Quantico, episode fourteen

Alex is back in action with the FBI. They are moving in on a drug bust when one of the guy takes a runner. Alex gives chase while bantering with Shelby on the comms. The guy gets the upper hand and fights Alex but Shelby to the rescue. Then they get the alert. They have to head to DC for a task force meeting

Ryan, Dayana and Nimah get the call.

Shelby and Alex are at the bar waiting for the task force meeting. They see someone. Caleb. They go to say hello but it’s not him. It’s his brother Clayton (Hunter Parrish). He goes by Clay and has no use for Shelby.

They head to the farm for the meeting but don’t know why. Claire Hoss, the president and leader of the task force turns up to explain what they are doing. There is a potential attack and they need to take it a step further than the perpetrators. They need to find the collaborators too. Clay is running the op. As they get ready to head out, Alex’s phone rings. It’s Leon. Someone is trying to kill him, to kill all of them.

At the farmhouse they start setting up sleeping arrangements. Ryan stayed in touch with Nimah and Alex tells Dayana about Leon. Then Ryan and Alex are finally alone and he tells her he’s moved and didn’t think she cared.

Clay is walking and Shelby tries to make nice. He tells her that the only reason she is there is because she knows too much and he would appreciate her keeping out of his way.
They head into “the bunker” and have to figure out who benefitted from the cargo plane crash. They mostly just argue amongst themselve. Dayana and Alex talk about Leon’s paranoia. Clay gives up and goes to his office. His boss stops by and they talk about what the group needs.

A drill sergeant. Enter Owen. He tells them to follow the money and they talk about stocks and how to handle tracking people down. It’s all of them and the president on the line so they have to step it up. They have to go out in the field.

Owen runs down who is in charge of what and they head to a party full of investors and try to find out who leaked some info that led to the cargo plane incident. Owen is paired with Alex and they get to the owner of the firm. They get his prints and start looking through files while everyone works at the party. Owen goes back and picks up a new mark. Emily.
Dayana talks to Alex about Leon. Apparently he spiked someone’s radar and now they are after him.

Emily ditches Owen and heads to the office with the owner. Alex is tailing them but she bumps into someone else instead. Harry Doyle. He pulls her behind a table and they hide from security.

He wants her to tell him what Langley’s play is. She’s reluctant. They make out to cover with security and then listen to Emily and the boss talking. It’s not AIC funding. It’s a ponzi scheme. Then she gets caught and Doyle saves her and they head out.

Clay calls them failures and they go back to the drawing board. Owen wants nothing to do with it. Shelby is packing up. She and Nimah talk before she leaves about regret.

Alex is at the pub. Doyle comes in looking for the cards she stole from him. They talk. He’s out of MI6 and can’t get a job so he’s been going it alone to prove his worth. She tries to recruit him and he tells her that he can’t be bought. She gets him to work with her.

At the bunker, the president has left it up to Clay. Alex presents her new idea. It’s a tech firm that got a huge windfall thanks to the cargo plane crash. It’s actually a good idea. Owen comes back. Clay doesn’t kick Shelby out but they don’t want Doyle.

Ryan and Alex sit on the porch and try to figure out how to move forward. She still loves him but she needs more time.

Nimah wants to hang out with Shelby. They area about to explore the farm but first Clay stops by. He and Shelby chat about the past and moving on.

The mark Ryan was working figures out who he really is. Alex and Dayana meet with Leon. They don’t believe him and he gets agitated and leaves. He’s kidnapped on his way to his car.

I love Alex working with Doyle. I have no idea why but the two of them snarking and saving lives is amazing. I like Shelby most of the time but she was kind of whiny when dealing with Clay. Overall, I’m glad this is back.

Quantico is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


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