Supergirl, episode sixteen

So Kara is hanging out watching Netflix and being “funemployed” instead of ya know looking for a job. Mon-El is there of course. He wants to watch a musical. They get interrupted by an alien transmission. They want Mon-El.

DEO is trying to figure out who the invaders are. Mon-El is all “I don’t know these ships” and J’onn wants Winn to help but he’s breaking into a museum with his girlfriend.

Supergirl decides to go take a look at the invader ship. They attack her. Things start to get a little out of control so Mon-El being the big man that he is doesn’t consult anyone and just announces that he will go to the invaders. They stand down.

The invaders are trying to hone in on the DEO headquarters. Mon-El goes to teleport to the ship and at the last second Kara grabs him and goes too. On the ship he sees two familiar faces. His parents. The king (Kevin Sorbo) and queen (Teri Hatcher) of Daxam. Which makes Mon-El the prince. Total shocker right? Nope.

Winn is at work. His phone rings. It’s Maggie and she needs him to swing by the station. She knows he was at the museum. Turns out a pretty famous Van Gogh is missing and they have footage showing Winn in the gallery alone.

Kara is having the worst first meeting with the in-laws ever. They get passive aggressive about her being humane and she listens to the story of how Mon-El ditched Daxam to save himself. She flees at the first chance she can and he follows. And proceeds to whine when she tells him she’s mad that he lied and is just generally a terrible being.

Back at the police station, Winn’s call worked. James and Alex show up and Maggie is all WTF don’t mess with my job and Alex is all WTF Winn is being framed and Maggie is all I know. So she lets them take Winn for 24 hours to find the girlfriend.

Everyone works together DEO to piece together what happened. His girlfriend won’t show up on video so they have to find her by pounding pavement. The Superfriends will ride again. Before they can leave though, the queen of Daxam stops by to talk to Kara.

Alex, James and Winn go to the bar and start bashing skulls to get answers about the girlfriend. They trade Hamilton tickets for information.

The queen and Kara talk about Mon-El and Kara’s deep seated anomosity toward Daxamites. It’s time to rebuild Daxam and the queen wants her son there to do it. She asks Kara to talk to him.

Winn gets to the trailer park and talks to his ex-girlfriend. She tells him that he was just a mark in a long con and it meant nothing. He walks outside and Guardian is waiting but she brought backup too. They fight. The catch the girlfriend and get the painting but she says they don’t understand.

She’s in lockup and Winn wants answers. She says they have her brother and now they will kill her. She tells him about her time journeying to earth as a refugee. She was working to clear her brother’s debt. She didn’t want to use Winn but she had to.

He tells them about the fence. He escaped DEO custody. Winn wants to save the brother but J’onn has a dangerous gang and an art smuggler to contend with. He will investigate and proceed accoringly. He leaves and Winn lets his girlfriend out.

Kara talks to Mon-El like his mother asked. He doesn’t want to go back and she still thankfully has no use for him. He wants her to forgive him and she says that she can’t. She also points out that he has been afforded an incredible opportunity, a second chance. His parents are alive. He shouldn’t squander that. He’s a prince and he should start acting like it. GO BACK TO DAXAM!

Winn and his girlfriend roll into a warehouse for the handoff. He’s playing the part of businessman during the exchange but obviously he put a fake painting in the cylinder. Fighting ensues. Guardian shows up. More fighting. Winn holds a gun to a guy and the guy holds a gun to his girlfriend. Then Alex and the DEO swarm and save the day. Alex gets to quip and the girlfriend and her brother are reunited.

At the station, Winn gives Maggie the painting and gets himself, the girlfriend and the brother cleared. Alex looks on. At the DEO, he talks to the girlfriend. He’s not mad at her. Kara doesn’t understand that.

Kara goes home and finds Mon-El there. He professes his love for her but she’s all dude no. You lied and you don’t even see what the problem was and this will not worl. Go.
Mon-El beams back to the ship. He fights with his folks about Kara and what life was like on Daxam. He is staying on earth.

Supergirl is walking through the DEO. Winn is trying to cheer her up and they are messing with the interdimensional thingamjig that Cisco gave her. J’onn announces that a new prisoner is coming in. Prisoner is the musical dude (Darren Criss) and he’s all I’ve been looking for you to Kara and then does some voodoo to knock her out and free himself. He goes through a portal and she goes into a musical coma? To be continued.

So there was a lot of Mon-El and I am not a fan of that. Kara broke up with him which was great. I was happy that Maggie got to be a cop and Winn was actually relevant. Quippy Alex is fun too.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m. A Supergirl/Flash crossover event will air Tuesday, March 21 at 8 p.m.


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