit: Sometimes the fake ads are ridiculous but this was spot on.

First song: She sounded good and the lights were cool.

Weekend Update: Che and Jost are great but honestly McKinnon as Session steals the show and Pete Davidson was great. He doesn’t get enough to do.

Harrison Beckett: This is what nightmares are made of.

Shanice Goodwin Ninja: I was far more amused by this than I should have been. I love a ninja.

Second song: She sounded fine. What was on her head?

Mansplaining: I wanted to punch them.

Larchmont Funeral Home: David had a talent. Aidy was actually the best part of this though.

I thought this was good. It wasn’t the best episode but I did laugh at it. I love that Kenan and Leslie Jones were used so much in this episode.


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